How to Shave Pubic and Bikini Area: 15 Tips That’ll Help Make The Process More Comfortable

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One of the toughest areas to shave for a man or woman is the pubic area.

How to Shave Pubic and Bikini Area

It’s one of our body’s most sensitive areas that needs careful attention.

In the perfect world, you can just go a salon and have it waxed but that costs a lot of money.

Shaving is a cheaper alternative. However, doing it wrong will result of a lot of blood loss and discomfort.

For women it’s not as simple shaving armpit or leg hair. There’s a little more nuance to shaving in this area.

This area is highly sensitive and using the wrong product may affect the Vagina pH and can lead to infections.

So please take time to read these tips before you grab a blade and shave down under.

Why do I have pubic hair?

Pubic hair is our body’s way to protect our reproductive organs from foreign objects. In the case of women, it protects the vagina from bacteria and pathogens.

According to KevinMD, shaving pubic hair leaves microscopic open wounds, further exposing your genital area to infection.

Furthermore, experts say that individuals who shave their pubic area are more vulnerable to STDs like herpes because the area is totally exposed.

Before you shave down under, make sure you read this whole article.

Different hair removal methods

Of all the hair removal methods down there, shaving is the cheapest.

Waxing is one of the most expensive options and having a stranger with you half naked can be awkward.

This wouldn’t be an issue if you don’t mind someone else pulling off hair down there for you.

Laser treatments provide a more permanent solution. But it takes a long time and costs will be astronomical.

Hair removal creams give you an option to remove hair without exposing your genital area to a sharp blade.

In theory this is appealing because you just apply cream on the area, wait 10 minutes or so and wipe it off.

However, these products contain harsh chemicals that may cause an adverse reaction.

Using this on a very sensitive area may cause great discomfort.

With shaving, you can do it at the comfort of your own home at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Remember that removing hair down there is a personal choice.

There are two options – shave everything or just trim it so hair doesn’t go over the bikini line which can be an eyesore.

Reasons why you need to shave

Summer season is around the corner and you’re exited to wear that new two piece bikini. The problem is your pubic hair is sticking out of the bikini lines.

If there is one reason why women (and men) shave their pubic area is for this reason alone – to look great during beach season.

It can also be more sanitary to have less pubic hair down under if you’re having your monthly period.

Reasons not to shave

While shaving is cheap, there are repercussions if done improperly. Biggest risk would be razor burn, cuts and irritation.

The genital is a highly sensitive area where the right pH balance is important to prevent irritation.

Using the wrong shaving cream or something scented can easily mess this up and create a lot of discomfort.

Using a razor can also leave an itchy and prickly feeling. Vlogger Marissa Rachel recommends using a trimmer instead of a razor because there’s much less risk to irritation.

Also pubic hair serves as a shield that protects our private parts from bacteria and infection (especially for women).

Shaving it bare exposes it and increases risk to infection.

Without further ado, here are the tips on shaving the bikini area.

Trim longer strands of hair

Shaving long strands of pubic hair is a big no-no because it quickly clogs up the blades. And razors will only work best cutting stubble. If you’ve got a thick bushy pubic hair, use a bikini trimmer to trim down the longer strands first.

Lots of women like to use bikini trimmer because it is purpose built for the pubic area. It’s small enough to maneuver around tight spots.

Just in case you don’t have a trimmer, another option would be using a comb and scissor. Make sure that it’s a separate comb and not the same one you use combing hair.

You don’t want to mess around with potential infections because of cross contamination.

The comb acts like the guard portion of a bikini trimmer protecting the skin from the sharp scissors.

Use the comb to pull up pubic and then cut it with the scissors just like the way hair dressers cut your hair.


Using a wash cloth, loofah or sponge, gently exfoliate the area prior to shaving. Doing this helps remove dead skin and will allow the blade to shave close to the root.

Remember that to use something with a scent as it could cause a negative reaction down there.

