Best Hair Removal Cream for Men: Manscapping Minus the Razor Burn

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The topic of manscaping is a very personal one.

Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

No matter what your opinion is you will need to consider it at some point in your life.

It could be because your wife or boss requested you to do so.

Whatever it is there are benefits to shaving body hair and men are finding it quite refreshing minus the friction that body hair brings.

Great alternative to razors

And if shaving takes too much time or don’t want to risk cutting yourself a hair removal cream is a great alternative to razors.

But I’m not talking about hair removal creams here, to be more specific we will be focusing on products formulated for men.


That’s because a man’s hair is different. Men have thicker and coarser hair than women.

If you’ll use a woman’s product, you will not get the best results unless you have thin hair.

But first a disclaimer, I’m not a dermatologist so don’t take the information here as medical advice. If you have concerns about a skin condition you may have by all means consult a physician.

Different procedures of removing body hair…

There different methods of removing hair – shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, intense pulsed light and electrolysis to name a few.

The latter 3 are excellent options if you want a more permanent solution.

Unfortunately these are expensive and can reach to the thousands depending on the type of treatment.

Most of us don’t have that type of money to burn for these expensive treatments.

This is where a hair removal cream comes in. Razors still will be one of the cheapest options when it comes to removing body hair.

But for some it may not be a good option because of ingrown hair, cuts and irritation.

What is a hair removal cream?

And how does it work?

Hair removal cream is a product that “removes hair” chemically without physically cutting it with a sharp object like a razor.

These products contain Potassium Thioglycolate that will chemically break down hair fibers that bond hair to the hair follicle.

Once this bond is broken down, the hair follicle structure turns into jelly that easily wipes away [1, 2].

The hair follicle stays intact so hair will eventually grow back. There’s no hair removing cream that’ll remove hair permanently.

Sounds good right? Let me give you a word of caution.

Don’t leave it on for too long

Our skin and hair follicle consist of the amino acids and protein. If you leave the cream longer than recommended skin will turn into jelly.

This is what you call “chemical burn”.

According to the Environmental Working Group, Potassium Thioglycolate is relatively low in the hazard scale – around 2 to 3 out of 10 [3].

Even with that low rating, please approach this product with extreme caution.

Tips on how to apply hair removal cream safely – best practices

Hair removal creams are great alternative to shaving to remove body hair.

But please do your due diligence in careful research for the right product that’ll fit your skin and hair.

The risk of damaging your skin is fairly high if you don’t use it correctly so here are some “best practice” tips.

Know your skin and hair type

Before buying any product know what you’ll be working with.

The same way we care created with different types of body hair, manufacturers also formulate their products to fit certain individuals.

That means men with dark coarse hair should go with a product formulated for such, the same goes for men with fine blond hair or sensitive skin.

Please read instructions carefully

Before using any of the hair removal creams below, make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Each brand will be different in terms of how you apply and application times.

If you leave it on less than the recommended time it won’t be as effective. On the other hand leave it too long and you’ll risk leaving your skin irritated.

Most creams are only work on the armpits, legs or body.

For men who want to use this as a replacement to a razor on their face then make sure to get a hair removal cream that’s gentle enough on your face. The same goes if you plan of using this on your junk.

Do a patch test

Before using this on your privates, make sure to do a patch test first. Using the wrong product on your junk will cause a lot of misery to you and your partner.

Why a patch test is important?

Before using any product on the skin, it’s important to do a patch test.

A patch test means that you’ll use a small amount of the product in a small area to test if it suites your skin.

Don’t apply it on a sensitive area of your skin and wait a full 24 hours to determine if there are flare ups.

Doing this helps determine your skin is hypersensitive to the product or not.

So if something goes wrong, it wouldn’t be a painful disaster as this woman found out.

Doing a patch test also allows you to test and see if the product suites you.

Apply in direction of hair growth

Try to apply cream in the direction of hair growth to maximize its effectiveness.

