So you’ve decided to shave it all off.

Whatever the reason you have for going bald, it is a liberating experience.

And it certainly looks better as opposed to having a bald spot.

Going bald has a lot of benefits which I’ll not go in detail here.

And one of the best tools for the job is the good ‘ol razor.

Is it better than an electric shaver or a so-called “head shaver”?

I’m not saying that a razor is the best tool for the job because an electric razor certainly has its uses.

One of which is trimming off excess hair so that it’s short enough for a razor to “close the deal”.

These tools will give shave the closest and give you a baby butt smooth (or BBS) result that isn’t possible with any electric tool.

Here are some options that you have at your disposal…

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

One of the safest options and the easiest to use would be a Gillette cartridge razor.

While I’m not a big fan of Gillette when it comes to shaving your beard, this can be quite an efficient tool for the scalp.

Flexible head is great for different contours on your head

Not so much the multi-bladed design but the pivoting that that move forward and back then side to side.

Shaving your head provides a unique challenge because of its shape. It is hard to shave the head with its round shape and contours.

Avoid cheap disposables

Using a cheap disposable will require more passes because it’s rigid. Plus these products use substandard blades that aren’t as sharp.

The flexibility of a Gillette cartridge decreases the time needed because of its flexible handle that can pivot left, right, up and down.

5 blades will shave fast

Gillete’s Fusion ProGlide has this flexible head and 5 blades that glide on the head. If your priority is a quick shave then spending the few extra bucks for this product will be worth it.

The Flex handle also allows this to shave hair off hard to reach areas on top of the head or behind the ears – areas that a fixed head razor will have difficulty shaving.

Biggest issue here would be the multi bladed design that could potentially cause irritation if you go over an area more than once.

But if you shave every other day, the irritation issue shouldn’t be an issue.

What makes the Gillette Fusion ProGlide a great option?

Shallow learning curve

The flexible head makes this tool forgiving and idiot proof so some extent.

Not only will it pivot back and forth, it’ll also go from side to side giving it flexibility not found in other products in this list.


This razor has 5 blades so it’ll cut close without have to go over an area several times

Flexible head

The Gillette Fusion head can flex like no other razor can and allows this to shave difficult areas faster without having to change your grip multiple times.

Some not so good points


Refills will cost over $20 and it will add up over time if you shave every other day


This razor has 5 blades and using this every day can irritate the scalp. Make sure to prep well using a shaving cream after a hot shower.

There are different ProGlide variants and these include:

Refills are available in Amazon that range between $23 and $50 in Amazon.

Bottom line: Despite the high cost, a Gillette Fusion ProGlide is one of the safest and most efficient tools you can use to shave your head. The reason for this is its pivoting head that can go from side to side. This enables it to reach areas a stiff headed razor won’t be able to like the area behind the ear.

HeadBlade ATX All-Terrain Razor

At first glance you’d think that this is an All-Terrain Vehicle.

But it isn’t, it actually is a razor for the head.

I’ve seen lots of gimmicky products over the years but this one seems legit getting a lot of praises from forums and blogs.

Unique design

This product was design in a way that makes shaving as simple as rubbing your head. It has a cartridge blade attached to a spring mounted adapter.

This device is attached to a body shaped like an ATV with two wheels at the front.

In a way this product is similar to a cartridge razor but the difference lies in how you use it.

Here’s a product demo…

The biggest difference would be the length of strokes. In a cartridge razor, you’d normally use short strokes but with this product you can use long strokes with very little pressure. Less pressure equals less irritation.

Good ergonomics

Ergonomics is good because of how comfortable it feels. It has a rubberized loop on top where the middle finger rests. The ring and pinky rest comfortably on the frame at the back. There’s also a slot for the pointer so it is comfortable to use.

If you have large hands, you may not be able to fit the middle finger through the loop.

Getting the hang of this should not take long even with the difference in technique.

Make sure to watch the videos to get you up to speed.

Out of the box, this product comes with HB4 razor but you can also use the Gillette Atra Plus and Schick Ultrex blades as alternatives.

There are two different color options – the yellow/black combo and the all-black combo. Another option is buying the full set that includes the shaving cream and extra cartridges. It’ll be more expensive – at close to forty bucks!

What makes this a good option?

  • Design – this product designed specifically to shave your head.
  • Cheap – compared to a Gillette Fusion, this product is cheaper.
  • Shallow learning curve – it doesn’t take long to learn how to use this
  • Easy to change blades – this product is similar to a cartridge in that it uses a cartridge and HeadBlade makes it easy to replace these

No so good points

  • You may experience a few nicks and cuts during the first few shaves. To avoid that please watch the demo video for the proper technique.

If you want something that’s easy to use and you like gadgets, this is the razor for you. It also makes a perfect gift if you’re running out of ideas.

Bottom line: This is a great product by someone who actually uses the product and passionate about head shaving so expect great product support. It’s unique design takes very little time to master and makes head shaving something to look forward to.

Safety Razor

The safety razor is having are gaining popularity in the market thanks to Video Bloggers like Nick Shaves and GeoFatBoy.

One big advantage a safety razor has over a Gillette cartridge would be an irritation free shave when done right.

Since it has only one blade, there very little risk of irritation provided that you follow time tested principles that men use over centuries.

Shaves closest

This will shave closer than any electric, cartridge or disposable out there. But you’ll have to learn how to use this tool the right way.

This is not something that I’d recommend for absolute beginners because of the stiff head that could result in a lot of nicks.

It is easily the cheapest option when it comes to cost and trumps a cartridge and electric razor easy.

Using a safety razor requires focus and a steady hand because you will need to hold it at a 30 degree angle. Failure to do such will result in a bloody mess.

