5 Best Disposable Razors for Men: Not a Lot of Gillettes Here

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Disposable razors are the default choice of most men. Unfortunately, the wrong decision may end up causing a lot of irritation and razor burn.

Best Disposable Razor for Men

Here’s what you’ll get in this guide – the 5 best disposable razors and why, how to choose one, and some tips on preventing razor burn and irritation.

If you’ve read my previous posts about shaving, I’m not a big fan of disposables.

But not everyone is willing to invest time in learning the art of wet shaving; hence I created this article to help you choose the best option that will provide a lot of value for your hard-earned dollar.

After careful research and comparison, the Schick Xtreme 3 Disposable and not a Gillette Mach 3 is my pick as the best disposable razor. Price is a big reason why. A 4-pack Xtreme 3 would only cost less than $8, while the Gillette Mach 3 six-pack would cost over $12.

While using disposable razors can be more expensive than safety razors, many find that disposable razors are easier to work with, and the learning curve not as steep.

With this, we can help with finding the best disposable razors for men, no matter what your shaving preferences are.

What to Look for in Disposable Razors?

When you’re looking for quality disposable razors, it would be wise to keep the following in mind.

Single Blade vs. Multi-Blade

There are various types of disposable razors, and some brands do a better job than others.


Multi-bladed razors will shave closer with fewer passes because it uses more blades.

Single-bladed razors can also give you a good shave but are not as quick and easy as multi-bladed ones since multi-bladed razors graze over the hair more than once in just one swipe.

Ultimately, it’s the quality of the steel in the razor that makes all the difference in your shave.

Single blades are usually the cheapest option, but that also means the steel material might not be as good as the pricier multi-blades.

The biggest downside of a multi-blade razor would be an irritation.

More blades raking on your skin = more irritation if you shave every day, so shaving cream will definitely help.

A good compromise would be picking up a good quality 2 or 3 blade razor made by one of the top brands like Gillette or Shick.

Quality over Price

While cheaper disposable razors are better for your wallet, it could consequently mean worse for your face.

If you see a 25-pack of razors that cost only a couple bucks, it may be best to look for something else.

These kinds of razors are most likely not worth it for the blade’s steel might not be up to par for a close shave.

If you spend just a little more on disposable razors, they can last you a lot longer and give you a better shave.


The brand you get is also an important thing to consider when buying disposable razors.

Off-brands that you’ve never heard of before are stepping into unfamiliar territory, and you won’t exactly know for sure what can happen.

I once tried a brand of razors that looked similar to Bic’s disposables, thinking it would do the same job but for a lower price, only to get a red tomato rash on my face because of the inferior quality steel blades.

With this, it’s probably best to stick to what you know with brands like Gillette, Bic, or Schick.

Remember that you get what you pay for. Buying something cheap and you’ll get a lousy shave.

Just a couple of dollars can save you from painful skin irritation or unintended razor cuts.

Pros and Cons of a Disposable Razor

The most significant advantage of a disposable razor would be availability. Go into any grocery or pharmacy; chances are you’ll be able to buy a pack of disposables.

Another would be it is easy to use. Out of the box, anybody can use a disposable without having to learn the proper angle, grip, or such.

Shallower learning curve

Disposables are very forgiving in that regard compared to a safety razor where an improper technique can lead to cuts and ingrown hair.

Unlike electric razors, disposable razors are easy to use since you don’t have to worry about different settings and buttons you know nothing about.

They’re cheap and straightforward to use, not to mention you can just throw it away when the blade gets dull and grab another.

Expensive in the long run

And that’s where the disadvantages start. When you compare the price of disposable refills to the cost of razor blades, you’ll see a stark difference.

Gillette Fusion Refills

Safety Razor Blade Price

Another issue is quality to be more specific blade quality.

Some cheap disposables can give you painful razor rash or irritation because of the steel quality.

A lot of disposables don’t use top quality steel because it would drive up product costs. Using inferior quality steel equates to a poor shave because it isn’t as sharp. Dull blades will drag on the skin and cause ingrown hair.

How to Shave with a Disposable Razor?

Even if disposable is the simplest tool to use for shaving, you need to follow simple guidelines. These are pretty simple steps, but it will help prevent ingrown hair and razor burn.

