The Clean Shave Razor Review: A Basic Safety Razor

In the world of razors brands like Merkur, Edwin Jagger and Above the Tie tend to stand out from the rest.

But that doesn’t mean we should not look into other options particularly those new in the market.

Since new brands need traction and want a piece of the market share, they will tend to be more open to customer feedback and will generally have better aftersales service.

The Clean Shave brand is new in the market as evidenced by the low number of reviews.

This three piece safety razor has an all metal construction. It’s a combination of zinc alloy and brass which means it isn’t light.

And experienced wet shavers will attest, a heavy razor is excellent because it helps give you more control.

You want a heavy razor because you will use that weight to help glide the razor on your face and not push it down.

It also comes with 5 Gillette blades.

A quick look at the features

  • This heavy-duty razor is made from a combination of brass and zinc allow
  • Has a nice chrome plated finish that will resist rust
  • Comes with 5 Gillette blades
  • Made in Pakistan
  • Type: 3 piece
  • Length: 3.5″
  • Aggressiveness: 4/10
  • Blades included: 5


  • A solidly built razor
  • Has a good weight
  • Package already has 5 DE blades to help you get started
  • A more cost-effective option than buying expensive cartridges


  • Some quality control issues
  • A little bulky

What to expect from Clean Shave?

At first glance, this Pakistani made razor looks like a premium product.

Like the Shaveology razor I reviewed recently, it comes in a nice all black packaging – a great gift for men.


Chrome finish

Inside the chrome finish is a metal frame made from brass and zinc that’s responsible for its weight. It feels heavy-duty, and the extra weight helps in terms of control.

Three piece razor

This is a three-piece razor which means you’ll have to remove all the parts to attach the blade.

It doesn’t take too long really, and one advantage I like is you can thoroughly clean and dry the razor when the need arises.

The head of the razor is wide so there could be some issues using this in-between the nose and lip area.

Razor Specifications

Handle Length3.5" (approx.)
MaterialBrass + zinc alloy
FinishChrome plated
Type3 piece
Knurled handle
Blade included5
Manufactured inPakistan

What do consumers say?

A lot of the people who bought this DE razor were new to wet shaving. And they noticed that weighed considerably more than the plastic disposable counterparts.

Great savings versus a cartridge

The most significant difference between this and disposable razors they said is the price.

Consumers were ecstatic with the savings they got by just throwing away their cartridge razors and buying this product.

Close shave minus the irritation

It also gives a much closer shave, and they noticed less irritation because this product only used one bade compared to their multi-bladed counterparts.

Some folks who bought this were women who got this as a gift for their hubbies, and one of them got another one for herself to shave her legs.

She said it gave her a closer shave than a disposable and hair growth was took a lot longer which means fewer shaves = more savings.

You will need to prep

One thing I have to stress when using safety razors like this is that you need to properly prep the area you are shaving whether it is the face, legs, armpit or pubic area.

Oh don’t forget that this isn’t a “twist to open” type razor but a three-piece razor as some consumers made which resulted in a low rating.

Even the blades that come with this isn’t too shabby either – it’s a Gillette, the best a man can get.

The overall consensus for this product is that this hands down “better than a disposable razor.”

Where can I buy this?

This razor is available in Amazon for less than $40 which isn’t far off from a cartridge razor. The great thing about using a safety razor is the cost savings versus a cartridge because Double Edged blades are cheap. You will literally save thousands of dollars over about ten years.

The verdict

This razor is an excellent alternative to popular brands like the Merkur or Parker if you want to try something different.

The all-metal construction will last for a lifetime – make sure to dry after every use correctly.

Beginners gave this product a thumbs up, saying it saves them money compared to a cartridge razor plus it gave them a closer shave minus the irritation.

But you have to learn proper technique before using this product and if I may suggest try out blade samplers and not just rely on the Gillette blades that come with this product.

If you’re not familiar with a blade sampler, these contain DE blades from different brands that you can try out to see which one will fit your skin and hair type.

Blades will vary in terms of sharpness and smoothness, finding the right balance will be essential and can be the difference between a lousy shave and a great one.

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