Wipe gently

When it’s time to remove the cream, don’t just rub it off. Doing so will push chemicals into the skin. Instead use a warm wash cloth and gently rub off cream against the hair growth.

Rinse and Pat Dry

Rinse off cream residue on the skin and then pat dry using a clean dry towel. Avoid rubbing the towel or it’ll irritate skin even more.

Always use moisturizer afterwards

All good quality hair removal creams contain diluents and emollients that provide moisture after removing hair.

But that wouldn’t be enough moisture especially for men who have dry or sensitive skin.

So it’ll be great if you can invest in a good quality lotion.

Always remember that your skin is a living and breathing organ. And it’s important to provide it with the moisture and nourishment it needs especially during seasons like winter.

A good option would be Nivea Maximum Hydration or Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion if you have dry skin.

Gentlemen’s Reserve is a great option if want something natural and scentless.

Don’t use everyday

Please do not use hair removal cream every day. Wait between 24 and 48 hours for your skin to recover. You can also check the product instruction for recommended waiting times in between applications.

For Thick Hair: Nair Men Hair Remover

Nair is one of the biggest names when it comes to hair removal cream.


Active ingredient is Potassium Thioglycolate. Contains a little bit of aloe and unfortunately it also has alcohol. So this can dry out your skin. Make sure to apply moisturizer afterwards.

Works best for

Men who have thick or very coarse hair will benefit the most from this product.

You can use this safely on the neck, chest, arms and legs.

Using this is pretty straightforward – apply this prior to going showering. You’ll have to leave it on for around a minute before showering.

How to apply

One important note when applying this product is that you do not rub it on the skin. Instead of rubbing, just apply a layer of coating on body hair you want to remove.

Don’t just wash off the cream when you get into shower leave it on for a couple of minutes. But nailing the correct application time will take some trial and error.

Don’t leave this on for more than 10 minutes.

Bottom line: Nair is one of the best hair removing creams in the market. What I like is you only have to wait one minute before going in the shower. There will be some some trial and error to determine how much time you’ll need to leave this on.

Gentle: Veet Gel Cream

I mentioned in the intro that you should buy something formulated for men but there are exceptions to the rule.

Even if this product is for women, men can also use this.


Since it is formulated for women, it won’t be as potent. But it still contains the same active ingredient – Potassium Thioglycolate so it’ll remove hair.

The difference is it’s milder. And it contains vitamin E and aloe Vera so it’ll moisturize and nourish the skin.

Can men use this?

In some reviews, several men reported success using this product on their junk.

How to use this?

This product works quickly and will remove hair in as little as 5 minutes.

For a product this mild, working that quickly is very impressive. But make sure to read instructions carefully gents if you’re using this on your manhood. And please do yourself a favor and watch this video.

Bottom line: If you don’t want to use a sharp razor on your junk, try the Veet Gel Cream. It’s gentler than the typical formulation for men plus it contains aloe Vera and vitamin E to nourish and moisturize skin.

For the Face: Magic Shave Razorless Cream Shave

For some men traditional shaving tools cause too much irritation.

And if you’re one of those men, the Magic Shave Razorless Cream Shave may be a good option for you.

One of the few hair removal creams in the market that’s gentle enough to use on the face.

Can only black men use this?

Even if the label says “formulated for black men”, just about man (regardless of race) can use this product as long as you can compatible skin type if that makes sense to you.

Where can you use this?

You can safely use this product to remove facial hair without a razor. Some women have used this on their pubic hair.

Remember to spot test to see if it works for you on your genitalia area.

But it may not be strong enough to remove coarse hair or removing lots of hair from the chest or back so set your expectations accordingly.

According to the manufacturer results will last up to 4 days.


This product contains Thioglycolic acid and a good amount of shea butter which is great for skin.

How to apply?

You don’t need to rub this product in. Only apply an even coat then try rubbing it off after four minutes to see it’s enough time to remove hair. Just don’t leave it on for more than 7 minutes.


