Braun Silk Epil 7 Review: Versatile Wet/Dry Epilator and Much More

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If versatility is a top priority in an epilator, look no further than the Braun Silk Epil 7.

This variant will not only pluck hair on the legs and underarms, but it also has a face cap and sensitive area cap that makes this usable on the face and pubic area.

Braun Silk Epil 7 Review

Women who’ve tried epilating these parts without any cap will tell you that it’s not something they recommend.

Doing so will be painful. These caps do add a little bit of comfort. This particular variant also comes with other attachments that extend functionality. And it includes a bikini area trimmer and trimmer cap.

So when if you buy this, there’s no need to buy an extra trimmer if pubic shaving that’s your thing.

Versatility is the strongest suit of the Silk Epil 7, but it is on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Before I continue, let’s look at the features of the Braun Silk Epil 7…



What to expect from the Braun Silk Epil 7?

Please watch this video from Marla Aycho to see this epilator in action and what you’ll get out of the box…

When it comes to versatility, very few epilators come close to the Braun Silk Epil 7. This variant will be capable of removing hair even in highly sensitive areas like the face and pubic regions.

Take note that while it is possible to epilate these areas without the caps, the pain level will be higher. And the risk of the tweezers pinching skin increases because there’s nothing in between.

The facial cap and sensitive area cap that comes with this epilator provide a barrier that protects the skin.

Forty tweezers

Like the more expensive Braun Silk Epil 9, the Silk Epil 7 comes with 40 tweezers.

The only difference would be the way Braun laid it out as the Silk Epil 9 has a broader epilation head (they say 40% wider).

However, it lags behind the Emjoi AP-18 that has 72 tweezers, but if you look at reviews, this will pluck hair in fewer passes than the cheaper Silk Epil 3 and 5.

It also has the close grip feature, so it’ll be able to remove hair follicles as short as 0.5 mm.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time epilating, then a faster epilator with more power like this one would be an ideal option.

One drawback would be price – this epilator will be more expensive than the earlier Braun epilators.

Tip: Avoid epilating long strands of hair as the tweezers will tend to break hair follicles. Epilators perform best plucking shorter strands of hair to give the tweezers the best chance to pluck them out from the roots. To learn more about the correct technique in epilating, please read our in-depth guide.

Wet & Dry Epilating

One of the most significant drawbacks of epilating would be the pain. When you compare it to shaving, epilating is hands down a much more painful process, but the results are worth it.

A good way to numb the pain would be epilating inside the shower. The Braun Silk Epi 7 allows you to do so because it is cordless.

It is impossible to epilate under the shower with a corded epilator because it is plugged into a socket. No amount of waterproofing will protect you from possible electrocution.

If you’re using this inside the shower, epilate towards the end to ensure that hair follicles are soft and skin exfoliated.

Run time

After charging for an hour, you can use this epilator for about 40 minutes. It also has an indicator that tells you when you need to charge it.

Women say that the 40 minute run time is enough to shave both legs and underarms. So make sure to plug this before any hair removing session.


This feature is one of the more popular features because it helps with visibility.

If you have blond hair or generally thin hair, it is almost impossible to see it without a bright light source.

The SmartLight is basically a bright LED that lights up the area you’re epilating. So you don’t need an external light source for such.

Attachments and accessories

What you’ll get out of the box will depend on the variant you choose.

If you get the 7-561 variant in Amazon you’ll get the following:

  1. Facial cap
  2. Sensitive area cap (for pubs or underarms)
  3. Cap with massage rollers
  4. Efficiency cap
  5. Shaver head and trimmer cap
  6. Bikini trimmer
  7. Cleaning brush
  8. Bag for storing all these accessories

Both the efficiency cap and main cap come with the swiveling heads.

Depending on your pain tolerance, you can try removing the efficiency cap if you want for close results, but doing that will be more painful.

The shaving head is a great option on days when you don’t feel like epilating. Or at least delay it for another day or so.

Having the bikini trimmer is an excellent option if you want to shave your pubes without using a cartridge razor.

Performance – Is it painful to use?

Women said to expect a level of pain when using this epilator, especially during the initial pass. The massage rollers in one of the caps help numb the plucking sensation from the tweezers.

Another thing women say at least in the reviews is that using this epilator beats waxing. They say that it is less painful and less messy. It definitely won’t be as expensive since buying an epilator is just a one-time thing.

Lots of women were happy with how this epilator removes hair, especially on the leg area. If shaving leaves your skin irritated, then try using the Silk Epil 7 and leave a comment below if you have good results.

The level of pain from this machine will depend on your pain tolerance as well. Some women say it was painful, while others say they did not experience any pain at all.

There are some complaints about it causing ingrown hair and bumps, but that was the minority.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy the Braun Silk Epil 7 from Amazon and it’ll be eligible for their 2-day free shipping if you join Prime. Take note that if you buy through the link, I will earn a commission, but at no additional cost to you, so it’s a win-win for both of us

The verdict

If you’re looking for an efficient epilator that’s cordless that you can use under the shower without spending $100, this is a great option. It has about the same amount of tweezers as in the Silk Epil 9 but with a narrower head.

You can use this epilator only on the legs, but also on the underarms, bikini area, and face thanks to the caps.

It’s a versatile hair removing grooming set that every woman should consider. In the long term, epilating will be cheaper than waxing, less messy, and according to women, you’ve used this – less painful.