5 Best Beard Brushes: Take Your Beard To The Next Level

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During the process of growing your beard, you may experience several different things, such as hair growing all over the place, beardruff, and much more.

One of the best tools to address these issues would be a beard brush.

Best Beard Brushes

You might be thinking, why not use my wife’s or partner’s hairbrush?

Trust me, it’s a bad idea. For the sake of your beard, STAY AWAY FROM THAT if you want your beard to look great.

If you’re serious about having a kiss ass beard, then a good beard brush like the Zilberhaar boar hairbrush is a must-have to groom, untangle and tame it.

Using a beard brush has lots of benefits. It’ll help train your beard to grow a specific direction.

Remember I mentioned beardruff? This tool helps deal with that issue.

It also helps exfoliate skin – yes, exfoliation is not just for women. Bearded men can enjoy this too with the right beard brush.

Spec comparison

Shaving soap
ZilberHaar Pure Boar Brush
Liberty Grooming Boar Hair Beard Brush
Seven Potions Beard Brush
Leven Rose Beard Brush
Rapid Beard Boar Bristle
Zeus Boar Bristle Pocket Brush
Fiber type
Boar bristle
Boar bristle
First Cut Boar Bristles
Boar bristles
Boar bristle
Boar bristle
6.1" x 1" x 1.2"
8.5" x 2" x 0.5"
3.7" x 2.1" x 1.3"
4.5" x 2" x 1.2"
7.5" x 2.5" x 4"
1.2" x 1.2" x 5"

Here are the Best Beard Brushes

Here are some of the best beard brushes we found online. All of these products use natural bristles, so if you’re vegan and want something synthetic, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. The reason why I like looking at Amazon is because of the extensive database of reviews.

You’ll immediately see which products are good and which ones aren’t. Sure there are fake reviews, but if a product is excellent, you’ll quickly spot it with the number of reviews.

And Amazon has this feature to show whether the person who left the review actually bought the product, so it gives it more credibility.

So without further ado…

1. ZilberHaar Pure Boar Brush

When it comes to beard brushes, it’s hard to ignore ZilberHaar. It’s one of the bestselling beard brushes in Amazon for a good reason.

Some reasons to like the Zilberhaar boar hairbrush…

1. High-quality boar bristle

One of the critical things to look for in a beard brush is the actual bristles. And ZilberHaar uses 100% natural boar hair. They say that the bristles are “first cut boar hair,” so it is stiff.

The length of the brush is long enough to work on nearly any beard length. But it will shine particularly on men with a 6 month or more growth.

2. Great craftsmanship

The handle itself is made from pearwood and just the right size. It’s big enough to give you enough control and small enough to fit in any luggage.

3. German made

Unlike most products, you’ll see that come from China. This product is German-made, so you know that it has met strict quality control standards.

4. Lifetime Warranty

If that doesn’t convince you, ZiberHaar backs this product with a lifetime guarantee! For whatever reason this brush does not suit your needs, you can send it back, no-questions-ask, and get a refund.



Bottom line: This is hands down the best beard brush because of the high-quality board bristles used. Whether you have a long or short beard, this brush will work, and the lifetime guarantee seals the deal.

2. Liberty Grooming Boar Hair Beard Brush

When looking for beard care products, it wouldn’t be great to buy it from someone who actually sports one.

That’s what the next product is all about. Unlike big corporate brands that may ignore consumer needs, Liberty is different. Founded by Curt Storring who’s himself is bearded, so he knows a thing or two about man manes.

This small but growing brand is making waves in the beard world.

If you look around Amazon, it has a combination of high ratings and volume (lots of reviews).

So they’ve got to be doing something right.

Let’s dig in deeper.

100% boar bristles

Like the ZilberHaar brush, the Liberty Grooming boar hair beard brush uses 100% boar bristles that will straighten out beard stands.

It has enough stiffness to go through the facial hair down to the skin to remove debris and dead skin cells.

High-quality wood

Not only does this beard brush use 100% boar bristles, but it also uses European beechwood that will last a long time.

If you don’t know what this is, it is the same material that carpenters use in making mallets and workbenches.

So it has to last a long time.

Bigger than ZilberHaar

While ZilberHaar is somewhat on the small side, Liberty Premium’s brush is big, measuring over 8 inches long.

This is great for men with bigger hands with full-grown beards. But those starting out growing their manes, this can be an intimidating sight.

Not very stiff

I did mention earlier in the article that boar bristles were stiff. But the bristles that Liberty Premium use isn’t too thick. Some reviews say that it has “medium stiffness with it being soft on the edges.”

