Merkur Futur Review: Is This The Best Adjustable Razor?

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The Futur is one of 3 Merkur Adjustable razors right now, along with the Progress and Vision.

It is one of the best in the market, thanks to the build quality and several adjustment settings.

Merkur Futur Review

But it’s also one of the more expensive double edge razors at just under $65.

It is also one of the largest at around 4 inches long.

Men with bigger hands will like the size and weight of this.

Being adjustable allows you to shave mild or aggressive, which isn’t possible with standard safety razors.

Six settings

It has six different settings that will adjust blade exposure at your disposal.

Set it at 1, and you will have very minimal blade exposure and a mild shave.

But when you turn up the knob to 6 – it reveals a lot of the blade and a very aggressive shave.

Versatile razor

Men with moderate to coarse beards will find this razor a handy tool that can replace several safety razors.

It does not look like any DE razor in the market right now.

From the way you load the blade down to the aesthetics – the beautiful smooth finish, the long and wide handle screams machismo.

I’d say this razor isn’t for beginners. Still, if you follow the guidelines on how to properly use this product in this review, you will be able to go up the ladder, so to speak in terms of aggressiveness without having to buy another razor.

Features of this Futur-istic razor



What to expect from this adjustable?

This razor looks something from the 21st century with it’s chrome finish and smooth handle. The name “Futur” really suites this shaver.

Merkur is a pioneer of adjustable razors.

In essence, this product is one of a kind in terms of not only the looks but also functionality. While it may seem that adjustable razors are new, Merkur has actually been manufacturing these types of razors since the 1980s and continues to be a market leader.

In terms of functionality, the Futur (pronounced as Fu-shure) is as versatile as they come. While I don’t recommend this for beginners, newbie wet shavers can actually use this product.

Newbies don’t go beyond level 3

But don’t get cute and think you know more than you do and put the setting at 3 and above because you will cut yourself.

Before you run learn to walk

Before you start wet shaving, make sure you read this guide carefully and save yourself from blood loss and a lot of pain.

If you haven’t touched a safety razor in your life and want to get into this, I suggest you have a look at these safety razors first before upgrading to the Futur. But if you insist on using this, make sure to use it only at setting 1 or 2.

Work on your technique first before dialing up the aggressiveness. This razor can bite if you are not careful or solid with your technique. In the hands of an experienced shaver will result in a close shave as smooth as a baby’s skin.

Is it easy to load the blade?

Unlike other Merkur razors that use a screw to hold the blade in place, the Futur uses a clip. This unique design makes it easy to load the blade, but it can be dangerous if you are not careful.

Let me explain.

To remove the blade, you will have to pop up the side of the top plate with a notch, load the blade either on the base plate or top plate then pop it back in place. The dangerous part comes in when it is done improperly.

Blade Loading

Always keep in mind that you are handling a very sharp blade that even the slightest touch will cut your skin.

I’ve searched the internet on the proper way of loading the blade on a Futur and found this handy step by step guide courtesy of Executive Shaving.


Step 1

Pop off the top plate with your thumb.

Step 2

Separate the top plate and the body and get the blade.

Step 3

Load the blade on the razor then…

Step 4

Pop the top plate back in place.


The Futur is unique in that it comes with 6 adjustable settings that reveal more of the blade every step up.

At the lowest setting of 1, this razor will give you a relatively mild shave, but it does not necessarily to a 1.

In the aggressiveness scale of 1 to 10, the lowest setting will more or less equate to an aggressiveness level of 3 or 4.

Setting 3 or 4 is usually enough.

Most experienced wet shavers like GeoFatBoy and Paul would put it in a setting of 3 or 4 and would do a 3 pass shave. This is enough to give them a baby butt smooth shave (or BBS).

Go with the lowest setting when going against the grain.

You’ll notice at the third pass GeoFatBoy lowered the setting down to 1 as he went against the grain. This is a great technique to use if your neck area is sensitive. A less aggressive setting will result in less irritation.

Tip on turning the knob

A word of warning when adjusting the setting – make sure your fingers are dry. If not, the razor could slip and cut yourself. Always hold it on the sides of the head away from the sharp edges


Unlike other non-adjustable Merkur razors such as the 39C slant or the 20C that have knurling on their handle, the Futur utilizes a smooth handle with only an indentation as the primary source of grip.


Merkur expects wet shavers to hold this safety razor at exactly that area when shaving (that’s also where the balance point is).

While it provides ample grip, it would have been nicer if they’d added some knurling for additional support just in case.


The Futur is a big and bulky razor. Compared to other DE razors, it looks like Goliath. From top to bottom, it measures 4 inches long. The beefy handle adds to the heft and will suit men with large hands.

The longer handle also gives you more control because it gives you more to hold on to just in case it slips.

Razor Specifications

Overall Length4.5 inches
Handle LengthN/A
Handle DiameterN/A
Weight4.4 ounces
(or 90 grams)
FinishChome Satin
Knurled handle
Blade included1
Manufactured inGermany

What Consumers Say

In Amazon, this is one of the best-rated safety razors, with most men giving it the highest rating possible.

The reasons are pretty obvious. Merkur has a reputation for producing top-quality razors, and this one is no exception.

Combine that with the ability to adjust blade exposure from mild to ultra-aggressive make this suitable for a lot of men.

Don’t buy this if you’re just starting out wet shaving.

I warn you not to buy this razor if you haven’t mastered the proper wet shaving technique because this razor isn’t for novices.

Great for men with sensitive skin

If you have a thick beard and sensitive skin, this would be a great option because it will allow you the option to expose more of the blade at a higher setting without being too overly aggressive like a Muhle R41.

Just make sure to practice the basics first and do not put any weight on it.

Dry hands or use a towel before turning the knob

One handy tip that men shared is putting a towel on the head to protect your fingers from the exposed blade. Also, make sure your hands are dry before twisting the knob. The handle doesn’t have any knurling, and this makes it slippery.

Other expert shavers like GeoFatBoy recommend drying your fingers first before adjusting and only holding the sides of the head.

Bulky shaving head

Some consumers have complained about the size of the head. It is very bulky that gave them difficulty in reaching areas around the nose/mustache area.

One technique to counter this would be pulling the nose to the side. This should give enough space for the razor to shave.

Despite the complaints about the large head or the clip-on locking mechanism, one thing is consistent – this razor will give you a good quality shave, but make sure to get to have a reliable technique.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy the Merkur Futur from Amazon. And it’ll be eligible for the free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Now $65++ is a steep price for a safety razor. But since this is an adjustable razor, it’s like having 2 or 3 products in one.

You can go aggressive on the cheeks and dial it back on the neck area that’s usually sensitive.

Also, the price you pay is just the upfront cost, since DE blades are so cheap versus a cartridge, you will literally save thousands of dollars for 10 years. If you change blades more often, you’ll save even more.

To Wrap Up

This adjustable is excellent for experienced wet shavers looking for a tool that would give them some flexibility in terms of adjusting the aggressiveness of their shave.

Put it in a higher setting – you could give you a pretty close shave.

Some consumers say that at the highest setting of 6, this razor is even more aggressive than the Muhle R41.

But others say that it isn’t as aggressive. You have to remember these are just feedback from consumers. It all will depend on technique, blade, and facial hair type.

But that’s the beauty of the Futur. This one product is versatile enough to replace multiple safety razors. You can use it at a low setting of 3 for a relaxing shave. Dial-up the aggressiveness if you need to shave a 4-day beard growth.