7 Best Beard Oils: The Secret to Great Looking Beards

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The beard is back!

Look around you at the workplace, grocery store, everywhere you’ll see that more and more men ditching their razors and sporting one.

7 Best Beard Oils

You don’t need to be a lumberjack or a hipster to grow a full beard. The “beardman” is back mainstream.

This community is growing and thanks in large part to bloggers/entrepreneurs like Eric Bandholz (founder of the Beardbrand) who coined the term “urban beardsman.”

We’re having a beard renaissance of some sort.

Growing a beard is one thing. Taming it is another, and that’s what we’ll talk about today.

If you think growing or maintaining a beard is easy, think again.

To keep it looking good and more critical smelling great, you’ll need to invest time and effort.

Nobody wants to be with someone who has a smelly and unkempt beard that’s all over the place.

What’s the secret?

There is a wide range of grooming products on the market that benefit both your “look” and your hair.

Beard oil is a trendy choice.

Made of all-natural products, beard oils help condition dry hair, split ends, and itchy skin.

Choosing the right oil for your personal needs is essential for a successful growing and grooming experience.

Here are 7 of the Best Beard Oils

There are many beard oil products on the market, price ranges can vary.

Most brands will list the carrier oils used in the product.

Some manufacturers will not list essential oil content to protect their scent recipe.

Stronger scents may indicate a larger ratio of essential oils in the formula. While this may lead to a pricier product, but it may also cause skin irritation.

Also, a strong lingering scent may not be what you’re looking for in a brand. Listed below are popular beard oils on today’s market:

1. Honest Amish Classic

Honest Amish Beard Oil ReviewThe brand Honest Amist first became famous when they introduced a beard balm that they claim was “better than oil.”

In a way, they were innovators because they were among the first to offer this product to the market.

But the resurgent popularity of beards has made it a crowded space now.

Instant hit

Their first product, the Honest Amish Beard Balm, was a success.

Many regard their beard balm as one of the best. Even in a crowded market, but how about does their beard oil fare?

Is it as good? We’ll find out…

First, let’s look at the ingredient list. It contains both natural and organic oils.

If you look at their ingredient list, it has the following organic oils:

These oils are full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. This combination helps to relieve skin irritation and nourish your beard.

Carrier oils

Let’s talk about the carrier oils in this product, the first of which is golden jojoba oil.

Jojoba is found in a lot of beard oils other than Honest Amish because of its soothing properties. This makes it an excellent option for first-time beard oil users or men who have sensitive skin.

In fact, it is one of the mildest oils you can splash on your beard and face without worrying about breakouts.

Great for acne

Those who are prone to acne or have clogged pores will benefit from this beard oil because it helps balance the production of oil in your sebaceous glands.

It actually resembles your sebaceous glands – a big reason why it is a ubiquitous ingredient in grooming products.

It also contains virgin argan oil, another mild ingredient found in a lot of beauty products (yup that includes beard oil).

This ingredient, along with sweet almond oil, helps with improve texture and has moisturizing properties.


Because of the mild nature of this ingredient, you can safely use it without worrying about allergic reactions, but there’s one catch – it contains nuts.

If you are allergic to peanuts or you are around people who are, better avoid this.

The mild nature of the carrier oils found in this product makes it suitable for a lot of bearded men.

Avocado oil helps deliver essential nutrients to your skin and hair, plus it also helps with absorption [3].

No more beardruff

It also contains Moringa that helps nourish the skin and beard, fight aging, wrinkles, blackheads, rashes, and the dreaded beardruff.

If you’re in the process of growing your beard, Moringa also helps beard grow health and improve sleep [4].

The last carrier oil I’d like to talk about is kukui oil. This rare oil sourced from Hawaii contains amino and fatty acids that penetrate the beard follicle to help it look radiant and well-nourished.

It also acts as a shield that protects your skin and hair from the elements and actually interacts with the surface by helping it heal cuts and rashes faster.

Another thing to consider when selecting a good beard oil is the essential oils it has, and Honest Amish has 7 of them, namely:

When you combine these essential oils along with the organic oils (or base oils), it reminds us of the great scent of Honest Amish’s beard balm.


This oil comes in a 2-ounce size glass bottle with a glass eyedropper squeeze lid, which makes it easier to use if you’re in a hurry. A dropper also prevents wastage because you’ll have better control.

It comes in a box with a burlap sack that also makes it a great gift idea if you know anybody who has a beard. The bottle also comes in amber/light brown that blocks harmful UV rays from ruining the natural oil content.

The scent is a combination of clove and licorice. Men who’ve used this product say that it has a “fresh, clean and manly scent that has some black licorice and root beer tones to it”.

