Braun Series 5 vs Series 7: Is Newer Necessarily Better?

With the Series 9 in the market right now, there’s no better time to buy a lower variant Braun like the Series 7 because of the savings you’ll get.

I’ve already compared the Series 7 and 9 so today we’ll examine the Braun Series 5 vs. Series 7.

Braun Series 5
Shaving Elements: 3
Shave Time: 50 mins.
Skin Guard: No
Quick Charge: Yes
Wet/Dry: Yes
Cleaning/Charge Base: Yes

Braun Series 7
Shaving Elements: 4
Shave Time: 50 mins.
Skin Guard: Yes
Quick Charge: Yes
Wet/Dry: Yes
Cleaning/Charge Base: Yes

To give you an overview of what to expect in this article, I’ll be comparing all the major features of these shavers from the shaving head, charging times down to the accessories and warranty.

This will help make a better choice if you’re on the fence between these two excellent products.

Introduction to the Braun Series 5 vs. 7

Braun Series 5 vs Series 7

The Series 5 and 7 are two of Braun’s mid-priced options for men looking for a mid-priced electric razor.

Both these razors have similar shaving heads that consist of two foil blades plus an ActiLift filter at the middle.

One thing that the Series 7 has over the Series 5 is the Skin Guard that protects the skin from direct contact from the blades.

To summarize here are the similarities of the Series 5 and 7

  • Shaving head: Both shavers have two foil blades and an Active Lift blade in the middle.
  • Run time: These electric razors will run for 50 minutes on a single charge.
  • Quick charge: Just in case you’re in a hurry, these razors have a feature that allows you to use it for one shave after a 5-minute charge.
  • Wet/Dry shaving: Depending on the variant you’ll choose, you can use both these shavers for wet or dry shaving.

Shaving head comparison: Braun Series 5 vs. Series 7

Series 5

The Series 5 shaver was the Braun shaver that integrated the pivoting head. It is similar to the Series 3 in that it has three cutting elements, but the main difference would be the middle shaving element that’s thicker.

Its job is to grab hair, straighten it then cut. Being ticker means more cutting area and a better job at tackling hard to shave areas such as the neck and chin area.

Now, it will not cut as close as a safety, cartridge or a straight razor but it’ll finish the job much faster.

Series 7

If you put these two shavers side by side, you’ll notice one thing. Both have the exact same shaving head. Just check this out and see for yourself.

This means that if you don’t mind the additional features that the Series 7 brings to the table then just save the $$$ and go with the Series 5 period.

Hence, shaving performance will be the same. So consider the other features you’ll see below before making your final choice.

Pivoting head

Both the Series 5 and Series 7 head pivots and locks at 5 different positions to help you find the most comfortable setting in shaving different areas.

Winner: Series 5

Shaving Performance

Like what I’ve said both the Series 5 and 7 will perform roughly the same because both have the same cutting head.

So let me just share a few videos of both shavers in action.

First the Series 5…

Sorry, I can’t find a decent English video for the shaving test, so I’m settling with this. I’m guessing that this is around a 4 or 5-day beard growth and the Series 5 shaver was able to handle it pretty well.

The entire process took less than 8 minutes from start to finish, and there was no visible irritation after on the cheeks or neck area.

It’s a dry shaving process so you’ll save quite a bit of time applying shaving cream.

Here’s an interesting video comparing the Series 5 and a Mach 3.

If you have not seen my review of the Mach 3, please click on this link to understand why I think this is the best cartridge shaver right now.

Impressive! The difference isn’t a lot considering the Series 5 did the job much quicker and potentially less irritation. And you’ll save a lot of money by switching to an electric razor. Another thing when using an electric razor is that you won’t need to buy a trimmer because this razor has it.

Next, let’s move to the Series 7

You can fast forward to the 6:04 mark to see the shaver in action.

This is probably a 2 or 3-day growth, and the Series 7 was able to effectively shave pretty close.

There’s no visible irritation, but just in case you experience irritation then apply some shaving cream. And use an electric shaver that’s effective for sensitive skin. These shavers can shave both wet and dry.

Tyler says that to maximize the efficiency of this shaver, you’ll need to shave more often and not allow your beard to grow longer than stubble.

Electric razors are most effective when shaving just stubble as you’ll see in this video. One workaround would be using the trimmer to mow down excess beard then use the electric shaver to finish the job.

Winner: Even


Another similarity with these two razors is the trimmer that pops up from the back.

One improvement Braun did in the Series 5, and 7 shavers are the shape of the trimmer. Before the Series 5 came out, Braun trimmers had a boxy trimmer, but that has since changed.

Round edge

The new design has a more rounded edge – at least on the Series 7 and 9 (the Series 9 electric razors pop up to the side, so it’s a new design).

This will help mow down your beard close to stubble so that you don’t need to buy a separate beard trimmer. The performance of these two variants is the same because both have the same design.

Winner: Even

Wet/Dry Shaving

Most Series 7 variants you’ll see in Amazon work only for dry shaving even if it’s waterproof. Only the black 740S and the 7865cc are usable for both dry and wet shaving.

What’s the difference between the two?

The 740s does not have the clean and charge station, while the 7865 has it.

Most Series 5 shavers have wet and dry functionality, so the only choice you’ll make if you go with this variant is to go with the more expensive shaver with the clean and charge station or the cheaper one without it.

Winner: Even


If there’s a difference between these two Braun shavers, then it would be the interface.

Series 5

The Series 5 shaver has a more straightforward interface with fewer buttons. There are only two switches – the power and lock that turns on the power and locks the shaving head in place. There are also three LED strips that indicate how much battery is left.