Also I’ve read reviews about this having an odor so it’s something to look at.

Bottom line: If you need something milder then this is a great option. Don’t mind the branding pretty much anyone can use this. Heck, even women buy this to remove pubic hair.

Potent and Efficient: Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Crème

Veet’s formulation for men is potent, efficient at removing coarse hair and works in as little as three minutes. That’s the good news, the bad news is it has a strong odor so have some ventilation when using this.


Their product for men is rather potent thanks to the Potassium Thioglycolate and Calcium Hydroxide content. It also contain a high amount of alcohol and fragrance so expect a strong odor.

How to use this?

Veet included a spatula with this product to help with the application process. Recommended application time is between 3 to 6 minutes. Don’t leave it any longer than 6 minutes.

Where can you use this product?

Only use this in less sensitive areas like the chest, back or legs.

Not a product you want if you have dry or sensitive skin.

And if you’re thinking about using on your genitalia area, please do yourself a favor and not use it. I’ve read reviews about it leaving a “burning sensation” on their skin. So this maybe a case of “your mileage may vary”.

This is an Italian product so instructions aren’t in English. But from what I’ve read, don’t leave this product on for more than 6 minutes.

If you decide to use this product make sure to patch test and see it it’ll work well on a small section first before going all out.

Bottom line: This Italian product is another great option for coarse hair. But never, ever use this product on your junk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

From the Land Down Under: Nads Hair Removal Cream

Men who have lots of coarse body hair will benefit the most from this product from the land down under.

Nads has some hair removing punch to their product and will work in as little as 4 minutes.


Nads contains aloe Vera, shea butter and sweet almond oil for added moisture and protection from irritation.

Even with aloe Vera I’d still use a moisturizing cream after using this to prevent dryness.

How to use it?

Application time is around 4 minutes but don’t leave it for more than 10 minutes.

If you look at the instructions at the back, you do not need to rub this product. Just cover the area with cream.

Where can you use this?

This is safe to use on the arms, legs, chest and back. Never use this on your face or genitals.


Some men have said in reviews that this can also leave an overpowering scent.

Bottom line: This Australian product contains aloe Vera, shea butter, cucumber fruit extract and sweet almond oil that help keep the skin moisturized.

How effective is hair removal cream?

Does it really work?

To put blunt these products use a variety of chemicals to burn hair off the follicle.

Sounds simple right?

The level of effectiveness will depend on several factors. These include the type of cream you use and your body hair. It’ll be more difficult to remove thick and coarse hair compared to thin and delicate hair.

Caution: it can burn skin

And if you’re not careful, it’s easy to leave this product on too long and burn the skin.

But manufacturers have been constantly improving their formulations and can work in as little as 4 minutes.

Newer products now have ingredients like aloe Vera that provide additional moisture and nourishment after taking off hair.

Odors aren’t as overpowering as before so you won’t be as dizzy.

To answer your question, yes these products work but read the instructions carefully.

Shaving vs Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are easy to use and work fast. But shaving is probably the cheapest and one of most reliable ways of removing body hair.

Unfortunately shaving only cuts at the root while hair removal creams cut at the hair follicle so the results will last longer.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of each


No matter how careful you are with a razor, nicks and cuts are an eventuality. Another risk is razor burn which is a result of using it too often.

Hair removal creams are generally safe to use as long as you follow product instructions and precautions we mentioned above.

Winner: Hair removal cream

How long does hair grow back?

Shaving will last between 2 to 3 days depending on how fast your hair grows. Hair removing creams or sprays will last just a bit longer – around 5 days or so.

Winner: Hair removal cream

Ease of use

I don’t know about you but the thought raking a sharp blade on my privates isn’t something I’m comfortable with. Using cream is much easier – apply then wipe off. No risk of cuts or bleeding.

Just make sure to choose the right product that’ll fit your skin type.

Winner: Hair removal cream


Biggest risk factors are cuts, ingrown hair and the occasional razor burn. Hair removal creams sadly have more risks.

