Edwin Jagger DE89 Review: Is This The Prettiest Safety Razor?

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In the world of safety razors, there are a lot of pretenders, but only a few stands out like the Edwin Jagger DE89.

Old and new wet shavers alike have praised how this razor gives them an excellent shave with minimal tugging and pulling.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Review

And while this isn’t the most aggressive razor in the market, it certainly can give you a close BBS shave if you’re patient enough to do a standard 3 pass shave.

Geofatboy from ShaveNation.com says that the DE89 “cuts like butter” on his three-day beard growth, and he said wow like 10 times in his video review here.

Nick Shaves says that this razor perhaps has the most beautiful chrome plating among the safety razors he has reviewed.

Even hidden parts also have the same polished chrome as visible parts.

If this is a factor for you in choosing a DE razor, then this is a good option for you.

The best part is you don’t have to spend $50 on it, not even $30.

This beauty of a razor does not cost much. It will vary depending on the variant.

First, let us look at the features…



What to expect from the Edwin Jagger DE89?

In terms of fit and finish, this razor scores high points.

High-quality chrome finish

The chrome plating of this razor is high quality. Even the parts that are not visible got the same treatment as the visible parts, which is a silky smooth chrome finish.

It’s hard to imagine a product at this price point having that kind of high-quality finish. One of the DE89’s main competitors, the Merkur 34C does not have a finish as pretty as this.

To show you what I mean, watch this video…

This razor is a tad bit longer (0.2″)  than the Merkur 34C. If you find the latter too short, then give this Edwin Jagger a try.

Is It Easy To Load The Blade?

This being a 3 piece razor, you’ll have to take it apart to load the blade, but the process is simple.

Twist the handle to remove the top and base plate (both of these are separate parts) then carefully slide the blade on the posts of the top place. Attach the base plate and handle then tighten.

Make sure to hold both sides of the head to ensure that you have equal blade exposure.


Speaking of blade exposure, let’s talk about the DE89’s aggressiveness. On the scale of 1 to 10, I’d put this in the 4 to 5 range, which is on the mild side. This is good because it gives you some wiggle room if you want to experiment with different blades.

For men who want a close shave, opt for the Feather or Personna blades. Otherwise, use a Derby or Wilkinson Sword for something milder.


There are two versions, the BL and the LBL series. Both models are the same except for the design of the handle. The LBL series has lines on the handle that helps with the grip while the BL does not have any knurling.

DE89 Variants

The DE89BL does not have any knurling whatsoever, so the handle will be slippery. While the LBL variant has some vertical knurling that offers a better grip.

Take note that all the heads of Edwin Jagger are the same. The differences lie with the handle length and knurling design. Another option you can look at is the Edwin Jagger Kelvin which has a more classic studded knurling design.


Both variants – the LBL and the BL measure 3.9 inches from top to bottom. Not too long, not too short, which is a good compromise for folks with big and small hands.

Razor Specifications

Overall Length3.9 inches
(9 cm)
3.9 inches
(9 cm)
Handle Length3 3/8" (based on reviews)3 3/8" (based on reviews)
Handle Diameter12.5 mm12.5 mm
Weight2.2 ounces2.2 ounces
FinishChrome platedChrome plated
Type3 piece closed comb3 piece closed comb
Knurled handle
Blade included5 derby blades5 derby blades
Manufactured inEnglandEngland

What Consumers Say

When you look at consumer reviews in Amazon and in forums, the majority of men who used this liked how this razor performed.

Like a hot knife through butter

GeoFatBody mentioned that this razor “shaved like a hot knife through butter.”

Easy razor to use

ShaveBusta says this razor is one of the easiest razors he has used. And Nick Shaves says this is one of the prettiest safety razors in the market.

Better finish than a Merkur

In Amazon, consumers also noticed the high quality finish. And when they compared it to the Merkur, the Edwin Jagger has a better chrome finish.

They say it is smoother and has less marring. Even the underside of the head and the base plate have the same finish as the exposed parts.

The version with the smooth handle can be slippery if you have oily hands. So if you have that, you may want to opt for the lined version for a better grip.

Lighter than other brands

When you compare it to other safety razors, this will be a tad bit lighter than the Parker 91R, heavier than the Merkur 180.

One even compared this to the Gillette Fat Boy and said that this product was better by a lot!

All things being equal, this isn’t as aggressive as a slant or open comb razor.

Can still shave close with the right blade

But if you put in a sharp blade, it is capable of cutting very close. This flexibility makes it an excellent option for beginners.

You don’t need to be as precise in your technique as you would if you were using an open comb razor or a slant. This allows you to relax and enjoy the shave without worrying too much about nicks and cuts.

Some complaints

Most of the consumers who gave a negative review have one common complaint – the bolt that holds the handle, top, and bottom cap broke on them due to various reasons.

One said that he dropped it on the sink. Another said it slipped on him while shaving inside the shower, while others complained that it only broke off after a few months of use.

This razor will shave well.

However, in terms of shaving quality, this razor was able to provide a good shave. Realize that there will be a small percentage of “lemon” products in any industry; that’s why there are warranties.

Dry thoroughly

Make sure to dry this razor thoroughly after using it, so the metal inside the bolt does not degrade over time.

Looking at the other reviews, some have had this for a few years and didn’t experience the problems mentioned in the bad reviews.

So I guess it could be a bad batch which is typical in the manufacturing process.

Here are some video reviews, first let’s see how this compares to the Merkur 34C for shaving your head (just in case you’re in a market for such)…

Paul from PaulHFilms shares his experience with the DE89 along with the SuperMax stainless steel blade.

E, the DE89 was able to mow down the substantial facial hair without any irritation. After the second pass, it was almost BBS.

Here’s an in-depth review by Kevy Shaves…

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this from Amazon, and it will not cost much. And this will be eligible for free shipping if you join Prime.

If you’d buy this from other vendors, expect to pay more than $30.

To wrap up

This razor is one of the most beautiful safety razors in the market right now, regardless of price.

The chrome finish is smooth, almost mirror-like. And the way Edwin Jagger machined the head will give you consistent blade loading every time without too much adjustment needed.

It is a testament to the precision engineering from this manufacturer in England.

Great first safety razor

If you’re looking to buy your very first safety razor, it would be hard for me not to recommend this because it’s relatively cheap when you compare it to other top brands.

It is easy to use and very capable of giving you a very close shave when you combine it with the right blade for your face.

When buying your first DE razor, make sure to also buy a blade sampler set so that you can try different blades and see what type will fit your face.