Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin: Benefits & How to Choose the One

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The act of shaving takes a toll on your skin over time, more so if you have sensitive skin.

Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Shaving cream provides a barrier between the blade and skin that cushions and minimize razor burn.

Having sensitive skin magnifies the problems men face using the wrong type of shaving cream ten-fold.

Use the wrong blade or lubrication. Then, more often than not, you’ll have a bloody mess every time you swipe that razor.

What to expect

We’ll be talking about the best shaving creams for sensitive skin. And how to choose the right one for your needs.

If you’re still using cartridge razors and shaving gels in aerosol cans, please stop what you’re doing and throw those away.

Your skin will thank you later and invest in quality products – your skin will thank you later.

Please read our articles on wet shaving, shaving creams, shaving brushes, and safety razors before reading the rest of this article. Take note that shaving cream is different from shaving soap – please read this article if you want to learn more about their differences.

It will give you a jumpstart on what I’ll be talking about in this article.

What are the benefits of using the best shaving cream for sensitive skin?

Shaving creams do not contain alcohol, propellants, and chemical fillers that can dry out sensitive skin. One of the biggest enemies of sensitive skin is dryness.

Drying out sensitive skin is the last thing you want to do because it’ll be prone to lesions and razor burn.

This is where a shaving cream comes in because of its makeup. Good brands use natural ingredients and are often times unscented to provide the best lubrication and nourishment.

And this is what this guide is for – to help you with drill down on which products are best.

Who can benefit from a shaving cream for sensitive skin?

Men who have acne

Lubrication and the moisture-locking properties of shaving cream are essential, especially with acne. You’d want the blade to glide over the skin and not pop zits.

Men who have dry skin

Alcohol can exacerbate the problem of dry skin. Shaving cream with natural ingredients will help moisturize and nourish dry skin desperately in need of both.

Men with eczema, rosacea or any skin condition

Using creams or gels that contain alcohol and chemicals could trigger an allergic reaction. If you have this condition, please avoid stuff like Barbasol.

Men with severe razor burn, ingrown hair or razor bumps.

Using a dull razor and mediocre quality shaving cream can lead to these conditions. What you need is a sharp blade and good quality shaving cream to make shaving with such more bearable.

Why do I need to use shaving cream?

For those who are not aware, having sensitive skin can be associated with any of the conditions I mentioned above.

Razor burn

If you find yourself continually battling with irritation, redness, razor burn, or often suffer from ingrown hair, then it’s time to re-assess your shaving routine.

Using good shaving cream is one of the most critical elements for having a great shave. Even if you use a cartridge razor, a good cream can mean the difference between a bloody or great shave.

Avoid a 5-blade razor.

By the way, if you’re using a 5-blade cartridge like a Gillette, you may want to consider shifting to a Mach 3. It has fewer blades, which equate to less metal tugging on your skin and less irritation.

A better option would be a safety razor, but that’s another topic.

The primary reason would be the ingredients found inside these products. Look at any good brand, and you’ll see that they list their ingredients.

The fragrance isn’t good.

There’s no blanket term like “fragrance” that may be any of the 3,000 artificial scents they use to mimic what nature should provide.

These products contain ingredients that moisturize and provide lubrication without drying or irritation like glycerin or aloe vera.

What to look for in a sensitive skin shaving cream?

Here are some guidelines that will help you find the right product.

Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Instead of ranking in order, I’ve separated these products according to type to help you narrow down and select a shaving cream that suits your lifestyle and skin type.

Lather-less Shave Creams

These products aren’t like traditional shaving creams that produce a lot of lather. In place of rich lather, you’ll get something nearly transparent—this aids in visibility and really slick to protect from irritation.

It’s an excellent option for those who are transitioning from a shaving gel like Barbasol because it does not require a shaving brush to use.

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Fragrance-Free

Looking at this product, you wouldn’t think that this is shaving cream, but it is. Appearances sometimes can be deceiving.

Kiss My Face Moisture shave fragrance free shaving cream does not contain any “parfum,” parabens, SLS, and Phthalates. So this is one of the very few products available that’s all-natural.

Great for skin

It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and essential oils that soften and nourish the skin. It has peppermint that has a cooling sensation.

According to reviews, this product has a creamy light consistency that’s not as thick. It’s safe to use with all sorts of razors from disposable to wet/dry electric shavers.

Women also used this product on their legs and were happy with the results. So your wife can also use this.

Bottom line: This fragrance-free shaving cream does not contain any harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin. A great option that does not require a shaving brush to use. The bonus is wifey can use it on the legs or armpits.

Cremo Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream

Cremo is one of the few brands here that does not require a shaving brush to use.

All you need are your fingers to apply this smooth and moisturizing shave cream.

Is it really astonishingly superior to other brands?

One thing’s for sure, this product is far superior to any similarly priced item you’ll find in pharmacies.

A quick glance at the ingredient list tells you why.

Only natural ingredients

This product contains mostly natural ingredients such as Aloe, Calendula, lemon extract, papaya extract, olive leaf extract, and such to create a really slick, leather-free layer of protection to help the blade glide smoothly on your skin.

