7 Best Ear and Nose Trimmers: Complete Guide and Review

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As we get up there in years, you’ll notice that hair pops out in places you least expect it to.

One of those areas is the nose.

Hair sticking out that area can be an eyesore.

Best Nose Ear and Trimmer

If you’re dating someone for the first time, you’ve got to make sure to get rid of those pesky follicles or risk disaster.

Getting rid of nose hair can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools.

You could resort to pulling them out with your fingers, scissors or use tweezers.

All of which isn’t very efficient to do the job. Using the latter two can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

Fortunately grooming companies have this figured out and have tools that can not only trim annoying nose hair but also ear hair.

We’ll be looking at the best nose trimmers available right now, how to pick one and how to use them properly to get the most out of your purchase.

Are you ready?

How to choose the best nose hair trimmer – a detailed buying guide

First things first, having nose hair isn’t bad. It’s there for a reason. These follicles of hair inside our nose are actually filters that trap dirt from the air we breathe.

Without it, all the contaminants and allergens will not go inside our lungs and make us sick.

So the goal of a nose trimmer would be just removing follicles of hair that sticks out of the nose.

You don’t want to get rid of everything.

If you’re thinking of using scissors or tweezers to cut or pluck out hair, please for the sake of your nose, PLEASE DON”T DO IT!

Use a proper tool like a trimmer. There are a bunch available right now with different features, varying sizes, and power.

Here are 7 things to look at before buying a nose trimmer.

1. Disposable or rechargeable battery

Most of the nose trimmer you’ll see right now don’t have a cord. These grooming tools either use a rechargeable battery or a disposable double-A battery. Choosing one would depend on your preference.

In terms of environmental footprint, choosing the double-A route seems to leave a bit more footprint behind.

But you can address that by buying good rechargeable batteries that can be charged up to a thousand times.

One big advantage of using AA batteries is availability. Let’s say you’re on a business try and you by chance forget to bring your rechargeable batteries. You can quickly go to a 7-11 and buy them there.

Rechargeable batteries have the advantage of longer run times because the battery it uses usually is bigger. However, if it is built-in the trimmer, consider it paperweight once it fails.

2. Manual or battery operated

There are two types of nose and ear trimmers – manual and battery powered. The former requires to hands to use, one to hold the device in place and a second hand to twist a lever underneath to spin the blade.

Electric trimmers only require one hand to use which is more convenient.

However, the latter leaves more footprint as you’ll need to continually change batteries or recharge it. And most of these products are plastic which has the tendency to crack over time.

Manual trimmers often times use metal casings that’ll last longer.

3. Head design

Another important feature to look at would be the cutting element design at the head of the trimmer.

Since you cannot return these products, it is essential that you select one that fits your needs.

Are you using it just to trim nose hair?

Or are you using it to trim ear hair as well?

4. Motor

Standalone nose trimmers use a small motor that works great on light hair growth.

This is good enough if your hair is fine, but for men thick hair that extends to their nostrils, they may opt for a heavy-duty beard trimmer with a nose trimming attachment.

5. Run time

Most of the nose trimmers available right now are cordless so make sure to choose one that’s efficient in terms of how it uses power.

If you’re buying something that uses AA batteries, don’t choose one that runs through it after just a few uses. It’s a waste of money and bad for the environment.

6. Frequent flyer?

Do you often make business trips?

If the answer is yes, then you’ll have to opt for something lightweight and preferably with a traveling case, so you don’t misplace anything. Not all nose trimmers have a travelling case. So if traveling is an integral part of your routine, select one with such.

7. Price

The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a good trimmer. You can get a good trimmer for less than $20 in Amazon. Now if you want some that’ll also trim the beard, obviously you’ll have to pay more.

The 7 best nose trimmers in 2018

1. Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer

The Panasonic ER430K is currently their flagship trimmer. It is the upgraded version of the ER421KC that had the build in LED light that drew mixed reviews.

