Best Razor Deals: Awesome Deals for 2019!

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For men, razors are an essential tool to have.

The problem is finding it at a great price.

There are so many types of razors out there, and it’s easy to get confused about what’s the best one to buy.

I’m not going into detail on that here, but you can read my guide here on the basic razor terminologies.

However, I’ll enter a little bit of commentary on each type of razor here to give you an idea of the strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to learn more about each razor, please read the link above carefully.

What I’ll be focusing on is the best razor deals in Amazon which in my opinion is one of the best places to get grooming supplies thanks to the fast shipping and return policy just in case you don’t like the product.

Make sure to click the link to see the latest prices and discount because Amazon’s pricing structure is highly dynamic.

Best Cartridge and Disposable Razor Deals

If you were born post-1990s, most likely you’ve used a disposable or cartridge razor.

These razors are the most readily available right now despite the resurgence of the safety razor.

Also, these tools require the shallowest learning curve. However, the running costs of using a cartridge razor can be more expensive when you compare it to a safety razor.

Here are some of the best deals you can find for a cartridge and disposable razors.

Gillette Fusion 5 ProShield

The Fusion 5 is Gillette’s flagship brand and will work best on men with sensitive skin thanks to the extra thick lube strip.

This lube strip is activated by water and will help protect skin from irritation.

But if you’re dealing with a thicker beard, I do suggest using a shaving cream or shaving soap just to add that extra layer of protection.

The 5 blade system will shave close, and the FlexBall technology helps in maneuvering tight areas around the lip area.

This feature also makes this usable on shaving your head since it’ll have a little play and prevent unnecessary nicks and cuts.

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Gillette Mach 3

If the 5 blade system of the Fusion 5 leaves irritation then the Mach 3 would be a better option.

This razor only has 3 blades with more space in between them which means it’s easier to clean and should last longer.

Hair doesn’t get trapped as quickly as it would in a Fusion 5 ProShield.

The 3 blade system also means there will be less irritation because fewer blades are raking on your face.

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Schick Hydro 5 with 17 Refills

One of the biggest criticisms consumers have with Gillette products is the high running costs.

An 8-pack refill will easily cost close to $25, and those add up over time.

The Shick Hydro 5 offers a more affordable solution to the Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

This razor has 5 blades and a lube strip that’s dermatologically tested to prevent irritation.

Of course, you’ll have to do your due diligence and use shaving cream to prevent razor burn and cuts.

I found a deal in Amazon where you can get a single razor plus 17 refills for under $42!

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BIC Hybrid 4 Flex Disposable

When it comes to a cartridge or disposable razors, BIC has got to be one of the cheapest available.

This 4-blade razor that includes 4 refills will cost less than $6.

It has a lube strip, so it offers lubrication to minimize irritation.

The head itself pivots which is a step up entry-level disposable with fixed heads.

The handle has a rubber coating and is ergonomic which makes it easy to use.

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Gillette Venus ComfortGlide for Women

Women’s skin is more sensitive than a man and using such could lead to irritation.

That’s why Gillette has a separate product line for women.

The Gillette Venus ComfortGlide will work well on women whose skin is on the sensitive side.

It has lube strips that contain Olay moisturizers that help give it a smoother shave.

This razor has 5 blades that will shave close. The built-in Olay moisture bars means you don’t need to use shaving cream when shaving your legs.

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Shick Hydro Silk for Women

Another option for women if the Gillette Venus is too expensive would be the Shick Hydro Silk.

Like the Gillette Venus above, this razor also has 5 blades.

The lube strip does not have Olay in it, but it does contain Shea butter that will help replenish your skin’s lost moisture for up to two hours after shaving.

It has 5 blades with curve sensors which are really useful on your legs or armpits. The skin guard will help protect skin from irritation.

The rubber grip makes it easier to use and prevents accidental slippage.

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Safety Razor Deals

If you continuously use a multi-blade cartridge or disposable razor, you know the toll it can take on the skin.

Imagine doing a 2 pass shave with a Gillette Fusion and the toll it takes on your skin especially if you don’t use shaving cream.

It can leave irritation and razor burn that may make you swear off shaving.

Here’s the good news, there’s a product out there that can help you get a close shave minus the irritation. Let me introduce to you the safety razor.

This razor actually is a lot older than a cartridge razor.

Ask your grandpa, and he probably used one of these things before. The issue right now is availability. You won’t be able to find this in your local pharmacy or gasoline station.

But fortunately, the safety razor is gaining popularity thanks to Vloggers and grooming blogs who promote it.