Having a softer bristle will work for men with average growth. If you have a thick beard, then go with ZilberHaar.


One downside (if it is a downside) would be the origin. Unlike ZilberHaar that’s German-made, this product was put together in China. But you wouldn’t feel that this is an inferior product with the sheer number of positive reviews.

Lifetime guarantee

But the good news is Liberty Grooming backs their beard brush with a lifetime guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product for whatever reason, they will give you a refund, no questions asked. So really, there is a minimal risk buying this. And consumer reviews don’t lie.



Bottom line: If the Zilberhaar is too small, then this is the next best option. This product also has 100% natural boar bristles, so it will help a great deal in grooming your beard. Don’t let the made in China badge discourage you since it comes with a lifetime guarantee

3. Seven Potions Beard Brush

One of the things to look for when buying a beard brush would be the quality of the bristles itself. And if that’s your number one criterion, then the Seven Points Beard Brush should be on top of your list.

High-quality bristles

They use 100% first cut, wild boar bristles, which means it’s high quality. First, cut means it’s close to the body, so it’s stiff enough to untangle and clean the beard. But gentle enough not to rip off facial hair.

These bristles have a good backbone and density. So not only will it remove impurities and untangle your beard, but it’ll also exfoliate the skin underneath.

It’ll help provide a clean canvas as prep for beard oil, balms, or any other beard care products.


The oval shape design is big enough to fit in your hands. But not too big that it’ll be impossible to groom tight spots like your mustache.



Bottom line: Seven Potion’s stiff bristles make it a useful tool for untangling and training beard follicles. This beard brush works great for men with thick beard grown. But if you have a thin beard, then this may not be the best option.

4. Leven Rose Beard Brush

Even though this product isn’t as popular as let’s say CanYouHandleBar’s Beard Oil Brush, there is no doubt in my mind that the Level Rose beard brush will perform better.

There’s a straightforward reason – bristle quality.

Bristle quality

Leven Rose uses 100% boar bristles that have enough stiffness to untangle messy beards. This is the primary reason for buying a beard brush in the first place. CanYouHandleBar’s brush uses horsehair, which isn’t as stiff. And it won’t do as good a job in untangling a full beard.

Some reviews say that it works excellent for a beard oil application, but that’s not the best use for a beard brush. Using it to apply beard oil will make it hard to clean.

Natural wood

One reason to choose natural wood over plastic would be static. Hair will stick on synthetic material like plastic more, and it won’t run as smoothly as something without static-like wood.

Oval shape

One thing I like about brushes like this is the size. This brush will fit on the palm of your hand comfortably. And if you travel a lot, this will fit in your carry on luggage easy. You’ll also get a beard comb in the package, so it’s a pretty good deal.

Money-back guarantee

Buying this product would be virtually risk-free with this guarantee. And it’s a big reason why Leven Rose is on this list. Adding this guarantee tells you that the manufacturer knows that their product will perform well.



5. Rocky Mountain Boar Hair Beard Brush

Most of the beard brushes here use stiff boar hair that makes it an excellent option on thick beards.

So using those brushes on a slight beard growth isn’t a good idea.

This is where the Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard brush comes in.

It also uses 100% boar hair bristles, but it’s on the softer side, which makes it great for men with weaker beard growth.

Unlike cheap brands that claim to use 100% natural boar hair only to mix in some synthetic and plastic bristles, Rocky Mountain is the real deal.

Contoured design

What makes this beard brush so popular aside from the high-quality boar hair bristles is the contoured design. This design helps it to reach the whole beard.

Real wood

Don’t let the black finish fool you into thinking that this product is made from plastic because it’s real wood.

One reason why premium beard brushes use wood is that it doesn’t have any static, unlike plastic, that can hinder the grooming process.

This handle is warp-resistant, so it’ll hold up to regular wear and tear. Just remember not to use a beard brush inside the shower because it isn’t meant to be used in there.

Softer bristles

Bristles used in this beard brush are softer. Men with thinner growth can stiff enjoy the benefits of using a beard brush to groom, exfoliate and remove dead skin without having to deal with irritation from stiff brushes.

Great gift item

This beard brush comes with its own stylish case that makes it a great gift idea to your bearded friend or spouse.



Bottom line: The Rocky Mountain beard brush is an excellent option for men who have thinner beard growth. It has softer bristles that allow men in their early stage of growing their beards to still groom their beards and enjoy the benefits of it. It’s a bit pricey but worth the investment if you’re serious about having a great-looking beard.

6. Rapid Beard Boar Bristle

Unlike the first two products above that have a handle, the Rapid Beard board bristle brush does not have one. This brush uses bamboo instead of wood with 100% natural boar bristles.