This is one the very few nose/ear trimmers that has a vacuum motor that keeps hair in a chamber away from you.

I like this option better than the more popular ToiletTree because it’s cheaper and has similar functions.

Underneath the stainless cover is dual-edge blades that not only cut nose hair but also help shape eyebrows and remove excess ear hair.

The blades itself are also stainless steel which won’t rust.

Also, these blades are hypoallergenic, which means it you won’t get an allergic reaction using this.

Out of the box, you’ll get a protective cover that protects the cutting head from damage and a travel case.

If you travel often, this is a great option.

The cleaning head is washable under a faucet.

You can also remove the cutting head and clean it separately from the body.

Not only that, but you can also remove the filter at the bottom of the cutting head and rid it of excess hair follicles.



Bottom line

The Panasonic ER430K is an efficient nose, ear, and eyebrow cleaner thanks to the rotary blades and a decent motor. Some consumers say it’s noisy but still quieter than a beard trimmer. It comes with a travel case so frequent flyers take notice.

2. ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Stainless Steel Nose Trimmer

ToiletTree does not have brand recognition in the grooming industry such as giants like Panasonic and Braun.

But this product is proof that you can’t just rely on the brand when selecting a product.

This dedicated nose trimmer has some features that other more recognized brands don’t.

First and perhaps most important of these is the LED light.

LED is a bright light source that helps significantly with visibility.

It’s in a position that helps you position the trimmer at the right spot. So you don’t need to hold a separate flashlight that makes the process awkward.

Trust me when cleaning highly sensitive areas like your nose, you’d want as much visibility as possible.

The body is made from plastic, but the blades are stainless steel which bodes well for its longevity.

And since this is water resistance, you can rinse it under a faucet without worrying about damaging the motor.

The rotary cutting system works best for trimming hair in your nose and ears. It works such that it captures hair from the top and sides, cutting it without pulling or tugging.

May work on the eyebrows but that isn’t the best use of this trimmer.

It uses a single AA battery that isn’t included. But for the price, I don’t mind not having to buy a separate battery for it.

Buying a pack of Eneloop batteries with this is a good idea since these will last for several hundred recharges before degrading in performance.

Another reason to buy this is the Lifetime replacement warranty. Yes, ToiletTree is so confident with their product that they’ll guarantee it to last – for life.



Bottom line

The ToiletTree Professional nose trimmer is great at what it does – trimming nose hair. It has a good enough motor to cut hair without pulling it. It is versatile enough to trim ear hair and shape your eyebrows. One reason I didn’t rank it above the Panasonic would be the price as this is more expensive.

3. Groom Mate Platinum XL

Groom Mate is unique in that it doesn’t require any battery to operate.

The stainless steel body is exquisite. It almost looks like a safety razor because of the grooves on the top and bottom.

You don’t have to worry about batteries running out or plastic breaking as this product is all-metal.

Using this is simple – just stick it under your nose then twist the cap underneath. A blade spins under the protective guard to cut any hair that gets inside it.

No batteries mean a more environmentally safe product.

What I like about this product is the simple design that has few moving parts.

Few moving parts = fewer parts that could potentially break.

The biggest downside to this is that it is limited to cutting hair in your nostrils.

You can use this to trim ear or eyebrow hair.

But for what it does, it is pretty good.



Bottom line

This is arguably the best nose hair trimmer available right now because of its simple design that doesn’t require any batteries. What it lacks is the versatility that the other products bring to the table. If it’s just a nose trimmer you need, this is hard to beat.

4. Panasonic ER415SC Ear and Nose Trimmer

The Panasonic ER415SC ear and nose trimmer is another excellent and inexpensive option for trimming nose, ear and even shaping the eyebrows.

Even if it just uses a single AA battery, it will run for about 90 minutes! This means a single AA battery will easily last months!