After preparing your face for shaving, start out by applying shaving cream to the predetermined area.

Prep is important

Prep includes washing the face with hot water and facial soap formulated for men.

You can use your hands, but a better method would be using a shaving brush.

Using a shaving brush helps with exfoliating the skin and lifting up facial hair as well as evenly distribute shaving cream around hair follicles this enables you to get a closer shave.

Go with Glycerin

Glycerin based shaving cream or gel is essential for shaving since most canned aerosol creams or gels have alcohol, which can dry out and irritate the skin.

After putting on shaving cream, you can then carry out these basic fundamentals.

Pro tip: If you don’t like a rich, lathery cream, you can opt for a “lather-less” cream like the Cremo cream for men. It saves you time because you don’t need a brush to apply this – just use your hands. All you need is water to use this product. It contains Aloe Vera plus other natural oils that lock in moisture.

Invest in a beard trimmer (optional)

Trim your beard before shaving if you have unusually thick facial hair using a good quality beard trimmer.

Even a really sharp razor can only shave so much hair, so make sure you trim your facial hair until you reach a manageable length to continue shaving from.

Go against the grain if you want a close shave.

Shaving with the grain is an obvious tip, and it makes for a closer and smoother shave if you decide to shave against the grain afterward.

However, doing so may cause irritation. And if it does try going across.

Make sure to rinse thoroughly.

Rinse off the razor after you’ve done a couple of swipes to dislodge any hair and cream trapped in tight spots.

Rinse and repeat if it’s necessary for you to shave over some spots again. It’s well worth it to reapply shaving cream for those tricky spots to save yourself from future rashes.

Wash your face with cold after shaving to close the skin’s pores and prevent infection.

Aftershave is an option to repair any damage and help with irritation.

Our Pick for the Best Disposable Razor: Schick Xtreme 3

schickxtreme3If you have sensitive skin that’s often prone to irritation, this razor features comfort strips with vitamin E and aloe as well as three blades that flex and pivots 30˚ to the angles of your face.

The ergonomic handle with a soft rubber grip gives you improved control for a smoother shave.

The razor’s large gap between the blades prevents it from clogging with cream and hair.

This helps prolong the life of these razors.


You get a clean and long-lasting shave with less chance of nicking yourself than most other disposable razors.

Also, the head of the razor is pretty wide, which in turn reduces shaving time and gives more stability when you shave.

These razors are massive compared to other brands, which give it a better feel, and you don’t need to put as much weight.


Many didn’t seem to like the razor’s new design despite some of its benefits.

The lube strip does not last very long, but it does give you a good shave.

The bottom line

This may be the best disposable razor for sensitive skin because it has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera infused comfort strips. But these do not last very long.

2. Bic Twin Select for Sensitive Skin

Bic Twin Select

Bic disposables are popular because of its slim design. It only uses two blades so it won’t irritate as much.

The twin-blades are for a close and comfortable shave while the sleek head is for those tricky and hard-to-reach spots.

The slender handle gives you better flexibility and control.

These disposable razors are great if you’re looking for a quality brand without breaking the bank, and it’s one of the cheapest disposables on the market.

They’re also one of the only disposable blades that live up to their name for those with sensitive skin.


These razors last longer than most disposable blades, therefore being much cheaper per shave.

The narrow head makes it easier to shave tight areas. And the angle of the shaving head is perfect for preventing nicks and cuts.

There is enough plastic on the handle to grip it firmly, and the plastic cover stays on securely.


These don’t have any lube strips, so I’d recommend using this with shaving cream or soap.

Also, because of their price, the steel isn’t of the absolute best quality, so those with thick, coarse hair might have a hard time shaving with these.

The bottom line

These Bic disposables are one of the cheapest you can find right now without sacrificing shave quality. Remember that this razor does not come with any lubricating strip, so you may have to use shaving cream, but the good news is it will last longer.

3. Schick Quattro Razor & Cartridges

Schick QuattroThis product is one of the pricier and yet more effective disposable razors on the market.

Impressively, it has 4 titanium and diamond coated blades that give a quicker and ultimately closer shave than most other disposables.

