6 Best Body Groomers for Men in 2019: Review and In-Depth Guide

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Manscaping is a relatively new term coined for a centuries-old practice.

Let’s look into modern tools – the best body groomers to help keep body hair in check and help you look your best.

If you look at history, it was Alexander the Great that first practiced the art of manscaping.

They didn’t do this to look good but for survival.

Alexander the Great and his men cut off their beards and hair short so their enemies won’t be able to grab them in combat.

The Egyptians then stole this concept and turned it into something fashionable.

However, the tools that the Egyptians use were primitive as you’d expect. Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and manscaping is as popular as it ever was back in ancient times.

The difference is now we have modern tools that streamline this task, making it easier to remove excess body hair. There is a myriad of body groomers available to choose from right now.

Choosing the right one will go a long way in keeping pesky body hair at bay.

One of the best options available right now is the Philips Norelco Body 7100 thanks to its versatility with the functionality of a trimmer and shaver.

Our Picks for the Best Body Groomers

Here are our picks for the best body groomers. It is a mix of products that you can use on your back, chest, body, armpits, and legs. We based the selections on these factors: ergonomics, power, reach, versatility, price, and consumer reviews.

Remember that there isn’t one body groomer that will be able to do everything. There are compromises to be made during the selection process.

Our pick: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000/7100

The hair on different areas of our body will have a different characteristic and may require a different tool to trim effectively.

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 is one of the few tools that can tackle almost every part of your body except for the back, ears, and nose.

This tool screams versatility and ergonomics with its dual head design and slim body. It combines two products – a trimmer and electric shaver.

Consumers like this product because it can trim chest and pubic hair equally well and safely.

Grooming sensitive parts like the pubic area won’t be an issue thanks to the foil shaver head that protects skin from blade exposure.

Let’s look at the features that make this a great option

Dual head design: On one side of this groomer is a foil shaving head with a pivoting head capable of adapting to the contours of the body.  At the other end is a trimmer with five comb settings that will help trim body hair with varying lengths. This trimmer will work well on most men unless you’re Chowaabungga. The rounded edge of the comb helps protect skin from accidental scrapes.

Water resistant: You can use this groomer inside or outside the shower whatever your preference is thanks to the water resistance body.

Cordless: There are no cords. A full charge will run for as long as 80 minutes. Just don’t forget to bring the charger on business trips.

Trimmer comb: This groomer comes with five comb settings that can cut as short as 11/25 inches. Very hairy men though may want to go with something more potent than his.

Ergonomics: The slim design and rubber grip of the Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 make it easy to hold comfortably in dry or wet conditions. Just don’t use this under water.

Pretty easy to clean: Both sides of this body groomer are washable and easy to clean, though the foil side will be a bit difficult to remove for a thorough clean.

Things that can be better

Ni-Cad battery: Even if this groomer runs for up to 80 minutes, it will take 24 hours to charge if you’re using it for the first time.

And you’ll have to expect power fade in the charge cycle. Another potential issue that I mentioned earlier would be the difficulty of removing the shaving heads which make cleaning thoroughly a bit of a problem.

Bottom line: When it comes to trimming body hair, there are a few groomers that can match the Philips Norelco Bodygroom in sheer versatility thanks to the dual head design. One issue for me would be the Ni-Cad battery that’s prone to premature failure. A newer version is available with the Li-Ion battery for the same price.

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A True Body Groomer: Remington PG25 Groomer Kit

When it comes to coverage, nothing comes close to the Remington PG25.

This variant is the purest body groomer of all the products in the list. It has all the tools you’ll need to groom your body from literally from head to foot. It doesn’t excel in one particular area.

Not only will you get a shaver and electric trimmer, but you’ll also get a nose trimmer and body trimmer.

You can say that this product is a jack-of-all-trades type of groomer. It will not excel total you’ll get eight attachments in addition to the beard trimmer attached on the body.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the box:

  1. Foil shaver
  2. Full sized trimmer capable of trimming sideburns, beard and neckline
  3. Nose, ear and detail trimmer attachment capable of removing hair from your ears and nose
  4. Vertical body hair trimmer
  5. Hair clipper comb with 8 length settings
  6. 3 beard and stubble combs

The lithium-ion battery will run for up to 70 minutes which is long enough for a decent manscaping session.

All attachments are washable and easy to clean. Lastly, this product comes with a charging stand where you can store all the tools. The package makes it a pretty cool gift idea for dads.