No lather at all

Yes, you heard that right this shaving cream does not produce any lather at all.

Instead of relying on a thick lather for lubrication, Cremo uses slick molecules that provide lubrication and protection. They say that air packets within a lather increase the chances of nicks and irritation.

Molecules without the air pockets, they say, will form a barrier between your skin and blade.

It is paraben-free, but it does contain “fragrance,” which may cause irritation.

Better than a traditional shave cream?

However, that does not seem the case when you read the reviews. Most men who left a review said that this is one of the best shaving creams they’ve tried – even better than traditional shaving cream.

And a little goes a long way. An almond-sized drop is all you need even for a 3 pass shave. It is activated by water, so it will not dry out. A tube of this will last for around 90 shaves or 3 months if you shave every day.

This product is safe to use with a preshave oil.

Bottom line: If you don’t like the idea of spending 5 minutes lathering up or want something without having to learn the art of lathering then go with the Cremo Shaving Cream. It’s one of the cheapest options available here that will protect your skin from razor burn.

Jack Black Beard Lube

Here’s another lather-less shave cream – Jack Black Beard Lube.

In fact, it’s not only a shaving cream but also a preshave oil and skin conditioner that contains ingredients that’ll moisturize and nourish sensitive skin.

What’s inside

It contains macadamia nut and jojoba oils that moisturize skin. If you have acne, these two ingredients should not cause breakouts since your using this as a shaving cream.

The eucalyptus and peppermint content helps revitalize skin.


Since this does not produce any lather, this is great to use with straight razors or electric razors. The lather-less property helps in terms of visibility.

You can also use this with a disposable, cartridge or safety razor. Men who’re used to lathering with a shaving cream may find this product disappointing because it does not produce lather.

But if you’re sick and tired of aerosol shave gels, this is a welcome alternative.

A small bottle is available if you want to “test drive” this product and see if it fits your skin type.

The compact size is great for travel (under 3.4 ounces) as you can safely put this in your carryon luggage without worrying about the TSA.

Bottom line: Jack Black Beard Lube is another lather-less option for men don’t want to use a shaving brush. It’s compact enough to put in your carry-on without getting bothered by the TSA – an excellent travel shave cream.

Traditional Shave Creams

Traditional shaving creams have been around for decades and require a shaving brush to use efficiently. These products produce a rich lather that old-school wet shavers have grown accustomed to.

Castle Forbes Lavender Oil Shave Cream

When we talk about shave creams, Castle Forbes has to be on the top of your list.

They have a wide range of scents from Lime to Sandalwood.

But men with sensitive skin should go with their lavender oil shave cream.

Lavender oil will help treat conditions like acne and eczema.

Castle Forbes will perform well, and wet shavers say that it will give you a luxurious shave and protect skin from the harsh effects of shaving.

You will need a shaving brush to get the most out of this shave cream.

Bottom line: In terms of performance, there is no doubt that Castle Forbes will perform. The question is, are you willing to spend $35 for a 6.8-ounce tub?

Taylor of Bond Street Natural Shaving Cream – Unscented

This brand is a fixture in the wet shaving community, thanks to its high-quality shaving creams and soaps.

No fragrance

Their natural shaving cream does not contain any “fragrance” or parabens, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Ingredients include coconut acid, glycerin, Jojoba oil, Aleo Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and vitamin E that helps nourish and moisturize skin.

The Glycerin content helps absorb water to prevent skin from drying. In fact, it’s an ingredient found in a lot of anti-acne products.

Bottom line: This is another excellent product from Taylor of Bond Street; that’s the best option for men with sensitive skin. It does not contain any of the harmful chemicals that could irritate the skin but some shaving enthusiasts that it can be a little runny. Despite that, it’s still one of the favorite Taylor of Bond Street with over 8,000 reviews on Amazon.

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream Unscented

The wet shaving community loathes Procter and Gamble because of their expensive cartridge razors and aerosol spray shaving gels – cough Gillette, cough.

But this brand represents a changeup in P&G’s strategy when it comes to grooming. The Art of Shaving is a subsidiary of P&G that caters to the wet shaving community.

They manufacture shaving creams, preshave oil, and aftershave balms. FYI – P&G bought the Art of Shaving in 2009.

No scents

This unscented shave cream from The Art of Shaving contains glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils that will moisturize and protect skin from razor burn and prevent ingrown hair.

Since it is scent-free, it does not contain any “fragrance,” so there is little risk of irritation.

Compared to artisan brands, this shaving cream is quite expensive at $25 for a 5-ounce tube – that’s $5 per ounce!

Bottom line: This unscented variant is one of the bestselling The Art of Shaving shave creams. It contains a “clean” ingredient list that’s rich in glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils. All of these moisturize and nourish skin and keep it from drying.

The verdict

There you have it 6 shaving creams that will protect and nourish your skin. Most of the brands here don’t contain “fragrance,” so it will not irritate your skin.

Choosing between traditional shaving cream and a lather-less cream will boil down to preference. If you don’t want to use a shaving brush, then it will be best to go for the latter.

But if you don’t mind learning the art of lathering, then, by all means, go for a traditional cream. These will provide the best protection from irritation and razor burn.