Leaving it on for too long may lead to irritation and a burning sensation that can linger for months. Using too strong a product on sensitive skin may lead to a bad allergic reaction.

Product selection and path testing are critical when using this product.

Winner: Shaving


A 15 count Mach 3 cartridge costs only $30 will last almost a year. While a 13 ounce bottle of Nair cream costs $13 and change will only last a month at most. Add it up and the difference is obvious.

Winner: Shaving

Other options

Shaving and hair removal creams are two of many options to removing body hair. Here’s a summary of the other options.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most effective and efficient method of removing unwanted body hair.

Depending on the skill level of the dermatologist and laser it’s one of the least painful procedures. Some claimed to have rejuvenated skin after going through a laser procedure.

But this may not work for all skin or hair types.

This treatment works best on light skin and dark hair.

For example men and women who have gray, blonde or red hair are disqualified for this procedure.

It can also lead to visible white spots which is an issue for folks with a darker skin tone.

Lastly, this procedure is very, very, very expensive.


Epilators are tools that pluck hair by the roots unlike electric razors that cut the shaft. These machines are efficient in removing body hair and one of the cheapest methods. Results will last a lot longer compared to shaving.

Using this machine to pluck hair can be slightly painful but your body can adapt to this over time.

If you have a higher pain threshold this can be an option.

Body Sugaring or Wax Kits

If you need something that’ll last longer why not consider body sugaring and wax kits. These products aren’t just for women but they also work for men.

Unlike a razor that only cuts the shaft, wax or sugaring method pulls out hair from the epidermis so it’ll take longer for the hair to grow back.

Another benefit of these methods is that unlike shaving, hair won’t grow back thicker or coarser.

You could have this done professionally at a salon but it is not cheap. An alternative would be doing this at home.

CocoJojo sugaring hair removal is an all-natural product uses organic ingredients. It has Egyptian Calendula and Chamomile.

You can use this product on the underarms, body, even on the face and eyebrows. What’s great about this product is that it uses natural ingredients that will have no harmful side effects or allergic reactions.

Unlike shaving that’ll only last for days, treatment with this product will last for up to 6 weeks. There is some learning curved involved but it only takes a few tries to get the hang of it.

Eflornithine Hydrochloride Cream

This is a prescription medication that is very effective at removing unwanted facial hair. Its chemical composition will slow down hair growth. But these products are very expensive and the high risk of side effects make not worth using unless you really have to.


Threading hair has been around for a long, long time. It’s one of the most effective and safe hair removal methods with minimal risk of skin damage. But it can be painful, time consuming and expensive.


Electrolysis is the only hair removal method backed by the FDA as a permanent solution. A dermatologist uses an epilator to apply electric current to destroy the hair’s root. In theory, this should prevent hair from growing back.

Folks who are ineligible for laser treatment can opt for this type of treatment.

Can I use hair removal creams on my privates?

There are tons of horror stories of men burning their privates with hair removal creams. So does this mean you can use this on your junk?

Can you go all bare down there even without a Brazilian wax?

Short answer is yes as long as you use the right product.

If you’re not willing to go Brazilian on down under then use a product that’s gentler than body creams. These products will contain ingredients that hydrate, moisturize and soothe the skin.

To Wrap Up

Hair removal cream is a good alternative to shaving if you don’t want the nicks, cuts and razor burn that comes with a razor.

But remember to do your due diligence in choosing the right product that will fit your needs. There isn’t a “one size fits all” product that will work for all men.

First you will need to know what you’re working with (I’m talking about your skin and body hair) then go on choosing a product that matches those criteria.

Nair hair removal cream for men will work on men who have coarse body hair. While the Veet Get Cream will work for men who may have sensitive skin.

If you watch to ditch the razor on your face then try the Magic Shave razorless cream. This specially formulated to be gentle on facial skin.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you. You can also leave a review if you’ve tried any of the products I mentioned above.