A good way to be efficient is doing this inside the shower.

Use shaving cream

Never shave your pubes with just the razor. Doing so increases risk to severe irritation because this is a highly sensitive area. Shaving cream adds that layer of lubrication that protects skin from direct contact from the blade.

Razor selection is also important. You may want to choose something specifically for sensitive skin because this is a sensitive area.

Avoid using shave creams that has scents because it messes with the vagina’s pH level. Take note that shaving cream for men and women would be different because both will have different needs.

Don’t use bath soap because these are formulated to clean not protect skin from the blade.

Soak in the tub

To maximize comfort shaving, try soaking in warm water in the tub. This will help soften hair follicles and open up the pores. It will give hair time to soften and actually makes it easier for the blade to cut it.

Shave towards the end of a hot shower

Doing this will yield the same results as in tip 4. The goal here is to thoroughly clean the area and soften hair enough to make it easier for the blade to shave.

Shave with the grain

If you choose to use a manual razor, shave with the grain. This lessens irritation brought about by the blade. Going against the grain on such a sensitive area may cause severe irritation so please avoid doing so.

Use short strokes

Whether using a bikini shaver or razor use short strokes this minimizes irritation and lessens the risk of cuts and irritation.

Long strokes may cause pulling and tugging which adds to the discomfort and increases risk to ingrown hair.

Go slowly

Don’t rush. Remember that the pubic area is very sensitive.

If you go too fast, you may snag or pull pubic hair which can be very uncomfortable. Go slowly and use short strokes.

Never use a dull blade

Some folks make the mistake of thinking that a dull blade is safer for shaving. But it’s actually the opposite. Shaving with a sharp blade is a must whether shaving your leg or pubic area because it’ll be more efficient and you’ll put less pressure on it.

Remember that you don’t need to apply pressure when shaving. Let the blade do the work and just glide on the surface. That’s why a sharp blade is very important.

Shave over the toilet, towel or plastic bag

This tip has nothing to do with comfort but it has to do with making clean up easier. When you shave, hair has to go somewhere so make sure to have a plastic bag or towel under when shaving. This makes clean up much easier and less messy.

Or you can shave over the toilet and just flush all the hair down the drain afterwards. Another option would be shaving inside the shower.

Wear a panty liner

Gynecologists say that vaginal discharges can irritate the vulva area.

If you don’t know what a vulva is, it is the outer part of the vagina. And if you shave it bare, it can be a source of more irritation.

One way to protect it is by using a panty liner which absorbs the discharges and keeps it away from the vulva.

Avoid shaving too close to the vagina

The vagina is a very sensitive area so do yourself a favor and avoid shaving this area. Shaving it will cause a lot of discomfort and irritation. So don’t even think about shaving it.

If you just want to rid hair for summer season why not just shave the bikini area and use a trimmer to remove longer strands of pubic hair.

Use a mirror

Shaving down below will present a lot of challenges. Visibility is one of the biggest challenges because you cannot see everything down there.

So if you’re planning of shaving the pubic area make sure to have a small mirror to help with visibility.

Rinse thoroughly

Don’t forget to rinse off excess hair and shaving cream (if you use a razor) and pat dry.

Don’t wear tight jeans

If you decide to go the razor route, avoid wearing ultra-tight jeans because it may cause ingrown hair.

Before I end this article, please watch this video where Marissa Rachel shares her tips on how to shave your vagina…

She offers practical advice on how to make it comfortable and safe removing pubic hair.

To wrap up

These are just some general tips you can use to make shaving the pubic area much more comfortable. If you have any other tips that you’d like to add please share them in the comments section.

Remember that shaving the pubic area is a personal choice. You could use a bikini trimmer or razor but remember that using the latter may cause more discomfort. Ask yourself very carefully why you want to shave pubic hair.

If it’s just for showing off your new bikini then maybe just trimming longer strands of hair.

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