Dorco Prime Starter Kit

Buying an established brand like a Merkur or Feather, you’d have to spend over $40.

If spending that much $$$ on a razor makes you think twice then the Dorco Prime is a good alternative.

For only $20 more or less, you’ll get a safety razor plus 30 double edged blades with a case.

In terms of aggressiveness, this razor is on the mild side. It has a twist to open design that’s easiest to use, but it has a lot of moving parts, so you have to dry it thoroughly after every use to ensure longevity.

The Dorco blade that comes along with this isn’t the sharpest, so I’d recommend getting a sample pack just to try out different brands and see which one fits your skin best.

You can also read my detailed review of the best DE razor blades just to give you an idea which brands are the best.

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Vikings Blade Chieftain

Vikings Blade is another newcomer in the safety razor market, and the Chieftain is their entry-level product.

Like the Dorco Prime, this razor also has a twist to open mechanism that makes it easy to load the blade.

One feature that’s unique with the Vikings Blade design is the micro combs in front of the shaving head that prevents accidental cuts.

Vikings Blade says that this razor is made from high-quality Swedish materials and is more substantial than cheaper safety razor that has the right balance.

Not only will you get a safety razor but also a pack (5 pcs) of Swedish 13C26 DE blades (mild) plus a leather carrying case.

It isn’t the cheapest option, but this high-quality razor will last for years.

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Bevel Safety Razor

The Bevel safety razor was founded by Tristan Walker who had a background in finance as a Wall Street trader and business development at Foursquare.

Like a lot of African-American men, he also struggled with ingrown hair. So like any entrepreneur, he created his own product – the Bevel safety razor.

You know that there was a lot of careful planning and design that went into this product with the sleek design.

The design of this razor is unique with lots of curves and no sharp edges. The balance point is a bit different, so if you’re transitioning from another brand there will be a slight learning curve, but the shave is decent.

There is also an option to purchase the starter kit which also doubles as a great gift because of the great packaging.

You can buy this direct from Bevel’s online store, but you’ll get a better deal in Amazon.

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Rockwell 2C

The Rockwell 2C is another newcomer to the market.

Unlike the other razors in this list, this variant is adjustable. What’s unique about this razor is how it is flexible.

Instead of using a base cap where you twist and adjust blade exposure, it relies on the base plate to adjust blade exposure and angle.

This variant’s base plate is usable on both sides. One advantage this system has is the simplicity it brings to the table. Since it doesn’t have a lot of moving parts and it has a 3 piece design, it is much easier to clean hence it’ll last longer.

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Electric shaver deals

When it comes to convenience and speed, it’s hard to beat an electric shaver.

It’s an in-between option to a cartridge razor and a safety razor.

If you don’t mind not having a baby butt smooth shave, this is a great option.

It’s a cheaper option to run in the long haul because you don’t have to change the shaving heads as often as a cartridge, but it will require higher upfront costs.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

The Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is one of Braun’s most popular electric shavers to date.

It isn’t the latest, but it’s relatively cheap at just under $50.

One reason why this electric razor is so popular is the three shaving elements that will provide a decently close shave.

All three elements will pivot individually allowing it to adjust to the contours.

The micro comb technology guides facial hair to the three cutting elements and protects skin from irritation.

Perhaps the biggest downside with this variant is the battery. It has a NiMH battery so expect some power fading and shorter run time (only 45 minutes).

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Braun Series 9 9293S Wet/Dry

If you need something to shave closer and don’t mind spending close to $250 then the Braun Series 9 9293S is a good option.

It is one of the newest products in the Braun electric shaver product line with the latest shaving head which has four cutting elements.

These cutting elements include two trimmers at the middle that work great at cutting even thick facial hair.

All these pivots individually giving it maximum coverage on your skin.

You can use this razor dry or wet depending on your preference, and it comes with its own clean/charge station that cleans and charges the electric shaver for you.

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Braun Series 7 790CC

The Series 7 790CC is Braun’s mid-priced electric shaver option at the $170 price point.

It has a similar cutting head as the Series 3 on top of this list, but it comes with some upgrades that make shaving a whole lot easier.

One of the most significant upgrades perhaps would be the battery.

Instead of a Nickel Metal Hydride battery, it uses a Lithium-Ion battery that holds its charge better and runs longer.

This upgrade alone bumps the run time from 45 to 50 minutes. But the most significant benefit of a Li-Ion battery would be the more linear power throughout the charging cycle.

It also has 5-speed modes that you can use to adjust power to suit your skin’s sensitivity level.

