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Best Shaving Soap – As Old School As It Gets

You don’t need to go to a barbershop to get a world class shave. To have one, you’ll need the right tools and it starts with a razor. Whether you choose a safety, cartridge or electric razor will all boil down to personal preference. But another tool that’s important is a protective agent that helps […]

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Best Beard Trimmer: Tools to Tame Facial Hair

Beards are making a comeback. Lots of millennials are growing one and it is becoming an accepted practice in some companies. Yes, you can sport a beard as a professional. Some CEOs of startups sport one. Eric Bandholz is a prominent figure in the beard community is the CEO of Beardbrand that paved the way […]

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Best Braun Electric Shavers: Review and Comparison

When it comes to foil shavers, many consider Braun the best. Quality and precision is a hallmark of this German based manufacturer. It has been a bestselling product for years and they continue to innovate. Today we’ll be looking at their whole line of electric shavers and compare them side by side. I’ve created a […]

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Best Rotary Shaver – A Philips Domination

In a lot of my previous articles, I’ve been hyping up the benefits of safety razors but the reality is not all men will have the time to shave with such. A good compromise for speed and operating cost would be an electric shaver and there are two types– foil and rotary. Biggest determining factor […]

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Foil vs Rotary Shaver: Your Ultimate Guide

Foil vs Rotary Shaver

Perhaps one of the most hotly debated topics in shaving forums is foil vs rotary shavers. Which one is better? Is foil better than rotary? Each will have compelling reasons why a foil or rotary shaver is the best. Wet shavers will even chime in and say electric shavers are trash and safety razors are […]

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