10 Most Popular Men’s Haircuts in 2019

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There is more to hairstyles than meets the eye, as it could change your looks and define other people’s perspective of you.

A stylish hair can turn an average man into a stylish character.

There are many different styles today for every hair type that perfectly portrays what men seek, which is simply a smart, presentable, easy-to-maintain-and-style haircut.

More men are now beginning to explore bolder haircuts, whether long or short or mid-length.

While these men’s hairstyles may be stylish and trendy, it won’t cost you so much of your time to get that sophisticated look, especially when you could use a high-end electric razor that saves time by helping you shave faster.

Here are the 10 most popular men’s haircuts in 2019:

1. Curly / Wavy Faded Undercut

Curly Wavy Fade Undercut

The curly/wavy faded undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men.

The classic variant is naturally curly, combed over, and slicked back and can be worn with a variety of looks.

It also relies on the layers of nape and temples to create a transition between both lengths.

You could use a wet hair product or matte hair mousse for texture. The disconnected variant has the hair on the top disconnected from the sides of the head, with a line carefully distinct from both cuts.

You can divert the hair on top to the right, left, or backside depending on preference.

It is excellent for choice men who prefer a high impact short haircut and a perfect haircut to match their beards.

2. Natural Top With Low Fade On Sides

Natural Top With Low-Fade On Sides

You can see this style on black men or men with tight curls.

This appears as a balanced and well-shaped hair above the forehead with the temples tapered halfway, which looks great and shiny when you apply gel or pomade.

One of the things that makes this perfect is that your hair would never look thin or too shaved but just perfectly shaped to suit your taste.

3. Short Sides With Side Part

Short Sides With Side Part

This style offers a smart, tidy, and professional look best suited for younger men with thick and wavy hair but unlikely to look good with thin or straight hair.

The hair on top is longer than on the sides, and it requires a decent hair length and volume to get that perfect look.

It’s a low-maintenance, loose, and free haircut with a side-sweep achievable using scissors to maintain the hair texture.

You will find this style mostly on male models in fashion shows, as it looks elegant.

It is also easy to style and maintains, and you can see this on busy executives who have little to no time to attend to their hair all the time.

To get the best of this style. Add a paste to the hair and run it through with your fingers, to increase the volume, texture, and waviness.

4. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle that you commonly see among military men with good reason – it signifies toughness, authority, and masculinity.

You can achieve this style using a high-end electric razor. It does require trimming every three to four weeks to keep it tidy.

This style is suitable for men with thinning hair. A lot of African-American men sport this style.

5. The Crew Cut Style

The Crew Cut Style

This is mostly seen in older men or professional busy men. It is a low-maintenance style with little or no hair product used and does not require a brush or blow-dryer to get the perfect styling.

This style works best on men with fine hair and could be an option for men who love short hair with little weight.

Apart from it being low-maintenance, it can be easily styled forward or sideways. You could get a gradual fade on the back and sides of your head, with the crop cut with scissors.

6. Pompadour Style

This style has a large volume of hair on top known as the “pomp,” which could be styled into variants with a hair product applied.

You can efficiently manage the lesser hair on the sides and back with or without a hair product.

This Pompadour style is best suited for men with curly, straight, or wavy hair type, depending on how it is styled.

7. Quiff Haircuts

Quiff Haircuts

You can achieve the Quiff hairstyle with shorter hair on the sides and longer strands on the top that you comb forward with a brushed-up front.

When properly styled, it looks stylish and attractive for the modern man.

8. Slicked Back Hair

You can style this haircut in a variety of ways depending on hair type or length.

The modern slicked-back hairstyle allows you to add volume on the top of the hair with plenty of texture.

You only need a minimal amount of product to achieve this style with your fingers, so it maintains its natural appearance.

9. Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyle

This versatile and contemporary hairstyle suits any face.

The modern Comb Over style requires a parting line from the style over the front row center.

It merely adds an asymmetry along the hairline and can also disguise bald patches.

10. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk is a stylish hairstyle that works best on younger men or men who don’t mind constant stares, as it draws attention.

It could also be great for those who would like to switch between a professional style during the week and regular at weekends.

There are many versions of this style, ranging from the short and long to the taper fade, low fade, and undercut faux hawk.


2019 isn’t for the usual monotonous hairstyles when you can switch things up with the variants of hairstyles available.