How to Apply Cologne [Infographic]: The Rules of Cologne Usage

Is Cologne the Key to Making a Great First Impression?

We put a lot of thought into our image. It’s why we take care of our skin, style our hair, and choose the clothing we do.

We want to project a sense of who we are, or more likely a sense of the man we want people to think we are.

We are constantly assessing and being assessed, judging ourselves and others based on our appearances.

But image isn’t everything. After all, sight is just one of our senses.

The overall impression we make is what really matters, and that depends on more than just our look.

Too often, men neglect another, even more critical sense: smell.

Our friends from FragrancX prepared this infographic to help educate you on the different aspects of cologne usage. Please check it out below.

How to apply cologne [Infographic]

How You Smell Is Just as Important as How You Look

Scent is arguably the most powerful sense because it’s also our most primal.

It’s the one most intimately connected to our subconscious.

When we judge based on appearance, even at a mere glance, we’re running what we see past our own preferences and tastes.

There are thoughts involved, whether we realize it or not.

When we encounter a smell, on the other hand, our reactions are instinctive and automatic.

Scents can instantly evoke powerful, deep feelings in people.

When you meet someone for the first time, before that first handshake or even “Hello”, they’re already feeling something based on your smell.

Introduce Yourself Without Saying Word

With the right cologne, you’re taking control of the impression you make.

While everyone’s reactions may be unique, a well-designed fragrance is likely to have mass appeal.

Sadly, few men—just 36%—regularly take advantage of this powerful grooming tool, and fewer know how to use it right.

Learn how to select and apply cologne correctly and gain the power to make better impressions.

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