Series 7

In the Series 7 shaver, you’ll see more buttons and a different charging status design. Aside from the power button, the design is entirely different.

First, the Series 7 has different 5 different shaving modes from sensitive all the way to aggressive. There are two buttons to toggle various settings.

Another difference would be the placement of the shaving head lock. In the Series 5 it was on top of the power button, in the Series 7 it’s on the side of the shaving head.

At the button of the body, you’ll see the status of the battery and shaver whether or not it needs cleaning. Instead of just LED stripes, Braun has an LCD screen which is a nice touch.

Winner: Series 7

Travel Lock

Yes, both of these shavers come with travel locks so you won’t have the TSA rummaging through your baggage if the shaver starts buzzing.

Winner: Even

Battery and Run Time

These shavers have a lithium-ion battery that will run for about 50 minutes on a full charge.

Both have a quick charge feature that gives you enough time for a full shave after charging for only 5 minutes. This is a great feature to have if you’re in a hurry and forget to charge the razor.

It will take 60 minutes to fully charge both of these razors.

Winner: Even

Charging Station

Both variants can be bought with the charging station that cleans and charges the shaver at the same time. The difference would be extras that the Series 7 charger brings to the table.

While the Series 5 charges, cleans and dries the shaver, the Series 7 adds an extra step which is lubrication.

The charging station isn’t a necessary tool, but it’s a nice to have. You can clean both of these razors manually because the head is removable.

Winner: Series 7


All Braun electric shavers come with a 2-year warranty. If you think that isn’t enough, then you can purchase the optional extended warranty in Amazon of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

Take note that this extended warranty isn’t available if you purchase this direct from Braun.

Winner: Even

Maintenance Costs

The longevity of an electric razor will depend on how religiously you maintain the shaving heads.

Failing to do so will leave you with a dirty razor that will breakdown prematurely.

Fortunately, maintaining the shaving heads on the Series 5 and 7 is easy thanks to the clean and charge station available to both models.

PartReplacement FrequencyBraun Series 5Braun Series 7
Foil & Cutter Shaving Head~18 monthsCheck PriceCheck Price
Clean & Renew Cartridge Refills~ 2 to 3 monthsCheck PriceCheck Price

Both models offer clean and charge stations that will thoroughly clean the shaving head. The difference is that the Series 7 version has an extra step that dries the blades for you. It’s more of a time-saving feature if you ask me, but it adds convenience.

Braun recommends that you replace the shaving heads every 18 months and the clean and charge refills every two months (for the Series 5) and every three months (for the Series 7).

All this adds up to a monthly cost of $39.84/year for the Series 5  and $40.2/year for the Series 7 if you follow Braun’s recommendations, but there are folks who’ve extended the use of the CCR for up to 5 months.

Product Specs of the Braun Series 5 vs. 7

A quick look at the specifications of both these shavers.

FeaturesBraun Series 5Braun Series 7
Run time50 minutes50 minutes
TypeFoil RazorFoil Razor
Flex Head8-D8-D
Mustache/Sideburn TrimmerYesYes
Wet ShavingYesYes
Dry ShavingYesYes
Water proofYesYes
Charging/Cleaning standYesYes
Travel PouchYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Price Comparison

Being a newer model, the Series 7 is more expensive. If you look at Amazon the Series 7 costs between $130 and $170. The Series 5 is cheaper ranging between $85 and $120. If you’re looking for the variant with the charging and charge station look for the “cc” next to the model number.

One good reason to buy from Amazon will be the free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Winner: Series 5

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The Verdict: Which Braun Shaver is a Better Option?

When it comes to shaving performance, there isn’t much of a difference between the Braun Series 5 and 7 razors. Except for the skin guard, both have the same design which means similar performance.

So determining which of the two you’ll purchase will depend on the extra features the Series 7 brings to the table.

Are they worth the extra $$$ you’ll spend?

3 Reasons to buy the Braun Series 5

  • Cheaper option: The Series 5 is the more affordable option than the Series 7. If you’re looking for something that costs less, this is a better option.
  • Costs less in the long term: The maintenance costs with these razors add up to around $40 annually, and that’s just a conservative estimate.
  • Great for busy men: Electric shavers, in general, will do the job in less time than a cartridge or safety razor, but won’t cut as close.
  • Decent run time: At full charge, this razor will run for about 50-minutes, great to have for business trips.

To learn more about the Braun Series 5, please click on this link.

5 Reasons to buy the Braun Series 7

  • Better interface: The Series 7 interface gives you far more information. Not only will it tell how the battery status, but also gives you a heads up if you need to clean the shaving head.
  • 5 Shaving modes: You have the option to choose between 5 different power settings. Great for men who prefer to have more control.
  • Cleans and dries the shaving head for you: The cleaning station of the Series 7 will charge, clean, lubricate, and dry the shaver for you. It’s the first electric razor in the world to have this 4-step system.
  • Waterproof: You can use the Series 7 even inside the shower if you choose so because it is waterproof up to 5 meters. This design also makes it easy to clean the shaving head under running water to help extend the interval of the clean and charge refill.
  • Flexible shaving head: The shaving head has floating elements that allow it to adapt to the different contours of your face.

To learn more about the Braun Series 7, please click on this link.

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  1. They all lubricate. It’s part of the fluid in the base’s cartridges. You’ll also discover that, without some of that fluid, you cannot replace the fluid with straight rubbing alcohol. The base wont accept it. You need some of the original fluid.

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