Unfortunately, this scent will wear off after an hour or so. If you’re the type who likes to wear colognes or body spray, you don’t have to worry about scents clashing.

This oil is vegan friendly.

In terms of value, you can buy an Honest Amish for about half the price of other popular brands in the market.

To give you an example, the Level Rose beard oil will cost you around $14 per ounce, while a bottle of Honest Amish will only require a little under $7 per ounce.



Honest Amish is a USA manufacturer located in western Pennsylvania.

The Classic Beard Oil has been on the market for decades. First, their products sold only in fairs, festivals, and swap meets. The company began online sales in 2012.

They take pride in the number of quality ingredients included in the oils for the price.

Bottom line:

Honest Amish has done it again – it has successfully manufactured one of the best performing beard oils in the market right now. It certainly is the best value for your buck. If it’s your first time using beard oil and don’t know what to buy, this brand is worth a try.

2. Mountaineer Brand WV Timber

Mountaineer Brand WV Timber Beard Oil ReviewHandmade and all-natural – these are the two things that come to mind when describing Mountain Brand WV Timber.

A little history

Being in the industry since 2013, Eric Young certainly knows a thing or two about formulating beard oils – in fact, he started this company because he couldn’t find a good one that didn’t break the bank.

Mountaineer Brand uses the highest quality, all-natural ingredients that have a mild scent and vegan friendly.

No animal testing was done during production.

Despite the low price (at less than $6 per ounce!), they didn’t skimp on the ingredients – this product does not use any fillers.

When you check their ingredient list, it only uses natural oils like:

The list above is its carrier oils.

The essential oils include:

Formulated for quick absorption, the oil gives your beard soft shine, designed for conditioning the skin underneath your beard. It promotes hair growth by helping you maintain a healthy beard.

This oil comes in a 2-ounce plastic bottle with a control drip insert for precise control during application.

The bottle itself has a beautiful dark blue shade that helps block UV rays that could ruin or destroy the natural oil content.

The scent is a mild pine/cedar. This is a handmade product.



This family-owned West Virginia business was started in 2013.

Eric Young started this company because he could not find quality oil that he could afford.

This company started in his kitchen and has now expanded to a global audience, thanks to Amazon.

Bottom line:

Another value for money option for beardsmen looking for a classic woodsy scent. You can actually get this at less than $6 per ounce if you subscribe but test it out first to see if it fits your beard/skin type.

3. Wild Willie’s Beard Elixir

Probably the best bang for the buck beard oil in the market right now.

It’s not as cheap as the Honest Amish or Mountaineer brand, but when you see the ingredient list, you’ll see what I mean.


This beard elixir blends ten carrier oils, vitamins, and essential oils to create a product that assists fast growth, hair strength, and a healthy, well-nourished beard from the inside out.

This oil is all-natural with no artificial additives.

The carrier oils are:

Each ingredient listed here is organic and added to nourish both skin and beard.

Jojoba oil helps strengthen hair fibers and promotes hair growth. Argan oil moisturizes the skin and has anti-acne and anti-aging properties. It also conditions hair.

But there is a catch. Argan oil comes from nuts, so men who are allergic to such must avoid this.

Vegans take note that this product contains Emu oil, a fat taken from slaughtered Emu. If this is a big concern for you or you don’t advocate using animal products, then avoid this.

Emu oil though, has a lot of benefits…

Did I tell you that this product also has vitamin-E oil?

Studies have shown that Vitamin E can fight wrinkles and free radicals inside the body. It also has anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

Vitamin E in a product at this price range isn’t the norm. You’d generally find it in high-end brands.

Now you know why this beard elixir is a bang for the buck.

The essential oils include:

Of all the essential oil content in Wild Willie’s, cedarwood is the dominant ingredient and primarily responsible for its woodsy scent.


According to beardsmen, cedarwood emits sort of a “rustic wood scent that is similar to furniture made from cedar”. If you’re old school – this is the scent you want.

I must warn you that the cedarwood scent is a bit diluted and not as strong as other more expensive brands in the market. But considering the cost and the all-natural ingredient list minus any silicone fillers, this makes absolutely perfect sense.

If you’re looking for something with a stronger scent, you’d have to look elsewhere.

Weak scent aside, this is still a great performing product that nourishes your beard and skin, keeping it hydrated and looking great.

Pump spray

Unlike other beard oils in the market that use a dropper, Wild Willie’s went a different direction and uses a pump spray that is similar to a pre-shave oil.

This design also works well in terms of ease of application, and really choosing between a between these will boil down to personal preference.