Great for travel

Measuring just 4 inches long and 2.1 inches wide, this thing isn’t huge, which makes it an ideal brush to have when you travel a lot. The small size though, makes it very ergonomic and easy to use even in the mustache area.

If you buy this in Amazon, it also comes with a wooden beard comb.

Stiff bristles

Consumers say that this brush has stiff bristles that help in training even the thickest beards out there. The compact size makes this an excellent option for beginners who want to give beard brushes a try. Though some reviews say that it isn’t that stiff.

However, the bristles appear to be on the short side. So this will work best for shorter beard growth.

Great customer service

They will send you a replacement brush free of charge if you get something sub-standard. This is nice to hear that a company backs their products up with excellent customer service.



Bottom line: This beard brush is unique because it’s a complete set that includes scissors, beard balm, and beard oil. It makes a good option if you’re just starting out and want a starter type of product, then this would be a great option.

7. Zeus Boar Bristle Pocket Brush

Out of the 6 beard brushes in this list, the Zeus pocket beard brush is the smallest. Measuring at just 3.25″ x 1.125″, this little brush will literally fit in your pocket.

The small size and stiff bristles make this an excellent option for men with short but thick beard growth.

Boar bristles

This product has one of the stiffest bristles thanks to the 100% first cut, boar bristles. So don’t even bother with this if you have thin growth.

First cut means it’s coming straight from the boar, so it’s stiff and capable of tackling even thick beards.

What’s great about a stiff bristle would be the exfoliating properties that a horsehair brush does not have.

A boar hair brush is a great tool to train beard hair.


Don’t let the diminutive size fool you, this brush will clean your beard.

The stiff bristles will do an absolutely fabulous job at removing much and dead skin. In fact, I reckon that the small size works in its favor because it’ll help you groom areas like the mustache and sideburns.

Reviews concur these observations saying that the bristles are real and high quality.



Bottom line: This compact beard brush is a popular option for bearded men who like to travel. Its small size will fit inside your pocket. Natural boar bristles are used so it’ll best suit men with medium to thick beard growth.

5 reasons why you need a beard brush

The hair on your scalp is much thinner than facial hair that tends to be thicker and wirier. So it doesn’t make sense to use a hairbrush on the beard and vice versa.

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in one.

1. Trains beard hair

If there’s one reason why you should buy a beard brush, it’s because of this. Using a beard brush is the secret having a neat looking beard.

It will train your facial hair to go in a uniform direction and not a messy tangle.

Imagine yourself as a baby, you can’t comb your own hair yet, so it’s a tangled mess.

So your parents do it for you with a comb to tidy it up. And then, later on, as you grow older, you transition to a hairbrush for the same purpose.

The same principle applies to a beard brush. Your beard will be a mess if you leave it as is. And it does not look good at all.

The stiffness of a beard brush (particularly boar hair) will train your beard to grow in the direction you want. Make sure not to overdo it, though.

Men who are just starting out this journey would benefit more from a beard comb then as their beard grows longer, move to a beard brush.

2. Exfoliates

Not only will a beard brush untangle and train facial hair, but it also helps exfoliate the skin underneath it.

Exfoliation will help remove dead skin cells and prevent conditions like beardruff and itchiness.

3. Makes your beard look fuller

I just want to make one thing clear. A beard brush is different than a beard comb. While the beard comb works much like a comb, in terms of styling, beard brushes do not provide much control.

What it does, however, is make your beard appear fuller. This tool trains your hair follicles to grow in the proper direction.

4. Avoiding cross-contamination

One good reason why you want this over a hairbrush is avoiding cross-contamination. There’s a considerable risk of hair from your scalp going into your beard. And that will absolutely drive you crazy.

So to avoid that, use separate products for the scalp and facial hair.

5. Improves blood flow

The physical act of touching a beard helps improve blood flow to hair follicles. Improved circulation to the beard means a better-looking beard.

Important note

Beard combs work great for evenly spreading beard oils or balms. It’s a great tool to have for men who have shorter beards or just starting out growing one.

However, it may do the opposite of what a beard brush does, which is tapper down the look.

Choosing between a beard comb and brush will boil down to personal preference, beard style, and what look you’re trying to achieve.

You can actually use both in your daily grooming routine.

3 Different types of beard brushes

Much like shaving brushes, beard brushes use different types of fibers.

The most popular products use the following material:

Each will have a different result. Let’s go through each one.

1. Boar hair

A lot of the beard brushes sold right now use boar hair.

One big reason why it is so popular is its stiffness.

A good, stiff boar hair beard brush will help untangle the thickest beard out there. It’s so good that it is addictive to use because it feels good.

