Best Epilators for Facial Hair in 2019

Today, we will be looking at the best facial epilators.

Here’s a fact.

Nearly all women like it or not have facial hair.

Whether or not it bothers you will be personal preference.

Some women are okay having it while others will pay for anything to remove their facial hair.

It doesn’t matter if you have thick, coarse hair or not, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

Women shouldn’t be hard on themselves if they have more facial hair than usual. This is something that’s out of your control.

Remember that the only reason why you want to remove facial hair is for yourself – you want to look better that’s it.

When it comes to facial hair removal, you’ll have several options.

The most popular one would be the razor. It’s quick, relatively painless and you can buy it just about anywhere.

One big issue with using a razor would be the frequency of which you need to use it because only the surface hair is taken off.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, you may need to use it once or twice a week. The side effect of using a razor would be irritation and razor burn.

Waxing is another option with longer lasting results, but it can be expensive.

An epilator is an option that’s similar to waxing since it pulls hairs from the roots but much cheaper than waxing.

Why using an epilator on your face is a good idea?

Before looking at your options, let’s look at the reasons why an epilator is a good option and what to expect.

Razors are great if you’re pressed for time. But if you have to do so every 2 days, it can be time-consuming.

Epilators offer a longer-term solution. Like what I’ve said earlier, an epilator will pull hair from the roots.

So expect similar results as you’ll have from using facial wax strips.

One significant advantage that an epilator has over wax strips is the cost savings.

After buying the facial epilator, the only thing you’ll probably be spending on would be the batteries.

And since there is no need to epilate every other day, you don’t have to replace the batteries often.

The biggest hurdle would be the plucking sensation that you’ll feel.

But once you get used to that, you’ll enjoy a smooth face for weeks on end.

That perhaps is the most significant benefit of using an epilator.

Our Picks for the Best Facial Epilators

Here are some of the best options available for plucking hair off the face.

Our Pick: Emjoi  Epi Slim e18

When it comes to facial epilators, Emjoi manufactures some of the best.

And with the Epi Slim e18, expect quality hair plucking performance thanks to the 18 tweezers.

This variant is their latest and has double the number of tweezers from the previous AP-9L that had only 9.

Having more tweezers means quicker epilating on the facial area.

The most significant improvement with the newer e18 would be its ability to remove thinner facial hair.

It has a feature they call the Skin Glide Technology that uses a three-disc system. Two of those discs stretch the skin, and the other is fixed to provide the best comfort possible.

Comfort doesn’t necessarily mean pain-free. Expect pain when you use this.

Despite the pain, women love this epilator because of the smooth feeling and long lasting results.

Some even said that it isn’t painful, something’s wrong because it’s supposed to be. An epilator’s job is to pull hair from the root, and that alone will cause a level of pain.

How painful? That would depend on your pain threshold.

Women seem to be okay using this though some did not like that.

If your skin does not react well to wax strips, then this can be an excellent alternative to it.

Some women have used this not just on their face but other sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms, so there is some versatility with this product. The only area you won’t be able to use this on is the legs.

This product comes with a cleaning brush to remove hair residue. But I would recommend rinsing the head from time to time just for hygienic purposes.

Bottom line: The Braun Epi Slim e18 offers both plucking power and compact design. With 18 tweezers in tow, you can use it at least on your lip and sideburn area. But you won’t be able to use this on your eyebrow area.

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Compact Option: Braun Face 851

If you ask women about Braun epilators, the first thing they’ll probably recommend would be the Silk Epil series and with good reason.

These epilators are one of the best available hair removing tools available.

However, Braun didn’t rest on their laurels here with that.

Braun has a facial epilator with perhaps the sleekest tweezer design available right now.

The Braun Face 851 is the easiest to use because of the unique design.

If you look at the other epilators in this list, you’d have to hold it at almost a 90-degree angle to maximize its effectiveness.

With the Braun Face 851, it’s different. The tweezers are wrapped around in a narrow the tip of a pen-like contraption. So you can hold this vertically, and it’ll still pluck hair on the lip area.

It’s also compact enough that you can use it in-between your eyebrows.

This variant has 10 tweezers that will remove even the thinnest facial hair (up to 0.2mm).

Having fewer tweezers has a benefit in that it will not hurt as much as options with more. One describes it as “electric shocks” on the face.

Not only will you get the epilator but also a scrubbing brush that’ll exfoliate the skin.

Exfoliating something you’ll need to do before epilating.

Some folks complained this epilator does go through batteries fast (around 6 months). One workaround would be using rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to continually replace it.

Bottom line: The Braun Face 851 is the most compact of the epilators in the list which makes it the only one you’d try on your eyebrow. It comes with an exfoliating brush – something not found in the other epilators. However, this is one of the more expensive options.

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Full Body Epilator: Braun Silk Epil 7

When it comes to versatility and hair plucking power, very few epilators can match the Braun Silk Epil 7.

You can use this on your face, legs, arms, and armpit. It is this versatility that makes this more expensive than any other epilator on this list.

The Silk Epil 7 comes with a facial cap that makes this usable on the face.

You can use this to remove hair on the upper lip, chin, and sideburn areas.

A facial cap for those who don’t know is a protective cover that reduces tweezer exposure on the skin.

