Philips Norelco 4500 Review: Value for Money Norelco Option

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A new Philips Norelco shaver can easily set you back over $100. If you buy a top-of-the-line Norelco 9700, it’ll be close to $200.

Philips Norelco 4500 Review

I have good news.

You don’t have to spend that much money on a decent rotary shaver.

The Norelco 4500 has some of the features found in more expensive Norelco variants at a much lower price.

Men looking for a decently close shave with lots on contours on their face should certainly give this a look.

It’s got Dual Precision heads that work great on long and short stubble. Aquatec technology allows this to be used as a dry or wet shaver.

The latter would benefit men who may have sensitive skin and would want that layer of protection of shaving cream.

This rotary shaver is one of the best budget electric shavers available right now.

A quick look at the features



What to expect from the Philips Norelco 4500?

One big reason I like featuring old electric shavers in this blog would be the value for money proposition that these products bring to the table. The Norelco 4500 is one such product.

It has some of the features found in higher-end Norelco shavers like the 8900, 5570, and such.

Let’s go through these features one by one.

DualPrecision heads

At the heart of this electric shaver is a DualPrecision head that allows it to shave long and short stubble. One of the most significant problem spots for a lot of men would be the chin and neck area. This feature helps cut facial hair on these spots that grow in different directions.

Remember that an electric shaver will not cut as close as safety or cartridge razor so you’ll have to temper expectations.

If you have not read our guide comparing a rotary and foil shaver, I suggest you spend a few minutes doing so.

Philips says that their shaver lifts up facial hair to cut it below skin level.

Pivoting Head

Another feature that makes this a great option would be the pivoting heads. All three cutting elements rotate inward individually. This allows the 3 blades to follow the contour of the face. Unfortunately, it will not pivot outward.

If you want this feature, then you’ll have to spend a few more $$$ and get the Norelco 8900 or the top of the line 9700 that costs close to $300!

Popup trimmer

This is one of the last Norelco shavers that have a pop-up trimmer. It’s a great tool to have for trimming sideburns or longer strands of facial hair before shaving. The position and how it is built, though, makes it a bit awkward to use as a pure trimmer.

It does a great job at trimming sideburns. Newer Norelco shavers don’t have a pop-up trimmer. Instead, you’ll have to replace the whole shaving head and put the trimmer in its place.

Some men like this feature because it gives them better control and visibility. Others though, do not like this because it’s a separate piece that you’ll likely misplace.


Unlike newer variants that have large LED interfaces, the Norelco 4500’s interface is small and shows three vital stats – battery status, quick charge, and charge indicator.

Fully washable head

Cleaning this shaver wouldn’t be a problem because the head is fully waterproof. You can wash this under running water. To remove stubborn hair and grim that running water can’t dislodge, use a brush. But don’t brush the foils as you can damage it.

If you wash this every day, you’ll need to add sheen oil to prevent it from rusting.

Battery and run time

The Norelco 4500 uses a NiCad battery that’ll take 8 hours to recharge. It’ll run for about 50 minutes on a full charge. If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for 8 hours, there’s a quick charge option that’ll only take 3 minutes, which is enough for a full charge.

Wet and Dry Shaving

You also have the option to shave with or without shaving cream thanks to the Aquatec technology. Wet shaving is an excellent option for men who have sensitive skin. It adds a layer that protects the skin from direct metal to skin contact. If you want to learn more about shaving cream, then check out our guides here and here for more information on how this product is beneficial.

What do consumers say?

With over 2,000 reviews in Amazon, this electric shaver is one of the more popular rotary shaver options. Men say that the Norelco 4500 shaves decently close even on tough beards. The shaving head is designed such that it will pick up long and short strands of facial hair. This shaver will work well on areas like the neck and chin area.

But not all men like how this shaver cut their facial hair. So this is the case of Your Mileage May Vary. If you’re thinking of trying this product out, then go ahead because there’s no risk. Philips has a 45-day money-back guarantee in addition to the 2-year warranty.

The charging time though, leaves a lot to be desired. It uses a NiCad battery, so it’ll take 8 hours to fully charge. This is another source of complaint in the reviews. But it does have a quick charge feature that’ll give you enough juice to run the shaver for a single shave in just 3 minutes.

Battery life may also be an issue in the long term since it uses older NiCad technology. Some have reported it to give out within the 2 year warranty period. One option would be the get the extended warranty.

The trimmer isn’t as good as the ones found in higher-end Norelco variants. One reason would be the motor. It uses a weaker motor, which is another factor why the trimmer doesn’t work as well.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy the Philips Norelco 4500 in Amazon and it’ll be eligible for Amazon’s 2-day free shipping if you join Prime.

If the 2-year warranty isn’t long enough, you can avail of extended warranties from Amazon of up to 3 years.

Please note that if you make a purchase through the link, I’ll earn a commission, but at no additional cost to you, so it’s a win-win for both of us.

To Wrap Up

The Norelco 4500 is a great budget option if you’re looking for something that’s less than $70 and provide a decent shave. It does come with a NiCad battery, so recharging this will take 8 hours. And it might fail prematurely depending on how you use it, environmental conditions plus other factors.

It does come with a 2-year warranty, and if you buy this in Amazon, there’s an extended warranty available if you want that extra peace of mind.

Take note that this Norelco shaver will not cut as close as a higher-end Norelco like the 9700 because it has a weak motor. The head only pivots inwards, so this also affects closeness and reach a little bit.

As for shaving performance, it’s a Your Mileage May Vary scenario. It’s either it works for your skin/facial hair or not.