Bottom line: This jack-of-all-trades groomer is the most versatile option in the list with its bevy of tools. You can groom yourself from head to foot with this one product.

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For a Close Shave: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

For men looking to shave close should take a look at the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler. This compact groomer combines razor and trimmer.

However, Unlike the Philips Norelco BodyGroom that has the trimmer and razor on opposite ends, this product uses interchangeable attachments.

You can use the Gillette Fusion 5-blade cartridges on this groomer to shave your face with it. So this feature makes this an excellent all-body groomer.

Under the hood is a Braun motor that powers the electric trimmer. So you’re essentially buying a Braun trimmer which is a good thing because they’re one of the best at it.

The compact nature of the trimmer makes it an excellent option for trimming in tight areas like your armpit, but it is also usable on the chest area as well.

It comes with three additional combs for cutting longer strands of hair. But take note that this trimmer will not work well on long body hair. If you have a lot of body hair, stay away from this.

The body is water-resistant, so it is safe to use this inside the shower. If you like shaving with a layer of shaving cream, it is safe to do to so with this product.

Bottom line: Men who prefer to get a close shave will like the Fusion ProGlide Styler. It combines the functionality of a trimmer and cartridge razor which allows you to cut close. However, this groomer isn’t a great option if you’re someone with thick body hair.

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Great for Back Hair: BAKblade 2.0 Plus

The success of the BAKblade 1.0 has spawned the creation of version 2.0.

Whereas version 1.0 only had one blade, version 2.0 comes with two, yes, two 4″ blades that will give you a close shave no matter how thick your body hair is.

Don’t let the branding fool you; this product is not only great for back hair. You can also use this on wide-open spaces like the chest, arms, and shoulders.

What’s unique about this product is that you don’t need to trim longer strands of hair. The two blades have a comb attachment that looks like the attachments on a trimmer.

Having two blades means it will cut closer than version 1.0. The new S-shape design is very ergonomic and allows this to be like an extension of your arm.

It is long enough to reach your upper back with a curvy blade to remove hair cleanly off the torso.

This handle is foldable so storing this won’t take up a lot of space. The blade comes with their patented back hair removal tool with a comb attachment that helps cut hair close.

These blades are also flexible to adjust to the curvy contours on different areas of your body. If you’re a hair man and tired of asking someone to shave your back, this is one of the best and most efficient options available.

The best part of this product is the price. At just under $30, this back shaver is cheap and with no motor – it will last a long time. The only thing that would need replacing are the two 4” blades.

Bottom line: Men who have thick body hair all over their bodies should consider BAKblade 2.0. It’s one of the best products out there purely for removing hair on the back, chest and torso areas.

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Another Option for Back Hair: ManGroomer Ultimate Pro

If the BAKBlade 2.0 looks too aggressive for you, the ManGroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver is a more “tamed” option.

Unlike the BAKblade that uses two 4” blades, this product uses two 1.8” wide razor blades.

The first tool is the electric trimmer that will cut longer strands of hair. Second is a foil shaver for maintenance shaves to keep body hair from growing long.

Both of these tools use hypoallergenic blades that prevent irritation. What makes this tool unique from the other electric groomers available is the patented, hinged handle that is foldable and lockable up to 135 degrees.

It gives you the flexibility to find the right angle and lock it in place.

To give you more reach the handle is extendible, giving it additional reach to shave to the torso.

The biggest difference between the ManGroomer and the BAKblade would be the shaving head while the BAKblade uses two wide 4” blades that with built-in combs. It does not have any motor whatsoever.

The ManGroomer, on the other hand, uses two interchangeable 1.8-inch wide electric tools – one foil shaving head and another trimmer.

Narrower shaving head means this will work better at shaving tighter spots. The foil shaving head allows you to use this for maintenance shaves better. Both shaving heads have multi-functional flex necks which will help it adapt to the different contours of your body.

For more stubborn areas with thicker body hair, there is power burst mode that will help this shaver tackle those areas. A full charge will yield roughly around 60 minutes of run time.

Don’t worry though if the power runs out, there is a quick charge feature that allows you to use it after just 5 minutes of charging.

Unfortunately, the narrower blades mean that this groomer is best suited for less hairy men. If your body hair grows out fast, then the BAKblade 2.0 would be a better option.