Like the newer ER430K, this versatile trimmer uses hypoallergenic stainless steel blades that will not trigger nasty allergic reactions.

It’ll cut hair both from the top and sides of the cutting head, making it efficient at what it does.

Panasonic says that the ER415SC is fully waterproof so you can safely use this dry or inside the shower. But I do not recommend doing the latter because you can drop this and break it.

It’s more compact than the ER430K which makes it a better option for travel. However, it does not come with a travel case.



Bottom line

Even if it isn’t the latest, the ER415SC is an excellent option if you’re looking for a compact and lightweight trimmer that’ll run for a long time. Even with the powerful motor, a single AA battery will still run for up to 90 minutes. You’ll just need to buy a separate case for this which shouldn’t cost much.

5. Wahl All-In-One Grooming Kit 9818

The three options above are purpose-built products that’ll clean nose or ear hair, this next option is a more versatile option that’ll not just trim the hair off your nose but also your beard.

The Wahl all-in-one grooming kit is an excellent option for the bearded man looking for a trimmer that can also clean excess hair follicles off his nose.

Wahl makes it possible thanks to its interchangeable 4 interchangeable cutting heads.

These include

  1. Precision T-Blade: Great for trimming and sculpting beards and sideburns.
  2. Detail shaver: For shaving long beard growth
  3. Detail trimmer: Tool for shaping goatees and beards with precision
  4. Nose, ear and brow trimmer: All around tool for trimming off excess hair from the nose, ears, and brows.

Being a beard trimmer, expect more cutting power. This makes it an excellent option for men with thick hair growth in their nostrils.

Powering this is a lithium-ion battery that only takes one hour to recharge and will run for 4 hours!

The stainless steel body screams elegance and longevity. No need to worry about plastics cracking or breaking prematurely before the warranty period ends.

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion which easily adds years to its service life.

If you value style in your trimmers, this is the trimmer for you.

Don’t let the big appearance fool you. It comes with a case that you can use to store the trimmer and attachments j you spend a lot of time on the road.

It’s easily the most expensive option of the bunch, but you’re getting a versatile workhorse that’ll easily last for years.



Bottom line

This is an excellent option for bearded men who need a handy tool not just for their beards but also hair in their nose and ears. It isn’t cheap, but you’ll get a lot for the money you’ll spend – 4 interchangeable cutting heads, stainless steel body, long run time and a strong motor.

6. Philips Norelco Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer NT3000/49

When it comes to grooming, it’s hard to leave out Norelco. The cutting element in this trimmer is unique in that it sits at an angle. Unlike rotary heads that have a round and stubby look, this one is sleek.

You can use it to cut hairs deep in your nose or ears regardless of opening.

The Philips Norelco NT3000/49 is one of the more versatile, non-beard trimming, nose trimmer if that makes sense.

One unique feature that this product has is the cutting element that sits at an angle, allowing it to reach deeper in your nose or ears.

The “Advanced ProtecTube System” is an innovative system that has an ultra-thin foil guard with rounded tips that protect the skin from irritations and accidental nicks.

It has a system that is designed such that hair isn’t caught up between separate cutting blades, so there’s no pulling and Philips guarantees that.

For those who want a tool to trim their brows, this variant has eyebrow guards that you can put over the cutting head.

The two guards have varying lengths of 3mm and 5mm.

At just under $12, this is one of the more affordable. If you add the versatility, this is one of the best value for money options available right now.

It also comes with the standard rotary cutting element found in the Panasonic ER430K. So you’ll have more options in what you want to use.

Philips backs this up with a 2-year warranty which is pretty generous for a $12 product.



Bottom line

This handy trimmer is an excellent option for men looking for a nose/ear trimmer that could cause also safety trimer their brows. It has two guards (3mm and 5mm) that make it easier to trim longer strands of hair without shaving it all off. If the Wahl 9818 grooming kit is too expensive, get this instead.