Master technique first

Before using this on your head, master the technique on the beard first. And don’t forget to prep your scalp prior to shaving such as taking a hot shower and applying shave cream.

These are important steps to ensure a comfortable shave. Another thing to consider would be the blades to pair up with these razors.

There’s no such thing as a best blade because each of our skin types are different. Some men would prefer a not so sharp blade because they may have sensitive skin. Others with wiry hair may need something sharp so your mileage may vary.

Merkur 34C

This is a favorite in the wet shaving community because of its non-aggressive design that results in a comfortable shave. And this same comfort is translated on the scalp.

The thick handle and knurling helps give it a reliable grip. Weight is also another plus so you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure.

It has a short handle which makes it easy to handle in tight areas. If you need something with a longer handle then take a look at the Merkur 38C.

What makes this a great razor is its versatility. And when I say this, I mean you can pair this with different blades depending on your skin and hair type.

Men with tougher, hard to cut hair can use a sharp Feather blade. For men with sensitive skin, a smooth blade like a Personna is a good option.

What makes a Merkur 34C a great option?

Great bang for the buck – after an initial investment of around $34, you don’t need to spend much afterwards because DE blades are cheap.

You can get a decent blade for less than 10 cents per. This means you can replace it pretty much every day and still spend less than a cartridge refill.

Close shave without irritation

Thanks to its single blade design, a safety razor will shave close and still not irritate the skin. This is a great option for men who may have a sensitive scalp.


One big advantage a safety razor has over a cartridge or disposable is the ability to choose a specific blade to fit your needs. Need a really close shave? Then opt for something like a Feather blade that’s as sharp as can be. Need something smooth? Then an Astra or Personna might be an great option.

Why this may not be for you?

Learning curve

This tool isn’t something an absolute newbie can use.

You’d have to hold the razor in such a way that it maintains around a 30 degree angle or you’ll risk a lot of blood loss.

But mastering it is worth the effort because of how close it can shave without irritation.


It takes longer to shave with a safety razor because of its stiff head. You’ll need to carefully maneuver it around the different contours.

The single blade design means you’ll need more passes for a close shave. So that takes time which some of you might not have.

Bottom line: The Merkur 34C or 38C is a great option for men looking to get really close. It’s also the best bang for the buck since blades are so cheap, you can replace them every other shave and still spend less than a cartridge refill. However it takes practice to utilize this tool but the results are well worth the investment.

Gillette Mach 3

Here’s another Gillette in this list. This time it’s the Mach 3 by Gillette.

This is the first multi-bladed (3 to be exact) that Gillette introduced to the market more than a decade ago. And it’s still a favorite among men and even some women because of the combination of comfort and closeness.

Not as much irritation

With just 3 blades it won’t irritate the skin as much as a Fusion. And this is a great alternative if you don’t have time to spend learning the intricacies of using a safety razor.

The Mach 3 is much easier to clean because there’s more space in between the blades.

It’ll last longer because of that feature alone.

Like the Gillette Fusion, this is another option for men (or women) who’d want something easy to use.

Availability shouldn’t be an issue as this product is available in most groceries and pharmacy outlets in North America.

What makes this a great option?

Easy to use

Anybody can use this out of the box. If you don’t want to spend the time needed to learn how to use a safety razor this is another good alternative.

Sharp blades

One thing that separates the Mach 3 from cheap disposable razors is the sharp and durable blades. You’ll get more mileage than any other disposable.

Comfort strip

Formulated to help soothe the skin while shaving. And it has a micro-fin feature that helps hair follicles stand.

Diamond coating

All three blades have diamond coated blades that protect it from corrosion helping it last longer.

The downsides

Expensive refills

Even if the Mach 3 refills are cheaper compared to the Fusion, it is still expensive compared to a safety razor.

There are two variants available – the standard Mach 3 and for sensitive skin.

Bottom line: The Mach 3 is another great option if the Fusion is too expensive – refills will cost less than $20. There will be less irritation because it only has 3 blades. The diamond coated blades will last longer so you won’t have to go through as much refills as you would a cheaper disposable.

To Wrap It Up

There you have it 4 different tools for head shaving at your disposal. Choosing one will depend on your preference skill level and budget.

Why the Gillette Fusion?

A Gillette Fusion is our number one choice because of the flexible head that pivots sideways as well as back and forth. This flexibility makes this razor very easy to use on a contour filled area like the scalp.

Reaching areas behind the ears isn’t an issue as well thanks to this feature. Couple of issues – irritation and cost. Refills cost more than $20 and it adds up over time if you shave every day.

It may cause irritation

The 5 blade cartridge can cause irritation if you shave every day but this product requires very little skill to use. That’s the tradeoff you should think about before purchasing this.

HeadBlade is a unique option that’s easy to use

The HeadBlade All-Terrain shaver is another option for men who’d like to try something different. It’s the most unique of the razors here with a finger grip that resembles an ATV.

Even if it requires a different technique to use, it’s still easier to learn compared to a safety razor. The refills are also cheaper compared to a Gillette.

Safety razor is good but…

A safety razor would have made it to the top of the list of it were easy to use but it isn’t. Using this product will require a skill level but the benefits are worth it.

In the hands of a skilled shaver, not only will this product shave close, it’ll do it without irritation because it only has one blade.

It’s also the cheapest because a decent blade will cost less than 10 cents! For shaving the head, the Merkur 34C is a great option because it’s not overly aggressive but make sure to take all the necessary steps prior to shaving.

Mach3 will have less irritation and cheaper

If the Gillette Fusion is too expensive or irritating then you can opt for the milder Mach 3. It lacks the side to side movement of the Fusion but it won’t cause as much irritation because it has less blades. And the refills are also cheaper so it’s something to look at.