The pivoting head is quite the bonus, not to mention the ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip when shaving. If you’re able to spend a couple more dollars on a quality disposable razor, this one is definitely worth it.


The titanium doesn’t rust or dull as fast as other blades, and even at full price, they are generally cheaper than its competition.

Titanium coated blades improve comfort – irritation is reduced.

You can achieve a shave similar to what you would get from an electric razor for cheaper. This razor is especially an ideal choice if you have thick facial hair and sensitive skin.


Since it uses 4 blades, it easily clogs. Men with thick beard growth take note of this.

This razor is a bit more expensive than some may like, but it’s well worth it since the blades last longer.

Bottom line:

Titanium blades will not rust, stay sharper longer and cut closer. Even if these are expensive, the blades will last longer because of the titanium coating.

4. Schick Hydro Disposable Razors

Schick Hydro 5This disposable razor is another Schick product, but this razor is a bit cheaper than its Quattro counterpart.

It has up to five ultra-glide blades with skin guards, which reduces friction between the skin and the blades to prevent harsh irritation.

The razor’s unique hydrating gel reservoir will last twice as long compared to comfort strips.

But don’t just rely on this for lubrication, especially if you’re dealing with dense growth. Applying shaving cream would be the best lubrication that will prevent irritation.

The handle is pretty for a disposable and has good grip.

It also has a flip trimmer designed for sideburns and hard to reach areas.


The five blades make for an extra close shave with minimal nicks or cuts, and the lubricating strips make it easier for the razor to glide across the skin.

They last quite a while, considering they provide a quicker shave, and they are great for those who have sensitive skin or are prone to shaving bumps due to the extra blades.


Although you can get a quicker and cleaner shave, the blades can get dull rather quickly if you’re a frequent shaver.

Also, the blades can rust if you’re not careful to dry them well after use.

This razor may be a bit pricier than your average disposables, but if you prefer multiple blades compared to single or twin-blades, the extra few dollars may be ideal.

The bottom line

This disposable is unique in that it does not use any lubricating strip. Instead, it uses a reservoir that contains gel to lubricate and give you a comfortable shave. Based on reviews, this system actually will last longer than razors with a lubricating strip.

5. Gillette Mach 3 Disposable

Gillette Mach 3 apparently has a cartridge and a disposable variant. We’ll be looking at the latter here.

Historically speaking, the Mach 3 helped launched Gillette as a global leader in both the cartridge and disposable razor niche.

It has three sharp blades progressively aligned for a closer shave with fewer passes.

This product provides an excellent middle ground between a 5 and single blade razor that will cut close and yet not have as much irritation.

You can significantly improve your shaving experience for a better shave, even on the 25th time, according to some.

But I wouldn’t use it that long.


The Mach 3 will last longer because it only uses 3 blades. It won’t clog as quick, and it’s easier to clean.

If you have reasonably thick facial hair, it still gives a very close shave with little to no skin irritation or cuts.

Also, all Mach3 razor blades fit all Mach3 handles, so you can reuse the handle if you wish instead of buying a whole new razor.


I’m going, to be honest with you, refills for this are expensive.

The product is also light, which may or not be a concern to those who depend on weight. If you don’t like that “flimsy” feeling in a razor, then this product may not be as fitting.

The bottom line

The only Gillette in this list only has 3 blades, but these are thinner and sharper, giving you a very close shave. These blades also have skin guards that lessen pulling and tugging. If you have thick facial hair growth, ditch those Gillette 5 blades and go for this.

The Verdict?

Out of all the razors reviewed, we can say that Schick Quattro razor would be the top candidate for the best disposable razors for men. While it may be pricier than disposables like Bic, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Schick blades have titanium and diamond coating that provides excellent protection and comfort.

Most other disposable razors don’t have top quality steel blades, which isn’t great if you’re looking for a clean and smooth shave.

The pivoting head and ergonomic handle better improve your shaving experience, and the blades last a lot longer, which ultimately saves you cash rather than spending more than you need every month from switching blades too often.

This razor checks pretty much everything off the list in what you need in a quality disposable razor.

The multiple blades, the equal quality for its price, and the familiar brand are all that make the Schick Quattro razor a highly recommended product for your shaving needs.