Cremo Cream Review: A Different Kind of Shaving Cream

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Before having any knowledge about wet shaving, my idea about it was just grabbing a piece of razor and shaving.

I did it without any shaving cream whatsoever. So when I heard about Cremo Cream Shaving Cream, I was interested because it did not require using any shaving brush.

Cremo Cream Review

Not that I’m against using a shaving brush, but my work schedule did not give me ample time for such.

Shaving without any lubrication can be irritating. I don’t feel it as much because I didn’t have a full beard.

I only had to shave the mustache and chin area, but I could still feel the burning sensation.

Most shaving creams will require you to use a shaving brush to build up a lather.


  • Slick shaving cream that does not require a shaving brush
  • Cheap and a tub will last for around three months (or more) depending on the frequency of shaving
  • Uses all-natural ingredients that will not dry or irritate skin – great for sensitive skin!
  • Easy to use – great if you’re transitioning from a Barbasol
  • Great option as a travel shaving cream


  • Does not provide as much lubrication as a shaving soap or shaving cream
  • It tends to dry out but adding water solves this issue

Cremo Cream is different because you don’t need to use a shaving brush.

Kyle Schroeder and Mike Boone (inventors of Cremo) say that this product contains unique molecules that become impossibly slick when you mix water.

They even said that traditional shaving cream lathers contain air pockets that increase the chance of nicks and cuts. The absence of these air packets will go a long way in protecting the skin.

You can use this product with virtually any type of razor, and it will glide over it effortlessly.

Let’s find out in this review how the Cremo cream shaving cream can help you get a great shave without having to spend time lathering up.

How to use the Cremo Cream?

The great thing about this product is how efficient it is. You don’t need a lot to get a great shave – an almond-sized amount is enough.

The manufacturer says to rub your face with hot tap water for around 30 seconds to prep the skin.

For the best results, I suggest that you take a hot shower to thoroughly clean and rid your face of contaminants that can get in the way.

If you don’t have time for a hot shower, then wash your face with facial soap and rinse with hot water.

Rinsing with hot water adds a lot of hydration on hair follicles, making it softer and easier to cut.

Lightly coat the skin with an almond-sized squeeze of Cremo with very wet hands. If you don’t feel enough lubrication, then add more water.

Remember that less is more. Don’t go over the manufacturer recommended amount as you’ll waste product.

What you can do is use one hand to apply Cremo cream and another hand to shave. If you need any more lubrication, add water, then do subsequent passes.

Remember that you do not need a shaving brush to use this product – your hands will do.

This latherless cream is an excellent option if you shave with an electric razor because the thick lather won’t hinder visibility.

Only use a wet/dry electric shaver if you’re planning on using it with this product.

One tub of this shaving cream will last for up to 90 shaves.

Shaving performance

What I love about this shaving cream is how easy it is to use.

It’s almost idiot-proof. I did not use the almond-size squeeze as recommended by the manufacturer because I only had to shave the mustache and chin area.

It still gave a lot of slickness, and it was comfortable. I could feel the lubrication adding a layer of protection on the skin.

Even if companies like Gillette claim that their razors have lube strips, this feature isn’t enough to protect from generation irritation.

The original scent had a slight hint of citrus, but it does not linger and quickly dissipates.

Shaving was smooth and quick. My wife even said that it was the best shave I had because of how close it got.

There wasn’t any hint of irritation even after doing a two-pass shave which was very pleasant.

It does tend to dry up if you leave it on for a few minutes but adding water makes it slick again.

Make sure to shave as soon as possible after applying the product, so it does not dry out.


The creators of Cremo shaving cream pride themselves in using mostly natural ingredients.

Here’s a photo of the ingredient list.

Notable of these ingredients are Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Citrus Juice, and essential oils.

However, it does contain parfum which is an artificial scent is an undisclosed mixture of scent chemicals and ingredients that EWG rates as moderately high in their overall hazard rating.

Different Scents

The variant I chose was the original, classic scent that will work for both men and women (yes, women love this stuff!). If you want a strong, barbershop smell, then go for the Sandalwood scent.

Overall, Cremo cream has ten different scents that include the following:

Cremo also has an unscented option if your skin is sensitive to artificial scents from chemicals.

Just in case your preference is using a shaving brush, Cremo cream also has a lathering shave cream that comes in a tub.

The verdict

Cremo Cream is one of the few products that works as advertised. It’s incredibly slick and provides enough cushion to shield the skin from direct contact from the blade.

Another positive for this latherless shaving cream is the price – two of these will cost around $11.

It’s a bit more expensive than a shaving gel like Gillette, but the difference between Cremo and aerosol shaving gels and creams would be the results.

Cremo does not contain parabens, propellants, and alcohol that could cause irritation and dry out skin.

A 6-ounce tub will last between three to four months which is an excellent value.

It will also work on nearly all types of razors from disposable, cartridge to electric shavers.

The Aloe and essential oil content will moisturize skin. You’ll have to apply post-shave to protect skin from irritation, especially if you go against the grain.

The latherless property helps a great deal with visibility if you use a straight or electric razor.

If the Barbasol or Gillette shave gels grief you with irritation, then I think it’s time to switch to Cremo cream. It’s easy to use, has excellent slickness and protection and will last a long, long time.