This variant also comes with the clean and charge station to make cleaning easier.

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Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5 Wet/Dry

The Panasonic ES-LV65 offers a cheaper alternative to the Braun Series 9 in terms of closeness.

This is the only electric razor in the market right now to have 5 cutting elements.

Yes, you heard that right that’s 5 cutting elements which are one more than the Series 9. Each of the cutting element pivots as well as the whole head.

The massive head works excellent in wide open spaces like the cheek and neck area.

However, one issue would be the cutting head heating up when you use it over an extended period.

But this is a common issue with foil shavers, not just the Panasonic Arc 5.

You can use this to shave both wet and dry whatever your preference is.

Run time though is shorter because the 5 cutting elements will eat up a lot of power.

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Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc 4

A step down from the Arc 5 is the ES-LF51-A. This is a good option if the Arc 5’s head is a little bit too big or the price tag too steep.

It won’t shave as close as the Arc 5, but it isn’t too shabby.

Like the Arc-5, each of the cutting elements pivots back and forth to hug the contours.

The whole head itself also pivots plus it gives you the option to lock it in place once you find the right angle to suit your shaving needs.

This variant doesn’t give you the option to purchase the cleaning and charging station but the head is fully waterproof so cleaning this won’t be hard.

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Philips Norelco 1100

One of the most significant issues with a foil shaver would be the size of the head.

If you’d use the Arc 5 around the mustache and chin area, it is pretty awkward to maneuver.

Enter the rotary shaver. This shaver will not cut as close, but the heads are much more compact allow it to shave tight spots.

The Norelco 1100 is one of the cheapest options available at around $25. It has 3 cutting elements that individually pivot in four directions to adapt to the contours on your face.

It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a higher end Norelco, but it will do the job.

If you only have light facial hair growth, this is a great option. Take note that this electric razor is corded and you can just use it dry.

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Philips Norelco 7500

For men who have thicker and tougher facial hair, the Norelco 7500 is a better option.

The upgraded shaving head will cut closer and pivots in 5 different directions.

Comfort rings help shield the skin and protect it from irritation.

The LED display is easy to read and will tell you when you need to clean the razor, charge the battery and change the cleaning head.

Aquatec technology allows you to use this even with shaving cream.

It also comes with a SmartClean System that cleans the razor with a touch of a button.

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Remington PF7300 Comfort Series

If you want a basic foil shaver for light beard growth, the Remington PF7300 is a good option.

It’s one of the cheapest options available at just a little over $20.

This variant does not have the high tech features like pivoting shaving head or wet-dry shaving, but it’s cheap. It is the main selling point so don’t expect too much.

Run time will be average at just 30 minutes.

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How to choose a razor?

Choosing the right razor for your needs will all depend on your preference.

There no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution that’ll work for all individuals because our needs are different.

To help you find the best razor that will fit your needs, budget, and preference, you will need to answer these questions.

1. Do you like a really close shave or are you okay with a little stubble

Answering this will determine the type of razor you’ll buy.

If having a close shave is a must then you’ll have to either go with a cartridge, safety or straight razor.

Choosing between the three would be dependent on skill level.

A cartridge razor requires the least amount of skill because it’s easy to use.

Using a safety razor may require a learning curve, but the general technique is similar to a cartridge so the transition will be more natural.

A straight razor is another beast. You really have to want to learn it to make it worthwhile.

In terms of cost, a safety razor is the most cost-efficient option that’s practical. DE blades are much cheaper than cartridge refills.

2. Do you have sensitive skin?

One of the most significant issues using a cartridge razor is the amount of irritation it leaves behind.

If you have sensitive skin, this issue is magnified.

You’ll have two options – either buy a two or three blade cartridge razor or buy a safety razor.

The former is easier to use, but the latter will give you a better shave since you can put a fresh blade more often without worrying about the cost.

3. Do you know how to use a safety razor?

A safety razor is a step up over a cartridge and disposable razor. For those of you who don’t know what a safety razor is, it is a razor that uses a single, double edge blade.

One of the most significant advantages of this is the cost savings it brings to the table. Another would be the ability to use any blade available that will suit your skin and facial hair type.

4. How much are you willing to spend?

After looking at your preferences in terms of closeness and skill level, the last thing to look at would be the amount you’re willing to spend.

I would suggest having a range to give you varied enough options to choose from.

To wrap up

There you go just some of the best razor deals available in Amazon. I’ll regularly update this post when I find other deals and if you think I missed something let me know in the comments section below.