7. Wahl 5545-400 Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer

The Wahl 5545-400 is another versatile option that has the tools to trim the hair on various areas on the face.

It has a total of 4 different attachments that can trim nose, ear and eyebrow hair.

This product is very similar to the Philips Norelco NT3000/49. The difference is this only comes with one eyebrow guard. Also, the main cutting head isn’t as sleek as the Norelco, so it’s only usable on the eyebrows.

One attachment that this has over the Norelco is the reciprocating head that is ideal for sculpting eyebrows, goatees, and beards.

It also comes with 1 AA battery, and Wahl backs this up with a 3-year warranty – one more year than the Norelco.

Cleaning the cutting heads is easy – just rinse it under running water. You can also remove the attachments individually if you want to deep clean each part. Make sure that the accessories are dry before using it.

The sleek design is ergonomic, and at just 9.6 ounces it’s very light.



Bottom line

Wahl 5545-400 is an excellent option for men (and women) looking a versatile grooming device that will trim nose, ear, and eyebrows decently. This grooming tool weighs just 0.33 pounds so you can bring this wherever you travel. It doesn’t have any travel case so you’ll need to buy one separately.

How to use an ear or nose trimmer?

Many of us take this grooming routine for granted. But it’s a habit we must develop to look our best.

Excess nose hair can be a nuisance and the strands sticking out an eyesore. But remember that nose hair is an essential part of our body’s immune system.

It is a filter that traps dirt and other contaminants that may otherwise go to our lungs.

Understanding why we have nose hair is essential so you’ll know how much to trim.

Without it, we can get sick breathing in all the toxins in our atmosphere.

Do not remove all the nose hair inside, only the ones protruding and sticking out.

1. Look for an area with good lighting

Regardless if you’re trimming inside your bathroom or bedroom, find a place that is well lit. This will help you track any unwanted nose hair.

2. Clean your nose

Before sticking a trimmer inside your nostrils, you’ve got to make sure that it has a clean canvass to work on.

So you’ll need to, sorry if I’m grossing you out, get rid of any snot inside it. You can use tissue paper or cotton buds.

3. Know the type of trimmer you’ll use

How to use one will depend first on whether you’re using an electric or manual trimmer.

An electric trimmer has a motor, so it’s relatively easy to operate with one hand. After turning the power switch, gently stick it inside your nose to remove any excess follicles.

Manual trimmers require two hands to use. Be careful when using ones that are metal because it’s easy to scrape the sensitive skin inside the nostrils.

Scissors are an option but using such is very dangerous if you’re not careful. If you can get your hands on a purpose built nose trimmer, that would be the better option.

4. Time to trim

Game time, gently stick in the nose trimmer inside your nose. Move the head smoothly around the nose to capture any stray hair.

Don’t go too deep, you only want to remove hair sticking out and the ones visible with the naked eye.

Typically, you’ll need 10 to 15 seconds to do the job. After trimming check if it needs any retouching. Make sure to check the cutting head if there’s any snot or excess hair then wash it off under running water.

The same principle applies when trimming ear hair. Make sure to clean out your ear before using the trimmer using cotton buds. Don’t push too hard as it could damage your eardrums. After cleaning, proceed with trimming.

How often should we trim?

Hair all around our body grows at an average of 5 to 6 inches per year. It doesn’t matter if it’s the hair on your scalp, face or nostrils – hair grows at the same rate.

On average, you’ll need to trim nose hair twice a month or once every two weeks.

That’s the baseline. Other factors will determine if you need to do it more often. This includes hair type and race.

If you have dark hair that’s easily visible, you may need to do it more often. But try the one every two-week cycle and see how it goes.

Wrapping up

There you go, 7 of the best nose and ear trimmers available right now that will get the job done. Trimming hair from these parts of your body can be a chore, but it is an essential one if you want to look your best. Have you tried any of these trimmers? If you have, please share your experience below to give another perspective on it.