Braun Series 7 vs. Series 9: Which Braun Shaver is Better?

When it comes to electric razors, Braun is a market leader when it comes to sales. And today we’ll be looking at the Braun Series 7 vs. the Series 9 – two of their latest variants.

Braun Series 7 vs Series 9

To give you an overview of what to expect from this comparison, I’ll be comparing the general differences between the two.

I’ll start with the obvious which the shaving head then move down to the other features such as accessories and what not.

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This should give you a head start on what to expect from these types of razors, pros and cons, and other important info.

Braun is a foil type shaver and widely known to be the best at manufacturing such.
Right now, the price difference between the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 is around $70 more or less. It’s a huge difference in my book but the performance difference isn’t that wide.

The biggest advantage that the Series 9 has is the extra cutting element that makes it shave a tad bit close. You can also use the latter to shave with shaving cream but most men use an electric razor without it so unless you have sensitive skin the Series 7 would be a better option.

Before I continue with this article please watch this video to give you an overview of the basic differences between these two.

Shaving head differences between the Braun Series 7 vs. Series 9

Series 7

The Braun Series 7 was one of the first foil shavers that comes with 3 different cutting elements. These include two OptiFoil cutting heads that flank that flank the ActiveLift Trimmer at the middle.

The latter captures flat-lying hairs on problem areas like the neck and cheek, lift them up, and the OptiFoil mows it down.

To make things comfortable, Braun adds a skin guard to protect skin from friction from these cutting elements.

8-D Flexible Shaving Head

To help cut hair on different contours, the Series 7 shaver has a free-floating head where each cutting element pivots independently. Interestingly enough, the Series 7 and the Series 5 have the same cutting element design.

To understand what 8-D means, each of the cutting element pivots left and right separately so this creates 6 different movements. Add to that the pivoting shaving head that pivots up to 40 degrees in both directions. And you have parts moving in 8 different directions, hence the term 8-D.

Series 9

If you think the Series 7 shaves close wait till you see the shaving head of the Series 9. Instead of just having three cutting elements, Braun adds a forth to the mix making this shaver cut even closer than the Series 7.

The four cutting elements include the HyperLift & Cut Trimmer (this is the same cutting element as the ActiveLift Trimmer in the Series 7), Direct & Cut trimmer and two OptiFoil trimmers. Consumer feedback has been positive with men saying that this shaver cuts closer than the previous generation.

10-D Flexible Shaving System

The term 10-D is just a marketing lingo that Braun uses to describe the individual movement of the different parts of the shaving head.

I did mention earlier that each of the cutting elements pivots left and right. Add to that the shaving head that rotates both directions. You’ll have ten different movements, hence the term 10-D.

Bottom line is the Series 9 cuts closer thanks to the extra trimmer that Braun put in. The extra blade does add a bit to the size of the head. But if you’re after something that cuts close then the Series 9 makes a whole lot of sense.

Winner: Series 9

Shaving performance

It’s hard to quantify how well these trimmers will perform in a real-world setting because of the different variables. So I’ll just share with you some videos on how each will perform. Remember that your mileage may vary. Use these as a reference to know what to expect.

First, watch this video to see how the series 9 deals with long beard growth.

The performance is impressive, to be honest. If you have a beard growth this thick, just use the trimmer to mow down a month worth of facial hair then finish it off with the main shaving head. You can also use this to shave your head.

Next up let’s have a close look at the series 7 790cc. You can jump to the 10-minute mark of the video to see the shaving demonstration.

Take note that the test was done on a day’s worth of stubble. And it did shave pretty close.

There’s no sign of irritation, and the biggest benefit of using an electric razor over a cartridge razor would be the cost savings of not having to buy replacement cartridges.

Winner: Slight edge to the Series 9


Both these shavers have popout trimmers that allow you to trim the sideburn area. In the series 9, Braun did not retain the old design found in the Series 7.

Instead of popping to the side, the Series 9 trimmer pops up which does affect usability a little bit.

If you watched the video in the performance section, you would notice that the trimmer in the Series 9 had one great use – trimming long beard growth. And it is very proficient at doing such. It’s probably better in this area versus the series 7 because of the sleeker design.

Winner: Series 7

Wet/Dry Shaving

Before you commit on buying either these two variants please make sure to double check if you’re buying something that’s capable of wet shaving if that’s your preference.

Most of the series 7 shavers you’ll see in Amazon is only capable of dry shaving. The most popular series 7 variant, the Braun 790cc is only capable of dry shaving.

If you want something capable of wet shaving, go with the 7865cc or the 740s with the latter being cheaper because the 740s does not have the clean and charge station.

Most of the series 9 shavers (if not all) on the other hand have wet and dry shaving capabilities.

Winner: Even


There’s no doubt that the Series 9 interface is sleeker with the LED screen at the bottom that notifies you the battery status when you need to clean the shaver and if the travel lock feature is on.

The Series 7 does not have the LED screen, only an indicator at the bottom that tells you when to charge and clean. It isn’t as classy looking as the newer Series 9, but it still works.

Winner: Series 9

Battery and Run Time

Both these shavers use the same high capacity lithium ion battery that will take 60 minutes to full charge. And will give you up to 50 minutes of cordless run time.

If you’re in a hurry, both also offer a 5-minute quick charge good enough for a shaving cycle.

Winner: Even

Charging station

You have the option of purchasing variants that include the clean/charge station for both the series 7 and 9 shavers. Obviously, the advantage of having this device is the convenience it gives you hands-free cleaning.

Braun says that the series 9 clean and charge station has the world’s first 5-action alcohol-based charging system that lubricates, charges, cleans and even removes excess stubble. The last feature is what’s absent in the series 7 base.

Both models through use the same clean and renew pack. So you don’t have to throw away old anything if you’re upgrading to the newer variant.

Winner: Series 9


All Braun shavers come with a 2-year warranty. If you think that’s too short then you can purchase extended warranties from Amazon of up to 3 years.

Winner: Even


Series 9 shavers range between $250 and $330 depending on the variant, accessories and plug type. Unfortunately, there’s no option where you can buy only the shaver without the charging base. All variants include the charging station which increases the price.

Being an older variant, the series 7 shavers are much cheaper. These range between $130 and $190 in Amazon. The ones on the lower spectrum of the price range don’t come with the charging station.

Here’s tip, if you see “cc” beside the model number, it comes with the charging station.

Winner: Series 7

The verdict

To be honest you can’t go wrong with either one of these shavers. In terms of performance, both the series 7 and series 9 electric razors from Braun will cut close.

The most significant difference between the two aside from the cosmetic would be the extra cutting element that Braun put in the latter. If you read the reviews, lots of men say that this extra blade makes a difference in cutting closer.

But you have to remember that a foil razor will not shave as close as a safety razor. You don’t buy this product if you want something that’ll cut baby butt smooth. This product is all about convenience and speed.

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