Merkur 20C Review: A Long Handled Safety Razor

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Most safety razors I’ve covered so far have a chrome finish from top to bottom.

Make no mistake, chrome is beautiful.

But an all-chrome finish can be monotonous to downright annoying.

And if it doesn’t have any knurling can be slippery, which isn’t good.

Something a bit different

This is where the Merkur 20C aims to be different. The first thing you will notice is the handle – it looks like rubber, but it isn’t.

It has an anodized aluminum finish with a barber pole style knurling.

It actually gives an excellent grip without being too sticky, and at least for me, this will age better because there’s less risk of chipping, unlike chrome.

Thin handle

In terms of girth, it isn’t as thick as other safety razors like the Merkur 39C or the Edwin Jagger Kelvin, which is actually good if you have smaller hands.

The head is pretty much a standard Merkur design that you’ll get in all their three-piece razors.

A quick look at the features



What to expect from this new product from Merkur

The first thing you will notice with the 20C is the handle. Instead of the chrome finish that a lot of brands use, this one has a unique matte black finish that looks like rubber.

Grippy as rubber

But it isn’t rubber. Merkur calls this anodized aluminum that has the same grippy texture as rubber.

If you look closely at the knurling design, Merkur used a barber pole style design that spirals down counterclockwise.

This means if you like to use your right hand for shaving, it will provide with better grip than if you’d use your left hand.

Other parts of the razor have a chrome finish. Yes, even the hidden parts have chrome but not polished.

This is what you’ll see if you clean the razor…

Part that isn't smooth

It’s a bit rough on the edges, but this will not affect shave quality.

3-piece razor

This is a 3-piece razor meaning it consists of a top plate, base plate, and handle. A single bolt holds these 3 parts together.

Three-piece razors are typically easier to clean but a little harder to put together.

Also, out of the box, you’ll get one blade that may or may not suit your skin and facial hair type.

I highly recommend that you purchase a sampler set of blades that contains blades from different brands to help you narrow down which brands work on you because each man is unique.

The great thing with Merkurs is that it is pretty versatile, you can use a less aggressive blade or an aggressive blade and achieve great results depending on your needs. If you have a wiry beard, you can opt for a sharp blade.

Is it easy to load the blade?

Since this is a three-piece razor, blade replacement can be a tad more complicated than a two-piece or a butterfly razor.

One technique used by experienced shavers is holding both edges of the head so the blade will align. After ensuring proper alignment, that’s the only time you tighten the handle.


In terms of aggressiveness, many wet shavers consider this a mild safety razor with an aggressiveness scale of 4/10, which makes it a good option for beginners who haven’t mastered the art of wet shaving.

If you’re looking for a closer shave, use a sharper blade like a Feather HI-stainless to offset the mildness.

Even with the sharper blade, this Merkur won’t match a slant or open comb razor in terms of aggressiveness.


Unlike most razors that use a chrome handle, Merkur did something different with the 20C and 30C.

Better grip than chrome

Merkur used anodized aluminum that provided a better grip than chrome.


The wet shaving community, in general, liked this design because it provided a better grip but isn’t sticky.

It isn’t thick, but it still has a good length, which means better control and maneuverability. You can try different grip styles without straining your fingers.

And despite having a thin handle, it doesn’t feel hallow. It actually feels solid and weighs just right.

Razor Specifications

Overall Length4.2 inches
Handle LengthN/A
Handle DiameterN/A
Weight2.2 ounces
FinishChrome plated with anodized aluminum metal handle
Type3 piece
Knurled handle
Barber Pole Style
Blade included1
Manufactured inGermany

What Consumers Say

Most men only have good things to say about this Merkur de razor. A big reason would be the handle that has solid grip thanks to the material used and knurling.

The barber pole design isn’t as grippy as the gritty knurling design of a Merkur 34C, but it’s pretty close.

Not very aggressive

In terms of aggressiveness, men say that the 20C is not aggressive; if you have an average beard, this razor should be enough as an everyday beard mower that you can use without irritating your skin.

No razor burn or cuts

A lot of the consumers who bought this were first time shavers, and they were pleased with the results – no razor burn, cuts, or nicks.

Long handle

Another feature that wet shavers like is the length of the handle. Unlike other Merkurs that come with a short handle, this one has a long handle, close to 4 inches. This gave them pretty good control, and some consumers said they wished that it had been a tad bit longer.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this razor on Amazon. And it is eligible for Amazon’s free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Now $50 may sound a lot, but considering the price difference between DE blades and cartridges, you will literally save thousands of dollars down the road. If you’re planning to transition from a cartridge to a safety razor, this is a good option because it has the same size.

To Wrap Up

This is another razor in the long line of Merkur safety razors that newbie wet shavers can try. It has a sleek handle made from anodized metal with a barber-pole design that gives a pretty good grip.

The thin handle suits men with smaller hands, but gents with larger hands will like the length of this razor since it will give them better control.

This product is another work of art from Merkur. A lot of reviews in Amazon, blogs, and forums give this a thumbs up because of the bulletproof head and handle that has a solid grip.