Philips 7300 For Sensitive Skin Shaver Review: A Cheaper Version of the 8900

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When you look at the Norelco product line to get access to features like the Dynamic Flex Heads or the Smart Clean base that charges and cleans the shaver, you’d have to fork out at least $200.

Fortunately Philips has a variant that’s slightly cheaper by around $40 or so – the Norelco 7300.

What is the difference between this and the higher end 8900 or the 9300?

All three are basically the same machine with the exception to the accessories and head.

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The 8900 and 9300 has the 8 direction movement – which means the head is able to pivot 360 degrees and the three cutting elements pivot inward and outward following the contours of your face.

The 7300 has the same feature with the exception to the cutting elements only able to pivot inward.

Philips says this variant is suitable for men with sensitive skin. It has “comfort rings” with the microbean coating that reduce friction.

A quick look at the features



What to expect from the Norelco 7300?

In a lot of ways the 7300 is similar to the 8900 that costs around $40 more. Both of them have the same motor, battery, run time and charging base . Take note that Amazon gives you the option of buying it without the clean and charge station.

The main difference would be the shaving head – the 8900 has contouring system that moves in 8 directions and the 7300 moves in 5 directions.  Both have heads that pivot 360 degrees but the 7300’s three cutting elements only flex inward.

If you don’t mind the lack of flexibility with the cutting elements then go with the 7300 and save $40 (with the clean and charge station).

Designed for Men with Sensitive Skin

Philips states that the 7300 is great for men with sensitive skin. Around the three rotary cutting elements are so-called “comfort rings” that have anti-friction coating.

Comfort rings

These rings have thousands of powder like beads that help it glide over skin effortlessly.

But remember to always prep your skin well before any shave. That means taking a hot shower but if that’s not possible, wash your face with a gentle facial soap to remove excess oils and dead skin than can clog any type of razor.

Dynamic Flex Heads

Dynamic flex head is the term that Philips uses to describe the flexibility of the shaving head. The whole head actually pivots around 360 degrees.

Dynamic Flex Technology

Aside from that, the three round cutting elements also flex inward to follow the contours of your face.

Precision blades

Inside the three round cutting elements are precision cutting blades that lift up facial hair into its most optimal cutting position – this prevents tugging and irritation.

precision blades

It has two rows of cutting blades to help the 7300 cut even closer.

Wet and Dry Shaving

The 7300 has the Aquatec Wet & Dry seal which means you can use this product to do a dry or wet shaving.

Wet shaving

If you prefer the wet shaving route, I’d like to suggest that you use a good quality shaving brush just help lift up facial hair and give you an exfoliation girls can only dream about.

Having this option is great if you have sensitive skin because shaving cream adds a layer of protection and lubrication that minimizes irritation.

Dry shaving would make more sense if you don’t have time for the prep work. One way around this is to shave at night before going to bed so you’re not in a rush.


It also comes with a click-on trimmer that you attach in place of the shaving head to trim the sideburns and goatee area.


Removing the shaving head means more room and better maneuverability in terms of trimming your goatee because nothing obstructs your view.

But the downside is there is a possibility of misplacing it since the part is so small and you cannot store it within the shaver itself.

LED Display

To help you keep track of battery status, Philips uses a single bar LED. It isn’t the most accurate but at least it gives you a visual when you need to recharge.

It also has a travel lock that prevents this from accidentally turning on inside your luggage and alarm the TSA.

50 Minute Run Time

The 5.4 watt lithium ion battery will take roughly an hour to fully charge and will run for 50 minutes. Since it uses a lithium ion battery, there will be very minimal power fade.

An optional 5 minute quick charge is also available just in case you are in a hurry and forgot to charge.

Clean and Charge Base

The 7300 comes with a clean and charge base that makes it easy for you to clean this electric shaver. If you’re travelling, you can leave the cleaning/charging station at home and only bring the cord because you can plug it directly to the shaver.

Out of the box, it comes with 1 cartridge (containing an alcohol-free skin friendly cleaning formula) that Philips says will last for up to 2 months.

What comes in the box?

Out of the box you will get the 7300 wet/dry shaver, the Smart Clean System (a.k.a. the cleaning and charging station), one cleaning cartridge, precision trimmer, power cord and travel pouch.

Product Specifications

ModelNorelco 7300
Run time50 minutes
Mustache / Sideburn TrimmerYes
Wet ShavingYes
Dry ShavingYes
Water proofYes
Charging/cleaning standYes
Travel pouchYes
Warranty2 years

Customer Reviews

Men who’ve used the 7300 loved how it performed saying it gave them a close and comfortable shave. But take it with a grain of salt because close is relative. It won’t be as close when you compare it to a safety razor.

And this is what this product gives you, time savings and a comfortable shave thanks to the shaving rings.

Some even compare this to older Norelco variants and say this gave them less irritation.

But not everyone said it cuts close – that could be another case of “Your Mileage May Vary” or YMMV. Remember that in addition to the two your warranty it also comes with a 45 day money back guarantee so test it out and see if it works on your beard type and if it does not return it.

One difference between this and the Braun are the contents of the cleaning solution. Braun says that their solution contains alcohol while Norelco has an alcohol-free solution.

The “SmartClean” system had mixed reviews. Some like the convenience it brings to the table. But others didn’t like how much space it took. One consumer mentioned that the cleaning solution left a sticky feeling on his face. He had to clean the shaver under hot running water to remove the residue.

In terms of ergonomics, consumers like how this felt on their hands. Build quality was above average according to most consumers.

Trimmer also got mixed reviews. Men who liked it said that it gave them an unobstructed view because the shaving head was out of the way.

Those who did not like it said it did not cut as close. And since it is a separate part, there is a possibility of misplacing it.

Where can I buy this?

Unfortunately this electric razor isn’t available in Amazon. Please do check our list of the best rotary shavers for other options.


Overall this razor is a good mid-priced option for men who have sensitive skin. The comfort rings seem to be a good solution in preventing friction and give a smoother shave.

This can also be a good travel buddy because you can plug the cord directly on the razor and it has a travel lock that prevents it from turning on inside your luggage.

Using this razor entails a running cost – cleaning solution and cutting heads.

Overall there is virtually very little risk in buying this razor. In addition to the 2 year warrant it comes with a 45-day money back guarantee that if you’re not happy with the performance, you can just return it.