Philips Norelco 2100 Review: Budget Electric Shaver

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Who says you need to pay $150 to $300 for a decent electric shaver?

The Philips Norelco 2100 could be a cheap bastard’s dream product for a decent shave without having to pay a premium for it.

Philips Norelco 2100 Review

So what makes this a bestselling product?

Let’s start with the head – the Norelco 2100 is a rotary shaver with three “close cut” rotary blades on top that Philips claims to give you a close shave.

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All of these blades are flexible, allowing it to follow the contours of your face.

Powering this is a lithium-ion battery that will last around 35 minutes, but it takes about 8 hours to charge.

A quick look at the features



What to expect from the Philips Norelco 2100

When it comes to rotary shavers, Philips is one of the best. And the Norelco 2100 one of the bestselling rotary electric shavers in Amazon.

The biggest reason why is the cutting head, under each rotary is “close-cut” blades that cut up to 25% closer (according to Philips) and are “self-sharpening” which means it will stay sharp for a year, but it will eventually wear out.

Philips recommends that you replace the head once a year. Look for HQ56/52 shaving heads if it needs replacement.

Flex and Float System

4- Direction flex heads

Under each rotary head is a flex and float system that individually pivots to adjust to the contours of your face.

This would be useful in trouble spots like the chin and neck area, as well as under the nose.

Dry Shaving Only

You can’t use this variant for wet shaving. If you prefer wet shaving, then you should go with the Norelco 3500 with the Aquatec wet/dry head.



The Norelco 2100 has a pretty good ergonomic design. It’s mostly plastic with about 20% rubber.

You’ll notice that it has a blue trim that flanks both sides.

That’s the rubber part. The power button is at the center (where the thumb is on the right). The trimmer pops one the side – a good location for trimmer sideburns. But awkward for the mustache area.

Charging status

When you look at the lower front end of the shaver, there is a light that tells you if this razor needs charging.

Easy cleanup

Even though this product does not come with a cleaning station (which adds to the operating expense), it is easy to clean. The head pops open, and you can wash this part under running water.

Head Open

This head is also detachable, allowing you to remove facial hair and dead skin collected in this area.

It also comes with a cleaning brush for cleaning gunk in the collection tray.

I would recommend that you clean this part (at least once after every week) to maintain performance.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Powering this cordless shaver is a lithium-ion battery that will take pretty long to charge – around 8 hours.

Run time would be approximately 35 mins, so it’s pretty short. You can’t turn on this razor when plugged in.

It’s a safety feature to prevent electric shocks.

What comes inside the box?

You’ll get the electric razor itself, a charging plug, and the cleaning brush.

Product Specifications

ModelNorelco 2100
BatteryLithium ion
Run time35 minutes
Mustache / Sideburn TrimmerYes
Wet ShavingNo
Dry ShavingYes
Water proofYes
Charging standNo
Cleaning standNo
Travel pouchNo
Warranty2 years

Consumer Reviews

There is a reason why this is a bestseller – performance to price ration.

Don’t believe the hype that rotary razors don’t perform as well as foil shavers. The Norelco 2100 proves that you can get a close shave even with a rotary.

The tri-head design, according to consumers, does a pretty decent job in terms of tackling facial here.

A lot of men who used this razor were happy with how close it cut. But some mentioned that it isn’t as close as a manual razor.

Regardless, this is a good and cheap alternative if you don’t have time to wet shave with a cartridge or safety razor as one trucker shared.

Several consumers mentioned that there is not much pulling or tugging with this, and in terms of cleaning,it is easy – just pop the head open then rinse with water. If you don’t have access to running water, you could remove the head and tap it on a table.

The design is simple to clean manually. Without the cleaning station, you don’t have to worry about buying cleaning cartridges.

Even if this is an entry-level shaver in terms of price, it still performs with the proper technique.

Some men even used this to shave their heads.

It won’t run as long as electric shavers with Lithium-Ion batteries. Charging will take 8 hours, but it’ll only run for 35 minutes.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this electric razor from Amazon, and it is eligible for their free 2-day shipping if you enroll in Prime.

Amazon also offers an extended warranty for this of up to 3 years if you want more peace of mind.

Another option would be buying this direct from Philips, but it’ll be more expensive.

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To Wrap Up

This is an excellent cheap alternative for men who cannot afford an expensive Braun razor.

It offers a straight forward approach to electric shaving, and thanks to the CloseCut head, you can achieve a close shave without breaking the bank.

Great for contours

The Flex& Float system will follow the contours on your face that will help you get a close shave on trouble spots like the chin area.

It also comes with a pop-up trimmer for keeping your sideburns and the mustache or goatee area prim and prop.

Decent run time but long charge time

Even with the lithium-ion battery, it takes a while for this to recharge – over 8 hours, and that only gives it 35 minutes of run time. So if you have extended business trips better, bring the charger with you just in case.

Lastly, shaving with a rotary is very different from a foil razor, so you’ll have to use the proper technique.