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Why is Grooming Important?

Have you heard the term “first impressions lasts?”

That’s true in all aspects of our lives, from relationships, business and career.

When people see us for the first time, their opinion of us is based on what they see, not our personality.

If we make a bad first impression chances are we’ll not do well in our job interview, business meeting or first date.

More importantly being well-groomed will help us feel good and confident. In fact SPA Future Thinking says that men do it for themselves. Men use grooming products because it helps them feel good, gives them greater confidence and helps them get ahead in life.

Grooming Tips for Men

You’ll fall in either one of two categories – shaved or bearded. Both will need some TLC but the approach will be different for someone who’s clean shaven and with someone with lots of facial hair.

For someone who doesn’t like facial hair, they have to master proper shaving techniques to prevent razor burn and irritation.

Men with beards should also follow proper grooming habits to keep their beards smelling and looking great. As they say, health man = healthy beard.

#1 Wet shaving will help you shave the closest and cheapest

If you want to have the closest shave minus the irritation that comes along a 5-blade cartridge razor then wet shaving is the way to go.

The single blade design of a safety razor provides optimal shaving at a lower cost. Unlike disposable or cartridge razors that are costly to replace, DE blades costs literally a fraction.

You’ll also do Mother Nature a favor since there will be less plastic pollution from refills.

#2 Avoid aerosol spray can “shaving creams” because they will dry up skin

These products contain a lot of alcohol that will dry up skin and don’t offer much in terms of post-shave protection.

Men with sensitive skin should go for a traditional shaving cream that contains only natural ingredients that hydrate, lubricate and protect skin.

#3 Beard oil is the secret to a great looking beard

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Men with great looking beards use one thing in common – beard oil.

This product does two things – first it hydrates hair follicles, providing it with the nourishment it needs. Second purpose is for styling. Beard oil will help you keep the beard in order.

#4 Shaving soap will provide the slickest lather and best lubrication for shaving

Before shaving creams or gels were available commercially, men had only one option – shaving soap.

These products have the same consistency as soaps so it’ll take longer to create a rich lather.

But when you master the right technique, boy there’s no better product that’ll lubricate and protect skin from blade. If you’re using a straight razor this should be your default choice.

Grooming Tips for Women

A woman’s skin is much different that a man’s. Genetically speaking, a woman is more delicate. Their skin and hair follicles aren’t as tough so using a product designed for the male body may not necessarily work on a woman.

#1 Epilating can be painful but the results are worth it

For those not familiar with epilating – it’s like a tweezer on steroids. This device will pluck out hair follicles from the roots rather than just cutting surface hair. First time users should expect pain but that will slowly dissipate as you get used to the plucking sensation.

However it might not be the best option for individuals who have low pain tolerance. Since it plucks out hair from the roots, results will last for weeks instead of days.

#2 Using a trimmer is a better option in shaving the pubic area

Women who want to tidy up their pubic area may not want to use a razor. Doing so may increase your risk of irritation and discomfort as hair grows back.

One alternative to using a razor would be a bikini trimmer. It’s cheaper than waxing and you’re not exposing yourself to a stranger pulling sheets of wax. The best part is you can do it at the comfort of your home.

Why should you follow Grooming Essentials Blog?

Our goal is to provide you with actionable grooming tips that you can use to help you look for best.

So in short, Grooming Essentials Blog is for folks who want to:

  • Look and feel great
  • Improve confidence
  • Be the best version of themselves
  • Shave without irritation
  • Successfully grow a beard

We cover all sorts of topics that will help you achieve these goals. Here are some examples of the topics we cover:

  • Shaving tips for both men and women
  • Beard grooming tips for stylish man
  • Tips in preventing razor burn and irritation
  • Practical tips in caring for your teeth
  • Tips in using a straight razor
  • How to shave with acne

Why are we different?

With so much clutter out there, it’s easy to get bad advice from folks who may not have your best interests at heart. So we go the extra mile to provide you with sound grooming advice to help you feel and look great.

At Grooming Essentials Blog, we do the following:

Easy to understand – Looking your best takes time and effort so we strive to all the information available here easy to understand. All the how-to articles you see are broken down into bit-sized bits of information that’s easy to read. You don’t need a PhD degree to understand it.

Actionable – The only time you’ll make progress is if you take action. Our articles contain actionable bits of information that you can incorporate to your daily routine.

Step by step – Rome wasn’t conquered in a day so as achieving a total makeover. Most of our guides have step by step instructions on how to achieve a specific task such as shaving.

Unbiased – While some sites would lean towards a particular product or method, we do the opposite. We will tell you point blank what works and what doesn’t, pros and cons of a particular technique. We

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