Top 7 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

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Men all around the world have a problem which can usually be fixed with a little pomade.

But what do you do when you’re in a hurry, it rains or you just want to wear a hat?

Easy, you show your barber one of these low-maintenance haircuts from down below.

You’re going to leave the barbershop in 30 minutes looking like a proper dapper fellow and will continue to look the same all throughout the day.

Stop worrying about hair products, having a stylish and up to date look was never about hair gel.

Fret no more: with the help of the experts from MenHairStylist, we’ve come up with a selection of the best low-maintenance haircuts for men.

There’s no need to spend tiresome minutes arranging your locks carefully before you leave the house, only to have everything come down anyway in a couple of hours.

These haircuts will require little to no grooming, as long as you visit the barber often enough to maintain their shape. Pick your favorite, and go for it!

1. Medium Length Haircut with Short Beard

Top 7 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

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Keeping your hair a bit longer than the usual short cut can win you bonus points in the time department.

As long as you pick a relaxed and careless style, you won’t need to invest too much time styling it. Or visiting the barber for frequent cuts.

If you also grow out your beard as well, you can double up on both the charm and the saved time.

To avoid a negligent look though, keep your beard groomed with a bit of beard oil (tips from our previous guide here), and your hair freshly washed.

2. Rugged Top Bun with Undercut

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For an even cooler look, grow out only the top of your hair and keep the rest neatly trimmed with an undercut.

To avoid time-wasting styling, keep the long part loosely tied in a sloppy looking man bun.

This will give you a rugged and relaxed look. Beard is optional.

3. The Stylish Afro Fade

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Afro hair can be notoriously tricky to style unless you want to go for the bushy natural look or for the permanent dreadlocks.

For a third option, which is still low-maintenance enough, go for a short-trimmed look like this one.

The style will take care of itself as long as you visit the barber every couple of weeks for a refresh of the neatly trimmed aspect.

4. The 90s Style Frosted Tips

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The Frosted Tips look from the 90s is making a comeback, but with a definitive modern touch.

To avoid looking like an actual member of a 90s boys band, it’s actually recommended to style your hair as little as possible after getting the required coloring and cut.

So, use a minimal touch of hands dipped in a light hold product (like a bit of styling foam), frizz it all up carelessly, and you’re good to go.

5. The Sleek Skin Fade Undercut

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This low maintenance hairstyle relies on keeping a well-trimmed skin fade by visiting the barber around once a week (depending on how fast your hair grows).

As long as that graphic detail is kept neatly trimmed, the rest of your haircut will look sleek and elaborate.

This effect will be maintained no matter how little time you actually spend styling the rest up.

Our recommendation is to put a small amount of styling product on it and comb it all in one direction.

Now you’re all set and good to go.

6. Scruffy Outgrown Buzz Cut

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This golden classic, trendy and will probably be evergreen for years to come.

This low-maintenance haircut looks just like an outgrown buzz cut, with a scruffy irresistible touch.

The advantage of this cut is double: on the one hand, you won’t need to visit the barber too often. And on the other hand, minimal styling is required.

To achieve this style, you’ll need to scuff it up with or without the styling product towards the side (please refer to the photo) or all over the place.

No matter how you do it, it will still look good.

7. The Clean-Cut Ivy League

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The Ivy League haircut is one of the lowest maintenance but clean-looking hairstyles there are.

This cut’s very name hints that people associate it with success and a professional attitude.

As long as you visit the barber every couple of weeks for re-doing the contours, you will maintain your look without any need for further daily styling.

These are our top picks of low maintenance hairstyles for men.

Choose the one that suits your length preferences best, and feel free to relax from now on.

Your hairstyle will look smooth and cool with no time waste needed.