You get the best of both works – power, and precision. This epilator will have lots of power to remove coarse or thin facial hair.

Remove the facial cap and let loose the 40 tweezers to pluck hair on your leg or armpit area.

None of the epilators available right now come close to this combination.

And the best part is you don’t have to always purchase AA-batteries since this has one built-in.

It will only take an hour to charge, and it’ll run for about 40 minutes!

This also comes with two-speed settings to adjust the power. Obviously, you’ll use the lower setting on the face, but it still has enough power to pull hair out from the roots!

You can use this wet or dry, inside the shower or in the comfort of your bedroom.

Bottom line: If you’re willing to paying close to $90 then the Braun Silk Epi 7 is a great option. Not only will this epilator remove hair from your face, but it can also pluck hair follicles on other parts of the body with excellent efficiency thanks to the 40 tweezers. It also comes with additional tools like an electric razor and bikini trimmer that extends its functionality.

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Outside the Box: Bellabe Facial Hair Remover

The Bellebe facial hair remover isn’t an epilator per se, but it functions like one in that it also pulls hair from the tips.

It’s tough to fathom how a small piece of spring can actually do it, but reviews say it does the job!

With over 2,000 reviews and counting, it’s hard to argue with its popularity.

How does this thing work?

Using this is pretty simple. Bellebe says that you just bend it on each end then roll it over the face using the handlebars on both sides.

As the spring compresses, it grabs hair and pulls it out from the roots.

The spring itself is made from high-quality stainless steel, so there is minimal risk of it corroding.

Bellebe says that this is strictly a tool exclusively on the areas above the shoulders – upper lip, jaw, cheek, and neck areas. They don’t advise using this on the eyebrow area.

The mechanical aspect of this tool makes it durable, and you don’t have to worry about batteries running out.

If you’re concerned about harming the environment by throwing away batteries, this is a good option.

But since it doesn’t have a motor, it may take a little longer to use this.

Another downside is you can’t use this on coarse hair. This will work best for women with thin facial hair.

Bottom line: It’s hard to argue with the popularity of this spring-like contraption. The Bellabe is an excellent option if you don’t mind doing things manually. There’s no question that this will pluck out facial hair. However, it won’t be able to remove though facial hair as effectively.

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Budget Option: Remington Smooth & Silky EP1050CDN

For women looking for something cheap should have a close look at the Remington Smooth & Silky EP1050CDN.

It has the fewest tweezers of the bunch at just 6. So it’ll take longer to use this.

The low tweezers count also makes this less painful to use.

This is also very usable in the bikini and armpit area.

And if you look at the reviews, women actually say that this is less painful to use as let’s say an Emjoi AP-18 with all 72 tweezers!

However, it isn’t as compact as the Braun Face 851, so this is not usable on the eyebrow area.

Unlike the other epilators that use two batteries, this one uses only one.

Cleaning this will not be a problem thanks to the cleaning brush that comes in the package. But always remember to rinse the epilating head for hygienic purposes.

One potential issue with the low tweezer count is the number of times you need to go over an area to remove hair. This will only be an issue if you have more coarse facial hair. For women with thin and light facial hair, this will do the job.

Bottom line: This is the cheapest option of the bunch at less than $15. It doesn’t have the fancy tools like the Braun, but it will do the job. Fewer tweezers mean less pain when epilating.

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Why use an epilator and what to expect?

Perhaps the most significant selling point of an epilator is the longer lasting results.

When you shave, only surface hair is cut off. And hair will grow back within a few days so you’ll have to do it more often.

The more you shave, the more irritated the skin gets.

Using an epilator will yield similar results with waxing.

You can opt for wax strips to start off to see how it feels like. Once you get the hang of it, then you can switch to an epilator.

An epilator will pull hair out from the roots which makes it so useful.

Of course, the process will be a painful one.

Compared to using wax strips, an epilator will be a cheaper option since this is a one-time purchase whereas you’ll need to purchase wax strips over and over.

Most facial epilators will require AA-batteries, which is the only thing you’ll have to replace.

I suggest getting a good pair of rechargeable batteries

How to choose an epilator?

The first thing you need to consider when buying an epilator is the area you’re using it on.

Will you use it primarily on the face?  Or are you planning on using it on other areas such as the body or legs? Answering these questions will help narrow down your options.

I hope this will help you find the best epilator that will suit your needs.

But here’s the deal.

There will be facial epilator that will not have enough oomph to pluck out coarse hair from the root. Others will just cut hair on the surface.

You’ll want something powerful enough to pull out hair from the roots!

If you’ve decided that the epilator will exclusively for facial use, then buy a facial epilator. These variants have fewer tweezers just enough to cover the lip area.

For women who want more from their epilators, you can opt for a full sized epilator with a facial cap.

These epilators have more power and often come with a rechargeable battery built-in to help save you on the cost of continually purchasing batteries.

Unfortunately, you cannot use an epilator on the eyebrows because the surface area of the tweezers is too big. Tweezers are a good option if you want to go the DIY route.

To wrap up

There you go the 5 best facial epilators for the face that’ll help you keep hairs at bay. Technically, just 4 epilators and the Bellabe but the latter functions like one in terms of effectiveness, so it’s hard not to include it in the list. If you’ve tried any of these options, please share your experience below in the comments section.

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