The bottle itself comes in a clear plastic that does not block UV rays from degrading the oil inside and a potential reason for the short shelf life. This could also be a contributing factor to the muted scent.

I suggest storing this in an enclosed area away from sunlight to preserve its integrity and increase shelf life.

This handmade beard oil is made in small batches.



This product is handmade in Georgia, USA, and is a part of the Manscape, Co.

They promote bringing out the wild side in a man daring him to be unique. It’s all about taming the beard of an untamed man.

Bottom line:

Wild Willie’s is probably the best bang for the buck beard oil in the market right now thanks to the vitamin E oil content that helps ward off wrinkles and stimulate hair growth. It has a cedarwood scent that isn’t as strong as more expensive brands, but that did not take away from the performance of this product.

4. The Blades Grim Cinder Beard Oil

Blades Grim produces a wide range of beard grooming products that range from cologne, beard balms, and yes, beard oils!

Their beard oil, in particular, will give you a lot for your dollar compared to the widely popular Leven Rose.

It’s actually cheaper by more than 5 dollars, which is a huge difference considering the contents of these two products.

A better option than Leven Rose

Leven Rose uses organic jojoba and argan oil while Blades Grim went in a different direction using apricot kernel and avocado oils plus vitamin E!

While a lot of beard oils in the market will use jojoba, sweet almond, or argan as their base for the carrier oil.

Dry feel

Blades Grim uses apricot and avocado that has a dryer feel when you compared it with more popular oils used.

This all boils down to personal preference – if you don’t like a drier feel, then stay away from this.

It also contains vitamin E oil, and just to refresh your memory, vitamin E oil helps rejuvenate your skin and delay skin aging with the regular application [6].

Has fragrance

Now here’s the big con – this product contains “fragrance.” Now what’s inside the fragrance is anybody’s guess.

In terms of being a health hazard, the Environmental Working Group (or EWG) rates this as an 8 out of 10. Which is pretty high [7].

EWG says that any cosmetic product that contains “fragrance” can harm the immune system. It can also irritate the eyes, lungs, and skin. Plus, it could be toxic to our organs.

I added this info for transparency’s sake.

How does it smell?

Scent wise, men either love or hate it.

There is also a discrepancy when it comes to how they described the smell.

If you check the product listing at Amazon, they list it as having a “toasty mix of Venezuelan Tonka, Orange Peel, Mandarin, Coriander Leaves and Star Anise scent.”

But on their website, it states that it’s a “dark, tangy mix of bergamot, lemon, fir, and geranium with a hint of wood, leather, and musk.”

So what is it really? Based on testing done by the blog “tools for men,” they say that it is actually the latter.


This oil comes in a 1 oz size packaged in a glass bottle with a plastic control drip insert. The bottle design is actually very similar to Beardbrand’s but boxier with an amber color to help block out UV rays and keep the oil content fresh.



Blades Grim company was established in 2014 in North Idaho. They started with the manufacturing of high-quality straight razors and then branched out into quality beard grooming products.

Bottom line:

This beard oil is another high-quality product from Blades Grim, but beware that this product contains “fragrance” in it, which could potentially be hazardous to your health. In terms of scent, it will be subjective, but the feedback has been positive!

5. Beardbrand Tea Tree

Beardbrand is one of the most popular brands in the market today thanks to smart marketing by its founder and CEO, Eric Bandholz.

Entrepreneur at heart

One thing he did before launching the product was reaching out to the New York Times to let them know about his story. Doing this gave Beardbrand the traction it needed to be the success it is today.

The success of his brand paved the way for other brands to come into the market to get a piece of the ever-growing beard niche.

Vast product line

Their product line is vast, and it includes beard balms, mustache wax, beard wash, and beard softener.

But for this article, let’s focus on their beard oils. This product line is diverse from the cheapest Lumber Yard that costs a little over $20 to the most expensive Black Marble that costs almost $80!

So how do their products stack up against other established brands?

Is it all hype, or does it really work? Well, let’s look at their mid-priced Tea Tree oil.

Let’s first look at the oils used in this product:

Essential oils include peppermint, tea tree, and vanilla crafted to be lightweight. It will keep your beard skinny without the greasy feeling.

Great moisturizer

Since this product contains jojoba oil, it has excellent moisturizing properties for your beard and skin, and even if you have acne, you can still use this because it balances oil your skin produces.

Another ingredient that makes this product skin-friendly is glycerin.

Glycerin comes from vegetables found in a lot of skincare products.

It’s a natural humectant that helps lock in moisture in your skin and beard. Glycerin is a cheaper alternative to Vitamin E found in more expensive beard oils.