Bottom line: The ManGroomer Ultimate is a tamer version of BAKblade 2.0 and suitable for men who aren’t as hairy. It provides a more refined option thanks to the interchangeable trimmer and foil shaving head.

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All Body Hair Trimmer: Philips BodyGroom Series 3100 (with Back Attachment)

Let’s face it, not all men are created equal, and this is indeed true when it comes to body hair. Some men grow hair like there’s no tomorrow while others have just enough to be a nuisance.

For the latter, the BAKblade or ManGroomer may be overkill. Enter the Philips BodyGroom Series 3100.

At first glance, this product looks like a standard body groomer.

But it has one feature you won’t see in the newer Norelco BodyGroom Series 7100 – an extra-long back attachment that you can use for grooming back hair.

The shaving head combines foil and trimmer. At the middle is a foil shaving head with trimmers at the top and bottom parts.

These trimmers work in unison with the foil shaver to cut body hair close.

Take note that it won’t be as close as a safety razor, but it won’t leave as much irritation. It also comes with three extra combs for trimming down longer strands of body hair.

One downside to this groomer is you’ll need several passes to cut thicker body hair. After a full charge, this groomer will run for up to 50 minutes.

Recharging will take a total of 8 hours. It is 100% waterproof so you can use this safely for dry or wet shaving.

Bottom line: Men looking for a groomer capable of trimming back hair will benefit from the Philips BodyGroom 3100. It isn’t as powerful as the BodyGroom 7100, but it gives you the option to trim back hair thanks to the back-attachment that extends the reach. This groomer isn’t suitable for men with thick body hair as it lacks power.

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How to choose a body groomer?

Before buying a body groomer, you’ll have to define what you want to achieve. It will help narrow down what features you’ll need and features that may not apply to your needs.

1. How short do you want it to be?

Most body groomers are capable of removing body hair with ease. Some variants have either shaving heads (similar to a foil shaver) or a trimming head (similar to a beard trimmer). Some have both of these features.

Between the two, the “foil shaver” head is the safer option because there is less blade exposure. If you plan on shaving off hair near your pubic area, this is a better option.

For sculpting and just removing hair from bikini lines, the trimmer head is a good option.

Take note that a foil shaving head will not shave it smooth. It’ll leave some stubble behind. To remove stubble, you may need a cartridge or safety razor to get it smooth.

Another option would be going to a wax salon and removing hair from the root. Waxing though can be expensive when done professionally, but it is a long-lasting option.

2. What part of your body are you shaving?

Are you shaving chest hair, armpit hair or back hair? Defining your need will help determine product selection.

The tool you’ll be using for grooming chest hair will be different from grooming back hair.

3. Attachments and tools

The best brands come with a variety of accessories that will help you reach every inch of hair on your body. These tools will vary in terms of functionality.

Some can cut nose and ear hair, while others have different comes that can trim long body hair down to stubble.

Now it is up to you to determine the type of attachment you’ll need. For men who have more body hair, they should opt for a body groomer with more comb options with different length settings.

For the nitty-gritty detail work, you can choose for a groomer with a narrower trimming head.

4. Weight

Determining factors for weight will be the power source of the groomer. Cordless body groomers tend to be heavier because the body has to house both the motor and battery.

Corded groomers tend to be lighter because there’s no battery inside the body.

However, newer groomers that use lithium-ion batteries will be lighter so weight really won’t be that big of an issue.

5. Corded vs. cordless

It is more of a convenience play. Obviously, with cordless groomers, you don’t have to deal with continually looking for a power outlet to plug in. Plus most (if not all) of these variants are waterproof so you can use it inside the shower if you so choose.

6. Power

Body groomers typically have three power sources – (1) rechargeable battery, (2) disposable battery and (3) power cord. The most popular is cordless for apparent reasons. Men who want something lighter will usually go with a corded variant.

One big advantage these groomers have nothing having to worry if you’ve charged it or not, especially if you often go out of town on business trips.

7. Size and ergonomics

Groomers will vary in size depending on its purpose. Most options available are almost the same size as an electric razor. Others are much bigger – capable of reaching to your back.

Choosing one will depend on where you’ll use the groomer most and the amount of hair you want to remove. Hair men may want to opt for something with a bigger shaving head that’ll cover more area.

8. Wet or dry

Most cordless groomers are waterproof meaning you can use it in wet conditions – yes, even inside the shower. Corded groomers don’t have this option because of the power cord.

If you find yourself shaving inside the shower, then a wet/dry groomer would probably the better choice.

