What to Wear to Suit Your Facial Hair

by Mark Johnson | Last Updated:
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There’s no doubt about it, facial hair is huge right now. George Clooney, David Beckham, Brad Pitt – a lot of the guys that are considered super stylish sex symbols are growing beards, and encouraging men the world over to follow suit.

Beard and Fashion

But while you may have read all about which type of facial hair would best suit your face shape or hairstyle, have you considered the type of clothing that would look good, too?

If not, don’t worry – that’s precisely what I’m here to help with!

So open your wardrobe (or another tab on your web browser if you need to go shopping), and let’s try some style ideas on for size.


First off, take a look at Garrick’s excellent post on how to shave correctly, if you want to go clean-shaven. This look won’t work on a face that is covered in nicks and razor burn! To me, the clean-shaven look is all about sophistication and class. Feel free to slick your hair back or style it into a 50s quiff to send the slick levels through the roof.

With this look, you really should be going for sharp tailoring. Preferably wear a suit (that fits perfectly – this part is essential) as often as possible, but if a more casual occasion demands it, then some well-pressed chinos and a crisp white shirt will do the trick. Now watch everyone around you swoon.

Designer stubble

A full suite will work well with this look too. However, because the designer stubble look has something of the ‘bad boy’ about it, a more nonchalant dress sense works even better. Think James Bond on his day off – a luxurious sweater and perfectly-fitting jeans would look fantastic.

Heck, you could probably even wear pajamas and look like an off-duty special agent if you’re also sporting designer stubble.

Full beard

Whether it’s trimmed or unruly, there’s something about a full beard that makes everyone around the wearer feel warmer. Up the cozy stakes by layering up with a tee-shirt, sweater, and jacket, and don’t be surprised if you end up with a line of people waiting to give you a hug.

Full Beard Plaid Shirt

A plaid shirt looks great with a full beard, but expect a few lumberjack jokes. But a dress shirt or suit should only be worn with a beard that has been trimmed perfectly.


Whether you’re growing yours to raise money for charity or you simply felt like trying something new, chances are that if you’ve got a tache, you’re a fun-loving guy. So celebrate that fact!

Put on your favorite slogan, tee, or choose tee-shirts in bright colors to suit your personality and team with jeans.

Alternatively, you can go a little more serious with a suit or dress shirt. But make sure that your tache has been trimmed and waxed well to keep the look stylish.

Mutton chops

This is an incredibly sharp look, which requires a considerable amount of confidence and charisma to pull off. If you’re going for it, go the whole hog, I say! Jeans and a tee-shirt will put your facial hair front and center, but to really create a striking look, don a smoking jacket (pipe optional).

Full and Mutton Chops

This isn’t a look that tends to work with more traditionally formal wear such as suits, but if you’re charismatic enough to pull off mutton chops, I’m pretty sure you could rock a suit at the same time!

Get some mutton chops inspiration here.


What do you think? The main thing to remember here is that for more formal occasions, you’ll probably need to rein the facial hair in a notch. Or at the very least get it trimmed so that it looks beautiful and sleek.

Whatever your personal style, as long as you feel good in your facial hair and your clothes, you’re bound to look great, too. The best accessory you can wear is confidence!

What style tips would you offer for different facial hair types? Let me know in the comments!