Natural fragrance

Another essential ingredient to look at here is fragrance. Beard says that they use naturally derived fragrances, so you don’t have to worry about side effects brought about generic fragrances [8].

Not a lot of people know that Eric is an artist, and this is reflected in the packaging design.

Instead of using the regular cylindrical bottles, Eric instead used a rectangular shaped glass bottle that looks really good.

An amber shade is used to protect the oils from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Easy to use

A plastic restrictor valved is used instead of a dropper to regulate flow. The advantage of having a restrictor valve is it allows you to precisely control the number of drops without wasting product or oiling up the bottle.


In terms of scent, folks at Beardbrand says that this as their most crisp and fresh-smelling concoction. The smell may be overwhelming at first, but it wears off after just a few hours.

A little pricey

The biggest downside though, is the price, at $25 per ounce, this is one of the more expensive options in the market. Not a problem if you can afford it, but with the availability of quality beard oils that are cheaper, this is hard to ignore.



Eric Bandholz started Beardbrand in 2012 in Austin, Texas, with a mission to “unite beardsmen and build a community”.

Bottom line:

Beardbrand is perhaps one of the most popular beard care brands in the market, and this tea tree beard oil is one of the cheaper options available. Formulated with only natural ingredients, this product will not leave a greasy feel. If you can afford it, then, by all means, try this.

6. The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener

All the beard oils featured in this list come with a scent. Most come from natural sources, but if you don’t like scented beard oil, then you should add this next product to your wish list.

The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and beard conditioner made from all 100% natural and organic ingredients that include:

All these oils combine to provide your beard with the moisturizing and conditioning. It needs to stay soft and shiny without being harsh on the skin.

Great for skin

I’ve already mentioned the benefits of jojoba and vitamin E oil that help nourish the skin and prevent premature aging.

This product also has sunflower seed oil that also has numerous skin benefits, particularly in regenerating cells and UV protection. Sunflower seed also has vitamin E content that fights free radicals and reduces the visibility of scars [9].


GMO-free and not tested on animals, this product is formulated to prevent split ends, lessen itching, and flaking.

This oil is handmade.

Packaging wise, this product comes in a one-ounce bottle with a glass eye dropper cap. The bottle itself has an amber shade that protects the oils inside from UV rays that could potentially shorten its shelf life.



The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Conditioner are manufactured in South Dakota, USA. This company prides itself on excellent customer service and quick shipping. Also, they have a whiskey scented beard oil.

Drive carefully wearing this oil!

Bottom line:

If scented isn’t your thing, then the Gentlemen’s beard oil and conditioner is a great option. A bit on the expensive side when you compare it to the other options listed here, but when you see the all-natural ingredient list, you’ll understand why.

7. Wisdom Beard Oil

Many have tried, but few have actually been able to do what the Wisdom beard oil has done – create a classic beard oil scent.

This product from CanYouHandlebar contains all-natural ingredients derived from a vegetable source, and it does not contain any nut oils.

This makes it safe for men who may have some sort of nut allergy.

Let’s dive deeper into the ingredient list of this product:

Let’s talk about some of the ingredients on this list.

First, let’s talk about jojoba oil. This oil is used in a lot of beard care products in the market today for a good reason – regular application helps provide nourishment and moisture to both your skin and facial hair.

A well-moisturized skin helps prevent the dreaded beardruff. And that’s what happens when you apply this stuff to your beard regularly.

It also helps soften the hair follicles and improve beard texture (smoother beard!) – the ladies will love this.

A softer hair follicle means fewer split ends!

Another vital ingredient would be vitamin E that helps fight premature aging by blocking free radical damage if that’s a concern for you.

Vitamin E also helps with overall skin health by removing brown spots, repair damaged cells, and improve overall skin tone. Remember that healthy skin also makes a healthy beard.


Other components of this beard oil like grapeseed, olive, rice bran, and meadow-form seed oil all help with skin and beard health.

It has an earthy/woodsy scent of spruce with a touch of lemon. When you first apply this, the smell may come off as strong, but it eventually dissipates, so if it’s your first time using this, don’t worry too much about it.


For packaging, a stainless steel flask used. This design lends itself to secure storage in traveling. Inside, an amber-colored bottle can hold an ounce of beard oil. Newer batches now come with a dropper head for easy application.



Wisdom Beard Oil has been in business since 2012 and is made in the USA by CanYouHandlebar Co. They have many other products to choose from.