Men who don’t mind not getting a close shave can opt for a groomer.

9. How easy it is to clean?

One overlooked features of a groomer is the ease of which you can clean it. Why is this important? A dirty shaving head will compromise the performance.

You’ll end up either cutting yourself or having a rash because a dull blade can irritate.

Some groomers have washable heads that you can rinse under a faucet.

Others come with a brush. What’s important is finding something with an easy to remove head that won’t be a pain to clean.

10. Easy to use

Have you heard the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)?

This same principle has to be applied when choosing a body groomer. The more straightforward to use the better it is.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science figuring out how to use it. If you need to open the manual to figure out how to you it then it’s probably too complicated.

11. Battery and run time

Run time only applies when you buy something cordless. Run time will range between 30 to 80 minutes on a full charge.

Given a choice, I’d go with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about continually buying AA batteries.

But if you opt for something that uses AA-batteries, why not purchase rechargeable batteries like an Eneloop.

Some dos and don’ts of manscaping

Remember that manscaping isn’t just about shaving your face and armpits. It encompasses every part of your body. Yes, that includes the crotch area. Don’t snicker about it if you want to look your best. To achieve maximum results, there are some rules that you need to follow.

Manscaping Dos

1. Get the right tools

To do the job right, you will need proper tools. A razor and shaving cream won’t be enough to remove hair from different parts of your body. Can’t expect a razor to remove long chest hair or trim pubic hair.

You’ll need a proper trimmer and electric razor to do the task efficiently.

2. Take a hot shower first

Hot water opens up the pores and softens hair follicles which will make easier to cut. Doing the actually manscaping inside the shower can actually lessen the risk of irritation.

Clean up will also be easier because you won’t have to deal with hair all over the bathroom floor.

3. Trim then shave

Before shaving chest, armpit or back hair, you’ll need to trim out longer strands first. You can use scissors, but a trimmer can also do the task entailing less risk. This is where a trimmer with a comb comes into play. The idea is to trim the area short enough before making the final pass with the razor if you’re planning on taking it all off.

4. Trim chest hair

Unless you have a time machine and travel back to the 1970s, chest hair isn’t the in thing anymore.

Chest hair is a sign of manliness but don’t let it grow to David Hasselhoff levels in Baywatch.

An electric trimmer is an excellent tool to mow down enough to keep chest hair looking neat.

5. Don’t let your armpit hair go haywire

Next up is the underarms. It’s okay to leave some hair there unless you’re Michael Phelps competing for gold in the Olympics. The important thing here is not letting it get out of hand that it looks a bushy playground. Trim it enough that it isn’t visible with your arms down.

6. Don’t ignore the back and shoulders

Here’s a fact. Back hair isn’t cool, not even in the 1970s. A standard trimmer may work on the shoulders, but you’ll need something with more reach to remove back hair.

7. Trim nose and ear hair

Here’s a piece of advice if you want to look your absolute best. Please trim nose and ear hair.

There’s nothing more disgusting than a few strands of hair dangling on your nose. Trimming hair in those regions isn’t hard with a good nose and ear hair trimmer.

8. Trim the brush down under

Gent’s don’t ignore trimming the pubic hair down there. You don’t need to go crazy and shave it baby butt smooth. Just cut it enough that hair will not stick out of your briefs. If you decide to shave it bare, apply moisturizer to prevent irritation.

Manscaping don’ts

1.No defined lines

Having defined lines is only applicable for facial hair, but for body hair, it’s a big no-no.

This happens when you use a razor. A better option would be using a trimmer with different comb settings that help you progressively cut body hair.

2. No baby butt smooth chest, arms and legs

If God has blessed you with lots of body hair, don’t shave it all off unless you’re a swimmer competing in the Olympics.

First, it isn’t practical, and you’ll spend a lot of money on moisturizers and razors. Just trim it down to manageable levels.

3. Avoid shaving your pubic hair bald

The pubic area is probably one of the most sensitive areas of your body. And pubic hair functions as a filter that traps contaminants from infecting your genital area.

Shaving it regularly will leave the skin there irritated and increase the likelihood of infection.

4. Avoid shaving against the grain

The term shaving against the grain means going against the direction of hair growth. It’s true that you can shave closer doing so but at the risk of razor burn and irritation. This may not be a good idea if you’re shaving your pubes or areas that are sensitive. Only shave in the direction of hair growth.

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