Contrary to what others may recommend, you do not want to use a beard brush to spread beard oil

The reason is simple. It’ll leave a nasty, oily residue that can be difficult to clean.

2. Horsehair

A new breed of beard brushes is coming out that uses horsehair.

These are gaining popularity because it’s generally cheaper. But there is a caveat.

The bristles aren’t stiff enough to untangle and groom a thick beard – primary reasons why you buy this in the first place.

It may work on men who have thinner beards, but if you’re serious, avoid this.

3. Synthetic brush

The last type of brush we’ll be looking at is synthetic.

These bristles are made from plastic or wooden spokes.

If you take issue with using animal hair in grooming products, then this is an excellent compromise.

Remember that you won’t get the same results in a synthetic or horsehair brush as you would in a boar bristle brush.

If you’ve tried any of these, let me know in the comments section how it differs.

How to choose a beard brush?

Before buying, here are 5 things to look at.

1. Material

Different brands will use different types of material. Most beard brushes right now use any of these materials – bamboo, plastic, or wood.

In terms of longevity, plastic wins, but brushes that have wooden hands usually are of higher quality.

One significant advantage of plastic is it’s virtually waterproof.

Wood, on the other hand, does not like water and will deteriorate quickly if it gets wet regularly.

Bamboo is a hybrid of the two. It resists water better than wood, so longevity is better.

2. Bristle type

There are three main types of bristles that manufacturers use – boar, horse, and synthetic.

Boar hair will give the best results on men with thick and heavy beard growth because it’s the stiffest.

3. With or without a handle

There are beard brushes that come with a handle. And others don’t. Choosing between the two again will boil down to preference.

Brushes with a handle obviously are easier to control. But will take up more space. Not useful if you travel a lot.

Travel brushes will require a different technique. But once you get the hang of it, isn’t hard to use. These products are smaller and easier to pack in your luggage.

4. Stiffness

Boar brushes are stiffer versus horsehair brushes, which make it suitable for men with thicker or coarser beards.

Here’s a simple rule of thumb. Stiff bristles work great for men with thick and coarse beards. Softer brushes will work better for men with thinner or softer growth.

5. Ergonomics

How the handle fits in your hand will play an essential role in using this.

You’d want something with a long enough handle for control.

And something light enough to be able to work in tight areas such as the sideburn or mustache.

How to use a beard brush?

Now that you have your beard brush, you’ve got to learn how to use it correctly for the best results.

So here are some necessary steps and tips for the best results.

1. Use before showering

The best time to use a beard brush would be before showering. Doing so will help remove any dirt, dead skin, any debris on there.

It’ll help you get an immaculate beard after stepping off the shower. What a great way to start your day, right?

You can also use it after taking a shower right before applying beard oil after grooming it.

This will boil down to personal preference.

2. Use only once a day (twice at most)

Using a beard brush feels so good on the skin and beard that you’ll want to use it as a comb – often.

Beardsmen recommend that you use this only once a day, twice at most.

These brushes are incredibly aggressive on the follicles. And using it often may pull hair follicles out of its root.

3. Clean once a week

Make sure to dry clean your beard brush once a week to rid it of hair, dead skin, and other contaminants.

When I say dry clean, it just means using your fingers to pull out strands of hair. To remove other debris deep under that, your fingers can’t reach, use a comb or brush.

Once a month, use some hand soap and work it on the bristles and hand wash it. Flip it over to dry and air dry.

Avoid washing a wooden brush with water as it will degrade over time. If you’re using something with a plastic handle, wet washing is okay.

4. Avoid using it to spread beard oil

If there’s one thing that manufacturers (and even some blogs) say that can be misleading is that you can use a beard brush to evenly coat beard oil.

While that is possible, think about it for a moment.

Oil is a sticky substance that’s hard to clean. Imagine for a sec your beard brush with all the dead skin cells, hair, the nasty stuff that comes from your beard. Add a coat of oil to that mix, and it is hard to clean.

The best tool for a beard oil application would be your fingers to massage after right before you walk out the door.

Don’t use it on your head.

The reason is simple. You don’t want any cross-contamination, hair from the scalp going on the beard, and vice versa.

Watch this video to learn more about beard brushes, primary care, and how to use it.

This video pretty much sums up the do’s and don’t of a beard brush.

The verdict

There you have it, 5 of the best beard brushes available right now. You’ll notice that I did not include any synthetic or horse hair brushes. That’s because a right beard brush needs to be stiff. It isn’t a tool to apply beard oil but to groom your beard.

Please do share this article with your friends if you find it useful.