Check out their website for great videos featuring bearding tips at https://www.canyouhandlebar.com

Bottom line:

Wisdom Beard oil is one of the few beard oils in the market right now that will give you that classic woodsy scent that will bring out your inner manliness. If you’re old school and as old school scents this is a good option for you. The smell is a bit overpowering at the beginning, but it dissipates quickly.

Facts To Know About Beard Oils

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a grooming product that contains natural ingredients like essential oils, carrier oils, and moisturizers that hydrates hair follicles and keep it moisturized.

A lot of these products have natural or synthetic scents, just like perfumes. Others don’t have any scents.

When applied to the facial hair, this combination of ingredients acts to condition the hair and moisturize the skin [1].

What Are The Benefits of Using Beard Oil?

It is an excellent grooming and styling product. Beard oil can give your hair a healthy shine. It will act as a styling agent to give your facial hair a groomed look.

The moisturizer helps in keeping the facial skin supple and reduce any dry skin flaking.

Essential oils add a scent to the product, and this can double as cologne.

What Are Carrier Oils?

Carrier oil is a vegetable oil derived from fatty portions of plants such as seed, kernel, or nuts.

When applied directly to the skin undiluted, it can cause severe irritation and sometimes burning sensation.

Choosing a specific type of carrier oil depends on the therapeutic property you’re looking for.

A carrier oil’s job is to help “carry” an essential oil into the skin, thus the term “carrier”.

There are over 50 different types of carrier oils available.

Some of the most widely used are:

Manufacturers use carrier oils as a base to their recipes to dilute the potency of essential oils.

These oils may also add scent to the product.

Most scents, on the market, are musky, earthy—woodsy or citrus.

It would be wise to perform a patch skin test to see if you have an allergic reaction to any of the components used in the formula [2].

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been around for a while and used for its medicinal and health properties.

Extracted from different parts of plants such as roots, leaves, fruit, and bark, these oils have several uses that range from aromatherapy to personal care. Depending on the plant source, it will have a distinct scent.

Often they have high concentrates of vitamins and minerals that benefit your skin. When applied directly to the skin undiluted, an essential oil can cause an unpleasant skin reaction.

Why use Essential Oils?

Most of the scent in your Beard Oil comes from the essential oils.

Producers use essential oil combinations to create unique signature scents. These oils also supply vitamins and minerals to your hair and skin.

There is a large variety of essential oils to choose from.

You may prefer one scent over another. It pays to shop around until you find the right one for your likes and needs.

What You Should Know About Applying Beard Oil?

The first thing to remember about applying beard oil is “a little goes a long way”.

Usually, it only takes two or three drops to cover a full beard. You can add more if needed. Best time to apply it is after bathing.

Absorption is better on a clean hair follicle and an open pore. But make sure beard is only damp because you’ll just waste product on a wet beard.

How to apply beard oil?

Apply the drops to the fingertips of your hand and rub together to spread the oil.

Take your hands and stoke both sides of your beard in a downward motion. Then apply to the front of your beard in the same downward motion.

Some actionable tips

Next, run your fingers through the underside of your beard. Start with the two sides and then back through the front.

Use a well-made plastic comb to run the tines with teeth facing into your face and the beard.

First, comb through the outside of the beard and then the underside. Distribute evenly using your fingers and style as preferred.

For a video run through, check out:

How to Apply Beard Oil like a Boss

How Often Should I Use It?

Beard oil can be applied daily, every other day, or weekly.

Your hair condition and skin type may be a determining factor.

Dry hair or skin may need a daily application. Remember that beard oil may affect how dry facial hair looks post-application.

Oil may bring out highlights that aren’t visible when the beard is dry.

To Wrap Up

After researching all seven of these excellent products, one stands out based on its history.

Why Honest Amish?

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil has an excellent selection of ingredients and is time tested. For the price and amount, the value for your dollar is there.

This product promotes fine hair and skincare using all-natural ingredients.

The 2-ounce bottle is cheaper than other brands that come in 1-ounce bottles.

One online selling site shows it has a four-point five rating out of a possible five after receiving over seven hundred reviews. It has been on the market for many years and still remains a favorite.

Bang for the buck

Wild Willie’s Beard Elixir is another bang for the buck product that contains Vitamin E – an ingredient mostly found in high-end products.

If you don’t like scented, then go with the Gentleman’s beard oil and beard conditioner because it doesn’t have any scent. Not having any odor means there’s less risk for irritation.

To sum it up, each man’s beard and skin type is different.

It may take some trial and error testing to find the right product for your type.

The above-listed quality beard oils are products that I can recommend for you to try. All oils listed here have high ratings and excellent reviews.

Anyone of these beard oils would be a great brand to purchase. Enjoy your bearding experience! Happy Yearding!